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Witches of the Wetlands

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Four childhood friends born of the same blood moon. Who drifted apart over the years. Will soon find their way back to one another. Unearthing secrets that were kept from them. While discovering the ultimate power. Co-Written with Liley Cruz

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My hands were shaking, and Vyolette, while Ember had her knees drawn to her chest, sitting next to Sorin's lifeless body. When we had decided to meet up at our childhood spot, we never thought that this would happen. I still didn't know what happened?

"D-Did you see that?" Vy stammered on, raking her fingers through her jet black hair. "Of course we fucking saw it, Vy. It killed Sorin!" Ember cut her eyes up at our frantic counterpart. Everything happened so fast. One second we were going at one another like always, and the next, we heard rustling, then there was a flash of light, and Sorin was gone.

She couldn't be dead. We just turned eighteen. This wasn't the way things were supposed to go. Even though we'd grown apart, they were still my family. Tears pricked at my eyes as the realization that I had just lost someone that I loved set in. I fell to my knees, laying my hands on her still chest. No! This couldn't be happening. No! Not now. No! Not ever. "NOOO!" I threw my head back, screaming up into the night sky, tears rolling down my cheeks. I closed my eyes to let out another cry when I felt Sorin's chest move under the tips of my fingers. Gulping, I looked down, and her honey brown eyes snapped open as she thrust herself upward, gasping for air.

"What the fuck!" Sorin, who never uttered profanity, said, gripping at her throat. What the fuck was right. She was dead. We all checked. Vyolette and Ember rushed over to her. I tried to say something, my head starting spinning, and my eyes rolled to the back of my head before I hit the ground.

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