'The Happy Hooker Driver'

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'Coffee Time'

After this Spiritual event occurred, I could not go back to sleep. When I looked at my cell phone to check the time it was already around 3:00 am in the morning, so I could not help, but to remain awake for the remainder of the night. I was real fidgety, and just paced the floor of my cramped studio apartment for hours. On my mind is the thought of working as a driver for The Escargot Agency. But, The Sun is coming up, and now all that I could think of is to get myself a nice steaming hot cup of coffee from the local convenient store that is kiddy corner from my studio apartment.

Though, my morning caffeine must wait; First, I must take care of my two Yorkshire Terrier dogs, Radar and Shasta. Radar is eight years old, and Shasta is three years old. Radar is a blue/gold Yorkie who is somewhat overweight, and is ten pounds. When I saw him at the pet store he was the fattest puppy there in the showcase, and he was standing atop of another dog’s head trying to make his escape! Right then, I knew that this dog was for me, and I had to have him. He is the love of my life, he is a Soul Mate, and I would no longer be here on this Planet if it were not for him. His personality, and demeanor are a cross between Bart Simpson and Humphrey Bogart.

On the other hand, Shasta is much more quiet and reserved than he is. She is a black/gold Yorkie who is four pounds. When I got her as a puppy, she was Prediabetic, and very sick, and the Veterinarian said that she would not make it, but I did not give up on her, nor did she give up on herself. It is then that I discovered what a fighter she truly is. Shasta is Radar’s sidekick, and she just hates to be without him. I live on the top floor of a three-story Brownstone, and for instance if I take Radar outside to go to the bathroom without bringing her along, than she howls like the wind! I can hear it too even when I am outside, and I am certain that my neighbors can as well.

Coffee Time; Even with my financial struggles I still find a way to get my morning coffee fix. Literally, I cannot function, or have any desire to function without it. I usually just go down to the local convenient store. It is owned, and operated by an Asian Family. Living back east has pretty much amazed me, in the fact that a lot of the neighborhoods like mine in the city are a one-stop shop.

It has a Pharmacy, Laundry Mat, Dry Cleaners, Restaurant, Bar, Pet Groomers, and of course the convenience store which I am headed to right now. Out West everything is so spread out, and if you do not have your own vehicle to get there, then you are kind of screwed! As of late, with the stress of everything, my nerves have been doing a high-wire dancing act! And I have been dreading stepping into the convenience store, because when I walk up to their nicely set up mini coffee bar, I somehow lose control, and spill the coffee onto the coffee bar, and on the floor. I end up using half a roll of paper towels to clean up my steaming hot cup of insecurities. Today, as I walk in, one of the owners, a middle-aged woman who is here almost everyday eye-balls me, ready with her roll of paper towels in hand to help to clean up my mess, but I surprise her by leaving with my coffee in hand, and not all over the floor.

I take my coffee, and go back on home to hang out with my dogs for awhile. Right now, I do not have anyone that I am too close to, and so my animals are my family and friends. As the day progresses on I think more about the driving job, I truly need the money, because I am poverty stricken! I spend any food money on a cup of coffee. I do not have the money to feed my dogs, and when Radar gets really hungry he tries to eat my furniture. I do not have any gas money for my Toyota, and so I have been having to take a bus to ‘The ASPCA’ to pick up bags of free dog food. I am tired of this struggle, it is older than dirt, and I want to wash up. What do I really have to lose, I have nothing. I am going to be giving Jessica a call at ‘The Escargot Agency’, and tell her that I want to drive for her; Yup, my mind is made up.

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