Last Hope

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Selene has lost her way and doesn't remember the most basic parts about herself. Zeus can only help with vague clues. Iris is missing Nyk and the world is being filled with darkness. Who can save them? Alpha Zeph and Iris must navigate the world of new a mateship and the end of the world as they know it at the same time.

Erotica / Romance
Addison Mae
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“Selene, we have to get out of here. I know you want to see this through, but we have to go!” Zeus urged me forward, while I sobbed into the night, quietly reeling about my children. This can’t be happening. There’s so much pain, all I can feel is pain and heartbreak. Why? Why my children, my loves? This can’t be, they’re supposed to be protected, I was supposed to protect them.

“It can’t be. We have to go ba-” I tried turning around, but Zeus anticipated it and cut me off and turned me back around in one swift move.

“You’re no good to them dead.” As simple as this concept was, it doesn’t make sense to me right now. How can I just turn my back on them, like they didn’t matter, like their lives weren’t as important as mine. I watched Zeus, waiting for him to lose focus, so I can get back there, so I can do something, but he just gives me that damn look, the one that says I know what you’re thinking and it’s not going to happen. Instead of being able to escape back to where I’m needed, Zeus holds me tighter as we disappear into the night.


“Darling, you have to wake up.” Zeus softly whispered.

He sounds so far away, but I can feel him doing everything he can to pull me out of my stupor. Suddenly, I feel my body go from being jostled to growing lighter and slowly, I start to focus on what Zeus is doing. I’m surprised to see that I’m being put in a bath, totally bared to this man, this new constant in my life. It dawns on me that we have yet to get to this point, if we were even meant to get to this point. Does he see me like that or am I just the crazy woman who he had to rescue? I feel my cream skin burn a few degrees hotter following down this thought process. When I finally look up and see Zeus watching for my reaction, I’m met with a barely contained lusty gaze that suggests Zeus is feeling the same way.


Zeus’ pained and husky voice broke through my thoughts and it was like I was breathing again, no longer trapped by my grief, if only for a moment. “You’ve been in here for a while. I’ll fetch more hot water if you’d like to continue, otherwise, you’re starting to turn blue.” His voice hasn’t cleared that delicious tone that makes my toes curl. I stifled my moan the best I could as I felt my body come alive, my nipples all of a sudden making an appearance even though I’m plenty warm in this bath. Goosebumps litter my body as I think about what he could do to me. I slowly realize I haven’t answered and I start to make my move to get out of the bath, but I feel my body tire quickly. The world spun and I found myself bracing for the impact, but it never came. When I opened my eyes, I was met with the most blinding pair of electric eyes. An addicting tingle unfurls in my belly and I can hear Zeus gasp and his whole body goes rigid while pressed up against mine. Everywhere that our skin meets feels like an indescribable electricity is moving between us. After he makes sure I’m steady on my feet once more, Zeus moves across the room like I’d hurt him. As quickly as that wonderful feeling sat in the pit of my stomach, it was like someone threw a bucket of ice cold water on me, bringing me back to the reality of being in a room, completely exposed, with someone I’ve only known a short while.

“I’m so sorry..” I started trying to make up for the awkwardness while staring intently at my feet. “I lost my footing and I couldn’t get my balance back and the bath was all wet and I slip-”

I’m stopped by those tingles spreading like wildfire across my lips and finally focus on what’s in front of me. Zeus is standing inches from me and has his finger on my lips as if to silence my rambles. My breath hitches in the back of my throat and the room seems to lack oxygen while I’m trying my best to catch my breath. When I open my mouth to try to say something again, my body moves on its own and I draw his finger in my mouth, causing Zeus’s eyes to widen, but he doesn’t pull away. I pull back and swirl my tongue around his finger and he lets out the quietest moan, egging me on to continue. I begin descending to my knees when I’m quickly thrown back against the wall and he finds my mouth. Our lips and tongues dance in the most passionate tango. It’s as if we’ve known each other our whole lives. Like adding gasoline to a fire, those spectacular tingles erupt all over my body and, judging by the eagerness of Zeus’s hands on my body, I can only imagine he feels the same. I can feel each tantalizing swipe of his fingers as he explores my thighs, around to my ass, then up to my belly, finally settling under my breasts. As if asking my permission, Zeus starts slowly moving toward my nipples and I let out an appreciative moan in hopes that he keeps going. All too soon, cold air rushes toward me and I’m exposed and alone in the bathroom. I groan as I realize that Zeus isn’t ready to go any further, but the wetness has already pooled between my legs and no matter how much I press my thighs together, I’m still uncomfortable. I grab the closest linen in hopes to go find and calm Zeus, but when I walk out to the hallway, I’m met with unfamiliar surroundings. I want to reach out to him, almost like I have a way to track him while he's moving, but I can't help feeling an overwhelming sense of dread as I try to remember why I feel this way.

Those thoughts sober me up and I go in search of some more appropriate clothing to start the day. Only then, do I realize that I used a sheer covering of some sort and there are people starting to come into the hallway I’m in. I sprint into the closest room I can find and figure I’ll just borrow some clothes. As some cruel joke this world has to play on me, I bump into a hard wall of muscle and a quick grunt is all I can manage before I turn around. He seemed to recover much faster and managed to grab my elbow before I could run.

“Who sent you?” The mysterious man finally breaks the silence.

“Um, I was with Zeus and he left to do something and I got lost. Can you help me..?” I trail off, not sure what I want him to help me with at this point, but I’m highly aware of the look he’s giving me and what I’m wearing.

“I can help with plenty. What did you have in mind?” His suggestion did not go unnoticed by me, but I can’t think like that right now.

“Excuse me, but I need to get to my room. Can you point me in that direction?” I try to ignore his comment.

“Good luck princess, but I’m not sure where Zeus tried to hide you.” A panty dropping smile almost made up for the blatant disrespect and threatening undertone.

“Kilo, what do you think you’re doing?” A very welcomed and very angry Zeus stormed in behind me.

“Ah, Zeus, I found your most recent consort.” Kilo spat, as if he’s a completely different person than the walking sex appeal that I was just talking to.

“Fuck you, Kilo. Selene, come on.” Zeus urges me, but I can tell he’s doing everything he can to contain his anger.

While we walk, Zeus is quieter than I’ve ever seen him. Albeit, it hasn’t been all that long, but I feel like I can relate so much to him and understand his body language without needing that additional time to uncover his nuances. The one and only acknowledgement Zeus has given me during this whole ordeal was when he gave me his shirt so we could walk back to wherever I’ve been staying so I can change.

“Here.” The ice in Zeus’s voice makes me want to apologize. For what, I’m not sure, but I need to.

“Zeus, I’m so sorry..” I let my sentence drift off because I don’t know what to apologize for because I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. All I know is that I made him mad enough to storm out of a passionate moment and then furthered his anger by having to be saved from Kilo, I now know his name to be.

Without even so much as a glance, Zeus starts walking toward the door and I start to panic, because I don’t know what I’m doing here or what I’m supposed to be doing. I reach out to touch him, but quickly remember that he’s still upset about the bathroom ordeal so I leave my hand in midair for a moment and settle for keeping my hands by my side.

“Wait.. don’t leave me.” I say before I get a chance to stop my brain from sounding so vulnerable and needy.

“Selene, not now.” Zeus gently pushes me away, his voice racked with pain and sorrow.

I decide to leave Zeus’s shirt on and add a pair of his boxers because I seem to be in his room and I don’t know where any female clothes would be. Not to mention, it smells absolutely delicious, like Zeus’s masculine scent. I make a mental note to ask him later where my room is and where I can find some normal clothes. Once I’m clothed and ready for the day, I’m reminded that I have no clue where I’m at or how to get around, so I lay on the bed and start thinking. My mind wanders back to the bathroom, where Zeus was so attentive and that foreign feeling in my belly begins again. Before I know, my left hand starts travelling south while my right teases my nipple, trying to relieve some of the pressure built up from earlier. I start with slow circles around my little bundle of nerves until it starts to drive me wild and all I can hear is my gentle moans and pants. When I can’t stand the gentle touch anymore, I start pinching and rolling my nipple, alternating between gentle rolls and deliciously stinging pinches. My fingers start circling faster and I push one inside, just to tease myself and take myself closer to that peak.

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