'The Happy Hooker Driver'

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Jessica gave me the address of Gina who I would be picking up later on tonight. Plus, the added benefit is that she told me that I would be paid tonight in cash for my work. The payments are calculated by location; If I drive locally I will be paid $30.00 per hour, and If I drive a long distance, than I will be paid $60.00 per hour. Once the money is collected from the date, the girls will pay me. I thought aloud to myself that this is a good deal. It is more money, than I had made in quite some time, and it is easy money too.

Gina lives in an apartment on the West Side of Philadelphia. I had never been to that area before as I had been told that it was not the safest of places to travel around in. Jessica gave me Gina’s cell phone number, so that when I arrived at her apartment to pick her up I could text her to let her know that I was outside waiting for her. It was already dark outside, but the street itself was lit up pretty well. When she came outside, I could clearly see a pretty, tall, young black girl. She is wearing a white blouse with a dark grey wrap around Cardigan Sweater, a grey form fitting skirt, and a pair of black stiletto heels.

She walks right up to my vehicle, with a footnote of confidence; I unlock her door, and she steps right in, and our two worlds merge together as one. “Hello, she said in a very mellow voice, I’m Gina, good to meet you.” And I said the same. She asked if I know where we are headed to, cuz she didn’t have the address, and I assured her not to worry, that I did, because Jessica had already texted it to me. I told her that my name is Mercury, and she seemed to be really impressed by my name. She said that Gina is her real name, but a lot of the girls use fake names, that it is too risky to use their real names.

“So, you have to tell me how’d a white girl like you get a cool name like Mercury?” I said: “My Mother told the story that the day I was born that it was one of the hottest days on record...the temperature was rising quickly, so hence my name became Mercury, and my middle name is rising.” “Oh really!” she says. I told her that I was just joking, and she chuckled! After that, the ride there was fairly quiet, however she did tell me that she was attending College to be a School Teacher, and that she also held a day job as a hostess at a ‘Red Lobster’. I was trying to focus on the GPS, as to not get us lost, I had not used one of these devices much before, and my sense of direction was pretty much senseless. When we did arrive to our destination, everything seemed surreal to me; I felt fearless, but scared as hell at the same time. Gina said that she would text me when she got inside, so that I knew that she was safe and sound.

Now, I told myself that I have crossed the line of no return! Time has stopped...It seems like forever that she has been inside doing whatever it is that she is doing; Screwing someone not out of love, but for money. And I am reaping the rewards of this dirty deed without getting dirty myself. I keep asking myself what I would do if something goes wrong in there, I could not exactly call on the police for help. Sure, I could call Jessica, but what is she going to do, she is so far away, and she is not exactly running a legal business. But, Thank God, she is coming out of that apartment in just under an hours time. Really, I do not know what exactly to say to Gina at this moment in time, it all feels so weird for me, it is like I was a witness to a crime, but I did nothing to stop it!

She reaches into her sweater pocket, and hands me $60.00 in cash; half of this money is for me, and the other half goes to the agency. “Are you ok?” I asked. “No sweat, she says, it was a piece of cake, he was in and out, and it was over. We talked a lot longer than we had sex, and he made me a ham and cheese sandwich to eat afterward. Hey, I couldn’t pass up a free meal!” I smiled at how light hearted she is about this. She does not seemed fazed, like I know I would be; I would be all torn up inside. On the ride back, the sky seems a bit darker, the road a lot longer, and the line which I had drawn in the sand became less visible. “I hope that you can drive for me again sometime, have a good night!” “You too Gina, stay safe!”

When I returned home, Jessica texted me on how well it went, and I told her to my surprise that it went well. She said that she would have more work for me, and to give her a call when I would be available next. It is past 2:00 am., and I just want to get underneath my covers, and hide until the sun comes up. I cannot take back what I did, selling sex for money! All that I can do is to know that tomorrow is another day, and be ready for it.

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