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Avery life is turned upside when she meets Blaze her new neighbor after her mom and dad divorced her mom decided to move to California that was perfect for Avery and her best friend Liz who have always wanted to move there. Blaze is the president of the Hells Cove. He the king of of man who gets what he wants and he wants Avery he makes it clear she is his. He has stuff going down with his MC another MC want him gone. He is dangerous. Avery and Blaze will face many hardships. Will Avery try and leave Blaze when she finds out that he can’t be the man she thought he was? Will Blaze allow her to leave him? He is very possessive of Avery. The dirty bad dangerous MC president claimed her and owns her now won’t be easy leaving. He will to kill any man who dares touches Avery. She was attracted to the dangerous man wanted Blaze to burn him in all ways possible. He looked at her in with his indigo eyes and he lit her soul on fire. Blaze took one look at Avery in the that bar he wanted her and made it clear to her he was going to have her. He dose not waste time havin her in moves in so he can have he watches or watch her. Blaze is not a monogamous man he tells Avery this, tells her he not the hero she thinks he is. He dangerous and kills he runs the biggest MC. This book is for mature audience 18+ matt cause some triggers. Very graphic has killing, weapons, sex, BDSM.

Erotica / Drama
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Chapter One

This book is not edited; I am working hard to edit it, changing many things in this story.

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My mother tried to plan my life out. She is one of those overbearing parents. My father was more understanding always told me to follow my dreams. When I mentioned my plans, my mother would say to me I was wasting my time, that it would never work out. I felt like she always wanted to sabotage her own child’s life. I have had some tough times in my life; my cousin Jasmine killed herself when I was fourteen, I found her. We never knew she was in pain. That is where I want to open a safe place for the youth.

My dearest mom is moving with us; the friend she knows is a friend there who has a place lined up for us. You know I was more of a daddy’s girl; he was there for me for all the essential things in my life. I have always planned to move just outside of L.A. Things have been rough at home between my parents constantly fighting, mom admitted to having an affair, Dad left for Arizona and married a new woman, Jessica. I had issues outside the house going to parties and drinking, you know the typical teenager shit.

I am so happy my best friend is moving with me we met when I was five years old, we have been inseparable ever since. I did not plan for mom to move with us, but then again, it was not shocking she had to have control over me in some way. This was a place I was supposed to be free to make mistakes, fall in love. I know this will be my permanent home. Liz and I came here with her mother once on vacation, and we fell in love with it. I plan to move out, away from my mom within a month.

Mom seems enthusiast when we pull up. “We are here, girls.”

The house is three bedrooms, two-bathroom, brick ranch. Mom said there is a pool, hot tub, bar outside, full basement with bar, a place me and Liz can dance. Liz went to dancing school with me, we have been a duet team since six. This home is on ten anchors and only a few houses are off this dirt road. When I step out, the smell of gasoline fills my nostrils, bikes are parked all over, and a sign says Hells Cove MC outlaws. Liz and I look at one another, shaking our heads. What kind of friends does mom have? Women walk around topless, and men have cuts on, few being very sexual with women out in the open.

“Mom, is this friend part of the MC over there?” I point with a grin.

“Yes, they are good friends of the owner’s father; it is expensive here; when dad left, I was limited on funds.” She says the last part with venom. “Got a deal.”

Mom is not always this happy, she is good at playing victim must be easy to blame my dad for all this when she was the one hurting us, having affairs and drinking, popping pills. Mom is really acting weird since the divorce, her lover will be living here soon, me and Liz will be moving out, I do not plan to live with mom more than two months. I am not dealing with unpacking; I decide to get dressed and get food with Liz. I put on my tank top, short jean shorts, my cowgirl boots.

Liz chuckles when she sees me walk out the bedroom. “I can’t with you, man where is the hat?”

I let out a laugh. “Don’t be a hater bitch.”

We arrive at a bar that says, ‘Rusty Dog’ and this place has a rustic vibe. We walk in and there are older pictures that fill the walls of bikes, men in black and white photos. We take a seat at a booth, and I see a man with indigo eyes, they burn through my soul I swear. He looks at me with a wink, and fuck if that did not light my soul on fire, my cheeks burn, I need to look away, and he winks again, fuck no, Satan, not today I will not fall into my weakness, a man who is older covered in tattoos, with a beard.

Liz gives me a smirk. “I am so excited. I love it here already. Just what we need.” She points at the booth where the hot men are sitting. “Those men are hot.”
I slap her hand away; she has no filter. The server

comes and greets us; he has drinks that we did not order. “Excuse me, these are not our drinks.”

He gives a grin, and his head turns over to the booth where Liz was just pointing. “They are from Tank, and Iron over there, they said the drinks are on them, and to order as many as you like.”

Liz gives me a wink. “I think we should thank them for the drinks; they have good music going, we can dance, and live it up to celebrate a new chapter.”

I sighed, getting up, following her with my drink like a dumb ass; everything in my gut says to walk the fuck out the door right now. We walk to the table where four men sit, and I look at him closer. My ovaries want to explode, the prick smiles with his straight white teeth; he is a fucking Greek God. I can feel my skin heat up like I am on fire, I am thirsty, this drink will have to do I drink it down fast needing some liquid courage, I shudder from the bitter taste. He has that grin on his face still, I have no idea what to say.

“We wanted to thank an Iron, and Tank for the drinks,” Liz says with a saucy smile.

“Thank you,” I say nervously. this is not me.

Two men get up, letting them know they would check on something, excuse themselves smiling at us. Now we are standing here, and Liz keeps eyeing the dark-haired man; he is very handsome; they are wearing cuts, and his says Iron, VP. The man I should run away from is Tank; his cut says President and has many patches, I wonder what they all mean?

“Come sit down with us; let’s get to know each other.” Iron says with a smile getting up motioning for me to sit next to Tank.

No fucking way can I do that; I go to say that, but he has Liz pulled in a booth; she has a fucking big grin on her face, I know what she is doing, and I would like to punch her, wipe that grin off her fucking face. Bitch. I do not know what to say; I take a seat, wondering how the two other men their size sat in the same booth? Even this big one takes up a lot of space. My ovaries want to explode, I can smell his scent; it is sandalwood, and weed, leather, all man that is his scent.

“I am Blaze, and everyone calls me Tank. What is your name, princess?” He says with a sly smile that is far too beautiful.

I roll my eyes, wanting to flip him off, but I choose that may not be wise, being new in town cannot make trouble; these men look like the kind of men you don’t fuck with; I have no idea why he is pissing me off? Maybe because he is overconfident and thinks he will get in my pants for buying me a drink.

“Avery, not your princess,” I say sarcastically. This man is overconfident.

He leans into my ear. I feel his hot breath on my neck, and I can smell his scent invading me. I am losing myself in his scent. I shiver as his hot breath is on my neck; what the fuck is this man doing to me? I knew he was dangerous.

“You can be, I am the kind of man who gets what he wants, and I want you,” Blaze says in my ear with a slight chuckle.

I am lost for words; he laughs again I feel his hand very close to my thigh; I am panting like a bitch in heat; I want him to touch me; I have no idea why. I am not a one-night stand kind of woman. He moves his hand, waiving the server down; he comes walking fast, gives a warm smile to us all, nods at Tank and Blaze.

“My usual, whatever these girls want.” He is powerful when he talks.

“We will have margaritas if you have them,” Liz says with a smile.

“Where are you girls from?” The man who introduced himself as Iron asks.

“From South Dakota,” I say with a smile, wishing that fucking drink were here right now.

Blaze nods, his eyes wander over me; I swear I see a flash of lust in his eyes, or maybe it is me. I think the energy is charged in here, and I am damp; this can’t be normal right? Iron is not hiding his want for Liz; she is not hiding what she wants either she is very sexual, knows what she wants, and goes for it. I have only had sex with my toxic ex a few times, he was not worth it, was awfully bad. Blaze will be my downfall; I fucking know it and I feel it. The drinks arrive, and I am thankful for that, and I need more of that liquid courage in me, and did I say how hot I feel, like I am on fire, damn!

Blaze nods, his eyes wander over me; I swear I see a flash of lust in his eyes, or maybe it is me. I think the energy is charged in here, and I am damp; this can’t be normal right? Iron is not hiding his want for Liz; she is not hiding what she wants either she is very sexual, knows what she wants, and goes for it. I have only had sex with my toxic ex a few times. Blaze will be my downfall; I fucking know it and I feel it. The drinks arrive, and I am thankful.

“I think you guys should come back with us to our clubhouse,” Blaze says with a grin.

“I don’t leave with strangers,” I say sarcastically with a seductive smile. I’m probably playing with fire.

He gives me a grin; Iron is saying something to Liz, she is laughing and rubbing her hand on his arm, she smirks at me with pleading eyes that I can’t say no to, I was never going to say no I want to make sure he knows I am not like other women who drop their panties on-demand like he is used to. He grabs me by the waist, hurrying me out of the booth. It is happening so fast, we are outside, and I hear Liz chuckling. I tell him that, he throws a helmet at me; I see Liz on Iron’s bike, and I put the helmet on, regretting this decision as I get on the bike. It roars to life, the vibration going right to my core, I clench my thighs and wrap my arms around him. What was I thinking this can't be good, partly because I don't trust myself with him? I know that we have this crazy chemistry, and I would fall into my temptation, and I swore off sex for an exceptionally long time. You know you can't force chemistry to exist where it doesn't in the same way you can't deny it when it does come in place, in my case it comes in place naturally and I know it does for him as well. There is him, there is me and there is the craving between us. Here we go I am in this now, going back with him. I could have said no and begged Liz just head home but deep down, I want to go.

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