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Black Hole

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Book Two of Their Little Human Raven and the guys’ new life on Titan is the fresh start they hoped for. Too bad the past doesn’t care, and it’s coming back with a vengeance so much that she won’t be able to hide the darkness anymore. Complicated relationships with Tori and King Soi-Ji adds fuel to the fire, and the growing tension with the NRA could be the match that will burn everything down. Will Raven be able to protect those she loves without losing herself in the process?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1


8 Years Ago Imai, New Republic of America

Windy days like these were her favorite. The double doors leading out to the backyard; wide open, all the windows pulled up, and the whistling sound of the breeze circulating the house. Raven tossed her book to the floor and kicked her feet up on the couch. A little nap won’t hurt. Just as her eyes closed, the wood floor creaked as heavy boots stomped.

She knew who it was without looking back. Anyone would think he was angry, but he wasn’t. Being such a big guy will make anything you do sound or look malicious. No wonder so many coward at his feet on the battlefield. But here within these walls, with them, he wasn’t the Berserker.

“Ray,” he said.

His voice, even so, sweet and low, could shake a building. He placed his hand on her head and stroked her hair. She already knew what he was going to say. It was the same thing every time. Why did they have to? Why couldn’t they pick their own future?

“Yes, Papa,” Raven said.

“Why aren’t you studying? The placement test is coming up. You need to score high so--”

“So, I can land a job in engineering or the space program. I don’t want to do any of that. I want to run a daycare,” she smiled, sitting up.

“Running a daycare won’t keep a roof over your head or food in your stomach,” Papa said, kissing her forehead, “You know Commander Cole will enlist all of you. I would rather you be valuable to him. Too valuable to ever put in the field.”

“She studied some today. Don’t worry,” Mom said, coming from the kitchen.

She was covered in flour and sauce. Wiping her hands in her apron, she walked over and kissed Papa on the lips. Mom always had to stand on her toes to reach him. They stared at each other the same way each time like the world disappeared around them and nothing else mattered.

“I’m home!”

Quick feet smacked against the floor, and Raven braced herself as a big ass came flying over the back of the couch. The air from her lungs was squished out, and she groaned.

“What the hell, Tori,” Raven yelled, using a throw pillow to smack her.

Tori plopped down, laying on Raven, cuddling her as she used to when Raven was young. She was home early. Usually, Tori would be there till the sun went down.

“Get fired,” Raven asked.

“Aw. If you want me to stay home with you, all you have to do is ask,” Tori said in a baby voice.

“I want you to get your two-ton butt off of me,” Raven said, trying to get away.

Tori just rolled, blocking her in. Her attention caught the book on the floor, and she picked it up.

“Did you decide what you want to do yet? If you want the space program, I can get you a good position with me,” Tori said.

“Three years there, and you’re acting like you’re in charge,” Raven said.

“Yeah, I am. I just discovered a new planet, and now they’re kissing my ass. You should be trying to be just as valuable,” Tori said, dropping the thick book on Raven’s chest.

“I want to be valuable, my--”

A high pitch sound rattled the air. Her father’s calm, sweet face was replaced with an expression his teammates called hell. Tori jumped up from her position, tugging Raven in the process.

“Everyone in the bunker, now,” Papa roared.

Their mother grabbed a bag from the closet and pulled open the door to the basement. They rushed down the steps, and Raven pushed the table over the trap door away. Tori typed in the code, and the blast door slid open. The siren was loud even down in the hole.

“Heads up!”

A bag comes flying in, crashing to the floor. Raven grabbed it and pushed it out of the way as everyone else jumped. Their father was the last one in as he sealed the door, gun in hand.

“What’s going on? I thought everything was fine. The talks. They said on T.V. that--”

“It doesn’t matter what they said. We’re at war,” Papa said.

His voice sent a chill down her spine. He didn’t face her; he just stared up at the door like he was waiting for something. Everything began to shake, and dust rained down on them. It was so loud, the sound of the world ending.

Hours of waiting to see if they died by rumble were nerve-racking. Once it was silent above their heads, Papa went out first, and after some time, he returned. His face was back to the calm state she was used to. As they climbed out, the house was in shambles. Part of the first floor fell in, and when they made up the stairs, most of their roof had caved in as well.

Raven walked out the busted double doors; the scorched ground didn’t match the beautiful day. Their house was the only recognizable thing now. Everything else was either demolished or on the verge of collapsing. Her chest became tight, and her eyes burned. Why would anyone do this?

The neighbors. The daycare center.

“W--we need to go out and see if anyone needs help,” Raven said.

“No, we need to wait until help arrives. We don’t know what kind of attack this was. You can help by collecting food and anything else we can use,” Papa said, sifting through the debris.

“Someone could be hurt, trapped, or worst. And you want us to do nothing,” Raven yelled.

He dropped the wood beam and glared at her. Those footsteps seemed louder and heavier than before. He towered over her by a few feet. She wasn’t blessed with his height; her mother’s genes won that battle.

“That’s exactly what I want you to do. I don’t give a damn about anyone but us. Now, do as I told you,” he said.

“I’ll be back in an hour,” Raven said, turning on her heels.

A steely grip snatched her back, and the look in her father’s eyes almost made her scream. Out of nowhere, a soft, warm touch on their shoulders caught their attention.

“She ain’t leavin’ my sight, Jasmine,” Papa said.

“Theo, I’ll go with her, and we’ll be back,” Mom said.

“None of you are leavin’ my sight,” he said, directing his glare at her.

“Have you forgot? I’m the reason you’re even alive right now,” she smiled, prying his hand from Raven’s wrist, “No one is going to take me out that easily.”

Theo growled and stared out into the yard for a few minutes.

“An hour or I’m coming out there,” he said.

Jasmine smiled and went into the bag, pulling out two guns and some ammo. With a first kit, they were on their way. Raven went to the houses and yelled in, hoping to hear someone. The ones with no answer, her mother pushed her along. There were a few people who managed to get out and needed some care. Raven and her mother patched them up and moved on.

The daycare center came into view. It was still pretty much intact besides some walls missing. Raven ran full speed there, and Jasmine called after her. She climbed over some fallen cement and entered the hall. The deeper she went, the more a sickening scent pushed through.

Her stomach turned as she reached the source. Small batches of flames were still lit surrounding the rumble that crushed the desks. A tiny foot missing its shoe peeked out from under a large slab. Looking around the room didn’t get better. A few burned bodies laid in the corner. One big mass covering a smaller one. Her foot caught something, and she fell, scraping her knees and hands. Raven’s breakfast made a reappearance. Once her retching stopped, a quiet groaned cut through the crackling of flames.

She rushed over to the bodies in the corner and moved the bigger one. A little boy, from what she could guess from the superhero shirt. He was too badly burned and wheezing.

“Raven,” Jasmine said, running into the room, “Do that again, and we’re heading--”

Raven looked up at her in tears, shaking. Her mother kneeled and examined the boy. She gently stroked what little bit of hair wasn’t seared off.

“Wait for me outside,” Jasmine said, taking her gun from its holster.

“What are you doing,” Raven cried.

“He won’t make it, and we can’t leave him like this,” she whispered, “Go.”

Raven sat there and took the kid’s hand.

“May the Lord who frees you from sin save you and raise you up,” Jasmine said.

With a small smile, out of the boy’s sight, she held the gun near his head and pulled the trigger. The shot echoed in the room, leaving Raven's ears ringing. The wall next to them was painted with red and chunks of him. Taking a shaky breath, she stood and stumbled out of the room. Everything was spinning.

“Deep breath and lean on the wall,” Jasmine said, “I think that’s enough for--”

An engine roared outside. Jasmine looked through the broken wall, and her expression darkened. Grabbing Raven by the arm, she rushed down the hall. Raven couldn’t tell up from down, left from right. Why would anyone do this? Who did they hurt? A hard shake brought her back.

“Did you hear me, Raven,” Jasmine whispered.

Raven looked around, and they were tucked in a room.


Jasmine cursed and pulled her second gun out.

Flipping off the safety, “Take this.”

Raven’s hands shook as she took it.

“Good. Good,” Jasmine said, kissing her forehead, “I love you. All of you,” she smiled, “Stay here.”

“Don’t leave me, please,” Raven cried, dropping the gun.

“Raven. Listen to me. I have to go. There are a group of people here that are not our soldiers. There’s too much debris to get out other than the way we came. I have to clear the way,” she said, not breaking the eye contact.

Footsteps echoed in the hall, and voices followed. Jasmine took a deep breath and went into the hall. The voices got louder then rapid-fire filled the air. Raven jumped to her feet and ran deeper into the building. Blinded by fear and fueled by adrenaline, she ran until an open dark space presented itself. Raven pushed herself inside until her back touched the wall. All she could hear now was her heart and quick breath.

Her haven was short-lived when her mother’s voice rang through the hall.

“Raven! Raven! Where are you?”

She couldn’t move nor speak, no matter how bad she wanted to.

“Raven, come--”


Something crashed into the floor, and everything went silent. After a few minutes, a red stream slithered in from under the door. It crept in until it stained her shoes. Slow footsteps approached the door, and within moments, it was kicked in. Pieces of the door scattered across the room. Four men and a woman wearing red and black uniforms stormed the room, guns drawn.

She hoped that they wouldn’t notice her sitting there. That her mother got away, that she was going to get her father. It was a prayer unanswered as they laid eyes on her. A man with shoulder-length brown hair slowly approached.

“Who do we have here? You must be...Raven, was it? My condolences.”

“Stop fucking around and finish her off already,” the woman said, watching the hall.

“Let’s not be too hasty,” another guy with black hair said, “We got some time.”

The woman sighed, “I’m not watching this. You’re all a bunch of pigs.”

“Oink, oink,” he laughed as she left the room.

He removed his rifle and unzipped his jacket. Raven tried to make herself as small as she could. As he got closer, the man with brown hair stuck his arm out.

“You went first last time. I’m not going after you. You always make a fucking mess,” he said.

“Yeah, fuck that you go last,” another chimed in.

Raven found the little strength she had left, pushed herself to her feet, and ran into the hall. She was too busy looking over her shoulder that she didn’t see what was in front of her, and she tripped. The ground was red and sticky; following the pool, it ended at a face-down body with dark curly hair. On the left hand was the gold anniversary band Raven, Tori, and her father picked out. All that came from her was a gut-wrenching scream. A sharp pain to the back of her head made everything go black.

Grunts and blowing air woke her. Raven’s head stung, but something wasn’t right. She was sore everywhere, but the tingling sensation within her made her eyes flutter open. Her hands wouldn’t move. She focused her eyes only to be horrified. The dark-haired man was on top of her.

“Please, stop,” Raven cried.

“Shut up before I hit you again,” he groaned.

She tried kicking, but he had her legs pinned open. Raven tried her hands again as she looked up; the brown-haired man had her wrists.

“Hurry up already. We have to check in soon,” another man said.

“Easy for you to say. You got to pop the cherry, lucky bastard,” he laughed.

A voice crackled on their radio, but she couldn’t focus on what was said. Her body was building to something she didn’t want.

“We just got called. Meet us out back when you’re done,” the guy said, letting her wrists go.

Raven took the opportunity and socked the guy on top of her in the face. The others laughed as they left. The man’s eyes narrowed, and he brought back his fist and returned the favor. She heard a cracked and tasted blood. Raven soon regretted the decision when he wrapped his hands around her throat and thrust harder. Her vision was going dark, and her body began to quake as she released. At that moment, a wave of shame and disgust rolled through her.

“This was fun. Nice fucking y--”

Bang! Bang!

A spray of blood hit her face as his body collapsed on her. With the help of a black boot, his body was next to her. Shaking, she looked up, and the tears streamed down her face. Raven turned on her side, covering herself avoiding his gaze.

“There’s more of them out back,” she whispered.

A jacket was placed over her, then her father tried to pick her up, and she flinched.

“We need to go before the rest of them come back,” he said.

She nodded as he lifted her from the bloody floor. Her eyes drifted to her mother, and she stifled her cry into his chest. Theo took off into a sprint.

“I’ll come back for her. I have to get you out of here first.”

Three Months Later Imai, New Republic of America

Theo had rushed Raven and Tori to the base. It took hours for a doctor to come. They said she wasn’t in critical condition. Raven didn’t hear anything the man said anyway. All he did was poke and prod her, then prescribed pills. So many pills, some for pain, some for sleep, then some to make sure she didn’t end up with a party favor. The last ones were the only ones she took. All she did now was lay on the cot in their room. Day in, day out, barely eating or speaking.

“Take all the pills,” Papa said.

Raven didn’t respond. She didn’t deserve relief or sleep; it was all her fault after all. Every time she closed her eyes, the image of her mother’s body and those men popped into her mind.

“Drink this. It’ll help calm your mind and keep the terrors away,” he said, placing a glass of brown liquid on the nightstand.

“What the hell are you doing? Don’t give her that,” Tori said.

“This is something you will never understand. Our pain, the pain of war even if you survive,” he said, taking a sip, “Drink, Raven.”

Raven sat up and took the cup, drinking it all in one gulp. She choked on the burning liquid that warmed her whole body. Her head swam and became fuzzy as she laid back down.


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