'The Happy Hooker Driver'

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'Driving For The Escargot Agency'

I decided that I would wait until it got really late before giving Jessica a call; It was half past midnight when I mustered up the courage to call. As I entered in the number on my cell phone I could feel the blood rushing through my veins, my fingertips go numb, and my body temperature rises up a notch. “Hello, you have reached ‘The Escargot Agency’, this is Jessica at your service, how can I help you?” “Hi Jessica, it is Mercury, I spoke with more power behind my words this time. We spoke not too long ago about a driving job that you were advertising for online. Well, I have been thinking it over, and I am interested in giving this a try.” “Great, Wonderful!” she says, with her words floating on air. I knew that I was right the first time when I heard her speak how comforting, how motherly her voice is, like as if she could make all of your troubles just disappear right into thin air.

“I am so happy to have you on board. We are just like one big extended family, and I am sure that you are going to love working with the girls, and they you. Now, when can you start...We are kind of slow tonight, but tomorrow, since it is Friday night, it is sure to pick up. I have a cute, young black girl who is supposed to be on tomorrow night around 10:00 pm. She gets a lot of dates, and has many regulars. Gina is her name, and I could call her, and tell her that I have a driver for her. To be perfectly clear with you, I do not get a lot of female drivers, but they are who I prefer to hire, and who the girls prefer to be driven around by.” I said: “Yes, you can count me in. I will give you a call tomorrow to confirm, thank you, and have a good rest of your night.”

It is a new day, and coming up with the morning Sun is a great big sigh of relief. I am a newly employed person, and it feels freeing from the daily hard grind which I have been stuck in. I shall have some money in my pocket, and I will not have to scrounge around for coffee money any longer. I can feed my dogs without the shame of having to wait in a long line to get free food at The ASPCA. Shoot! Don’t people get into this line of work for the money anyhow.

I was on Cloud Nine as I went for a walk with my two dogs. I walked towards ‘The Philadelphia Art Museum’, just a seven minute walk from my studio apartment. This is a busy place to walk to, but at the same time since I am alone, I need the busyness outside to quiet my active mind. I remember the time when I first arrived in Philadelphia, and how I could not wait to run up the steps of ‘The Philadelphia Art Museum’ just as Sylvester Stallone did in The Rocky Movie. It is then that I truly realized how out of shape that I really was, because I could barely make it up the stairs a quarter of the way, without having to stop, catch my breath, walk, then do it all over again until I reached the very top. There is a very cozy coffee shop up this way, and since I am a working girl with some money to burn, then I will splurge some more on a bolder cup of coffee. I love a lot of cream and sugar in my coffee, and so I got a Caramel Mocha latte with some extra, extra.

As a single woman in my thirties, I do not get the chance too often to do too much since I do not have the money to do so, or the friends to hang out with. So, I went on back home. Anyway, my dogs were hot, and tired. Plus, I need to find an outfit to wear for tonight. What should I wear as a driver? I mean, that I know what the girls will be wearing, something very sexy of course, but what about me. I am a casual dresser by nature, and I do not wear any makeup. So, I guess that I shall just be me, and stick to that which I am accustomed to.

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