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Julianne is already in her senior year of highschool when the state declares a lockdown and school was suspended. She leaves in the apartment alone and unable to go home to their province due to the pandemic. Online class started and they were required to wear their uniform during class. Everyone are still adjusting to the new setup and most pf them makes mistakes. Julianne never thought that the most embarrasing moment of her life happened after their online class when she was caugth masterbating by her professor. Will she be able to move on with this event or will this escalate to more scandalous affair?

Erotica / Romance
Aquila Aguero
Age Rating:

My most stupid mistake

“class, dismissed”

After hearing that, everyone leave the online classroom. Then I immidiately open another tab and visit my favorite site. Once I found the an interesting video, I played it and I instantly felt tingling sensation on my lower torso. I was feeling hot and having a labored breathing. Hearing the moan from my headphone makes me grind my buttoks on my gaming chair. I feel so hot so I remove my necktie then unbottoned my blouse and pull down my bra. I squeeze my boobs and grind a little more that my clit rubs on the chair’s fabric.

Everything on the screen gets too intense that I can’t help but tease my clit with my fingers. I rub my clit on top of my panties slowly then increase the rythm as the scenes on the screen intensified.

I kept squezzing my boobs atternately with my left hand while my right hand is busy playing with my hard nub down there. I moved my fingers back and forth, round then up and down. I still can’t get enough so I lid my fingers inside my underware and I can’t believe how wet I am. The wetness helps ease the movement. I keep moving my fingers until I felt something build up. My thighs are trembling.

Faster!! Faster!!!

My fingers did what my mind dictates. And finally reached my peak. I peed, or what they would call a squirt.

I am in that state when I heard the husky voice heared from the headset ”thank you for the entertainment Ms. Vargas. But next time make sure to log out of the online classroom before doing that”

I was stunned. What the hell?. He was watching me masturbating and he did not say anything until now? Fuck! I’m angry and humilated at the same time. I don’t know what to say or how to react. I just close ld my laptop harshly and clean the mess I made.

I don’t want to see his face ever again. It’s been 2 days since I last attend class. My classmates were calling me and asking me what’s wrong. Our group chat keeps ringing. I don’t want to face anyone so I turned off my phone.

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