'The Happy Hooker Driver'

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'The Pimp'

I was told by Jessica that I must meet up with Roger to drop off the money from the client. Actually, at the end of a working day/night, I am responsible for having collected the agencies fee from the girls which is fifty percent of their profits, and for meeting up at a designated drop off point. Right now, I am headed up to a McDonald’s parking lot in Philly on Broad Street. It is 9:00 pm, and I am just sitting in my vehicle waiting for the night’s action to arise! She told me that he would be on foot, because they do not live too far from here. They are not married, but they have been a couple for the last fifteen years. I was surprised when she said this, because I did not think that anyone could be married in this type of a business, let alone as long as the two of them have, but what do I know I am just a driver.

I was also informed that Roger would be about 5′ 10" in height, a stocky build, not much hair at the top, and that he is a light-skinned black man. He will be dressed very casually, and that he will be wearing shorts, and a baseball cap. It is pretty funny, because I always had it in my mind that if I ever were to come across a Pimp in real life, that he would be dressed flashy...to the nines just like what I have seen represented on Film and in Print. He would have a colorful velvet skin tight shirt on, a hat with a feather sticking out of it, and lots of Gold and Silver chains draped around his neck, diamond rings on every finger, and a golden grille which lit up a room when he smiled. The anticipation of meeting up with ‘The Pimp’ is weighing me down with anxiety so much so, that I could easily piss in my pants. Driving Hookers, and meeting up with their Pimp to hand off sex money; I feel as if I am truly above Man’s Law. Though, the paranoia sets in as I make eye contact with an older couple walking by to go into McDonalds; I ask myself could they have any idea what it is that I am doing here, do they know the illegal activity that is about to go down?

I see a man fitting that description coming up the block. He is walking kind of slowly, turning the corner towards McDonalds. I do not want to draw any attention to myself by getting out of my vehicle, plus Roger knows what I am driving anyhow. I am not just some stupid girl in Philly; I always keep my doors locked, so when he gets to the passenger door, I roll down the window. “Hello Mercury”, he says as his smile glides right over his teeth. Actually, I think that he has a warm smile for a Pimp that is. And just like Jessica, the tone of his deep, and daring voice is atleast caring at best. The odd thing is that I really do not like to be alone in any capacity with a guy who I do not know very well. But, he is my boss, so I ask him if he would like to get in to talk.

Sitting beside me, Roger exudes a strong presence about him. It burns off of him just like smoke does to a lit cigarette. I am at a loss for words, I have never been in a situation like this one before, sharing words with a Pimp. And so I let him lead the conversation. He asks me to tell him something about myself that he would have never guessed. Without even thinking, I blurt out: “I don’t like sex!” Although, those four little words jumped out of me, like shit in a toilet, I want him to know that I am only a driving girl, and nothing more than that. Afterwards there is a few moments of silence, before he says: “My Darling, Lets move onto a different topic.”

Roger asks me if I live alone. “Yes I do, but I have two dogs.” “Oh really, he says, Jessica is an animal lover, in fact the truth be told, she much prefers the company of animals over people. And she is always rescuing stray cats and dogs, and on her free time she volunteers at a local Animal Shelter.” I said: “Wow, that is good to know, I feel the very same way about being in the company of animals over people.” I find Roger very easy to talk to. He does not come across atleast to me as arrogant, or controlling, or even mean. But, then again most likely he is showing me his best side, and not his worst.

“Well, Darling, as he seems to enjoy calling me; Never steal from me, and we will be on good terms.” “Yes, of course not, I am honest...I would never even think to do something like that!” I took that as my cue to hand him over his money, and he smiled with his teeth glowing like a cat under The Moon light. Roger, then said that he had to get back on home to take care of some more business, that the agency is run from out of his home, and that Jessica is going to get some needed rest, she has been on the phones for the last 12 hours. He will man the phones for the rest of the night. We say our goodbyes, and he is off into the pitch of darkness, then, I take off into my new world of the unknown. A world which peaks my many interests, yet depresses me; A world which I hope that I am ready for.

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