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Mr. Unexpected Salvation

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He's everything she didn't know she needed. She's everything he wants. The perfect challenge vs the unexpected salvation. Who's gonna win? Will she submit at his command? Will he tame the beast?

Erotica / Drama
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06:00 in the morning
And I already know it wouldn't be a good day...

I never thought this day would come and so soon... I just wanted a moment of peace so I could forget everything I was going to

Sitting on the couch drinking my coffee, I got comfortable and closed my eye.

I told my brain to give me a break... I just wanted to forget for just a moment.

Suddenly, as I remember our conversation, a smile appeared on my face...

God... the excitement raised by the unknown consumes you even when you don't want it to.

And next think I know, I was masturbating... I've never had an orgasm on command but when in my mind you said
"You're mine, cum for me"

The first orgasm hit me instantly... caught me completely off guard.

That simple phrase kept repeating itself in my head... And then I heard your voice again
"That's it, feel me and cum... good girl"

By the fourth orgasm I was already moaning and saying
"Please let me feel you Sir"

I was feeling empty...

Such a stupid pleading...

Of course I was empty... you weren't really there with me... My pussy was trying to squeeze something that wasn't there... And the need growing to the point of despair....

Again I said

"Please Sir"

Am I crazy?

Who am I talking to???

My imagination???

But when I imagined you starting to get inside me my fifth orgasm happened... And then the sixth...

What's wrong with me? Why can't I stop??

My imagination continued to travel...

We went to the shower and you started playing with me again and I said I couldn't take another orgasm...

But you replied
"Yes you can because you're mine and I'm telling you you can"

My seventh orgasm hit me....

But my imagination didn't stop there... Neither did you...
"Good girl... come on, ass up, I know you can take it, I got you"

My hands were on the shower wall, ass up, your hand around my neck, you hitting just the right places inside me, my legs shaking.... and the eighth came... And it was something between an orgasm and almost squirting...


But I had to come back to reality and stop before making a mess on my couch....

My first reaction?

Well I just laugh at the crazy situation, even though my body is like jelly and shaking..

And then I thought...

How is it possible for me to cum 8 times because of words, a voice, HIS voice, in my imagination?

Oh and let's not forget that I've never ever seen or heard none of those things.

Yeah... never meet him in person, I have no idea if he's real or not. Maybe he's some serial killer or a creepy lady with 20 cats?

What a mess... a delicious one... but still a big fat mess.

Like your life isn't messy enough huh?


But 8 orgasms???

I guess that's the power of a craving you didn't know existed until you decided to give yourself to it....

And now I'm sitting here, replaying the moment you entered my head without permission and made me come eight times... And it starts all over again....

The uncontrollable need,

My underwear getting wet.

And if I close my eyes I can almost feel you....

This is torture!!

Sweet sweet torture.

Because I know it gives you pleasure to see me like this...
If only you were here to feel how wet you make me, so I could thank you properly for giving my brain the rest it needed.


Until next time Mr. Unexpected Salvation
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