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Second Chance

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**Hannah and Logan from Erotic one chapters** Logan had baggage, a widow at twenty eight and three kids. Him and Hannah had been friends for years, her supporting him through the journey of grief and single parenthood. Their relationship blossoms but Hannah is quick to learn this relationship isn't like any other she had ever experienced. **Descriptions of grief throughout**

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter One

The house was eerily quiet, the kids were in bed and I was sitting on the sofa, feet up. I was expecting Logan back any minute and I was glad. I was absolutely shattered and just wanted to go back home to my bed. I did need to stop doing these favours for him, but I couldn’t help myself. His three children were beautiful, like their dad. They were impeccably behaved as well, it was easy work looking after them really. Seeing as I was thirty two, no kids and no partner I had some time on my hands. I heard the key in the door and turned my head around to Logan walking into the living room. He didn’t look happy, his light brown hair in his face, his deep blue eyes looked tired. He sighed, rubbing his chin.

“Didn’t go well then?” I asked, my hands around my coffee mug.

“Nope.” He flopped on the sofa, looking at me. “I actually give up, I’m going to be single forever.” He flicked his hair out his face.

“You and me both,” I giggled.

“How were the kids? Did they go down alright?” I nodded, turning my body to him.

“Good as gold, as usual.” I smiled at him, going to stand up. “I’ll speak to you in the week, let me shoot off,” I said quietly. Logan put his hand on my arm, my dark eyes on him.

“Have a drink with me please Hannah, I need to drown my sorrows,” he chuckled, but it was sad.

“Okay,” I breathed out. I looked down at his hand on my arm, his pale skin looked bright next to my brown skin tone. Logan stood up, going into the kitchen, I watched him take his suit jacket off, throwing it on the side. Me and Logan had been friends for years, we used to work together in finance before he left for bigger and better things. He had been single for years, trying to get back into the dating game after his wife passed away. How he managed three kids and working full time on his own baffled me, I couldn’t do it. Logan handed me a glass of wine, sitting back next to me.

“Why is his dating shit so hard?” He asked, humour in his voice. I took a sip of wine, shrugging.

“Good knows, you’re a catch as well.” I laughed, my stomach dropping. I don’t know why I said that. I felt incredibly guilty finding Logan attractive. I knew his wife and I felt like I was betraying her somehow. Logan laughed, pushing his hair back.

“You seem to be the only person who thinks that.” His eyes were on mine. I took another gulp of wine, trying to settle my sudden nerves. “Thanks, for being amazing. I really don’t know what I would do without you.” He smiled, looking down.

“I don’t do anything,” I whispered.

“You do, you keep me sane. Care about my kids, look after them while I try and find them a new mum.” He scoffed, sadly. I let out a breath, putting my drink down.

“Maybe you should take a break, you’re putting pressure on yourself.” He nodded, putting his own drink on the table.

“You’re right, I feel ready now though. But just because I am ready doesn’t mean I should rush into it I suppose.” He put his head back. I nodded, he was right but it was typical Logan, expecting results yesterday. I flinched as his hand went to the bottom of my back, my stomach twirling.

“I better go home,” I said quietly, attempting to ignore this sudden sexual energy.

“I don’t want you to.” His voice was firm and I smiled weakly at him, his other hand came to my waist and I swallowed, looking into his eyes.

“Logan,” I whispered.

“Hannah,” he smiled.

“What are you doing?” I asked, my heart smashing into my chest.

“While I was sitting there, in a restaurant with a woman who openly told me she hated children,” he paused as I laughed, my head back. “I thought, why am I not out with Hannah? Get somebody else to look after my kids and just take her out. You fucking idiot.” I took a deep breath in.

“Which one of us is the fucking idiot?” I laughed, trying to get some humour into it.

“Me, obviously. Always me. But I feel guilty for Amy.” He shrugged. I smiled, looking down.

“Yeah, me too.” My voice was barely a whisper, my eyes still down. Logan was always attractive and we were friends. I never thought of him in a sexual way while Amy was still alive. But the past six years went past and he was truly like a fine wine. Definitely getting better with age, I started to think about him late at night. However embarrassing that was.

“You’re beautiful, that’s always obvious. But,” he paused, shrugging. “As we’ve gotten closer and we’re together more. I suppose I think about you in a different way now.” Logan spoke, his eyes on mine. I giggled, nervously. Fucking hell.

“You read my mind, you have a spy camera in my bedroom or something?” I asked, slamming my eyes shut. Why couldn’t I talk to this man suddenly?

“Bedroom hey?” He laughed.

“Ignore I said that.” I swallowed.

“Oh, never.” He moved closer to me, pulling me towards him. My heart race was a mile a minute, staring into his face. My breathing was already heavy as my eyes flickered to his lips.

“Shall we?” Logan asked, his eyebrow raising.

“Shall we, what?” I giggled, partly knowing what he was asking.

“Spend the night with me.” It was a demand and I put my hand to my chest, looking at his beautiful face. I really fucking wanted to, even though I needed to sleep desperately. I nodded, my hand going to his shoulder. Logan put his hand at the back of my head, pushing me to his lips. I slammed my eyes shut, his tongue in my mouth. My body moved closer to his, his tongue felt amazing travelling my mouth. I let out a moan as Logan’s hands both went to my face, pushing himself closer to me. I broke our kiss, panting. I went to talk and Logan cut me off, his tongue in my mouth again. My stomach was doing flips as his hands moved over my body quickly, undoing my shirt buttons at record speed. I found his tie, my eyes closed and pulled it down. Running my hands down his chest. My shirt was off in seconds. I clearly wanted this as I sat up, letting Logan undo my jean buttons, pushing them down to my backside. I broke our kiss, my hands shaking as I undid his shirt buttons. Feeling his eyes on me. Logan put his hand behind me, undoing my bra. I threw it off me as he pushed his shirt down. Logan stood up, pushing his trousers and boxers down. I put my head back, groaning. His dick was fucking perfect. Logan grabbed my leg, pulling me flat on the sofa. I giggled as he pulled my jeans off, his hands going straight to my breasts.

“Fuck, fuck,” he breathed in my ear, my back arching to him. One of my legs was hanging off the sofa and Logan pushed it back up, biting the skin of my neck. I felt his hand at my centre and squealed as he pulled my knickers to the side. I grabbed his shoulders, above me as he pushed his dick into me. My pussy throbbed the minute he was in me and my mouth was wide open.

“Hannah, fuck.” Logan bit my jaw, one of his hands on my waist, the other my breast. He suddenly was quicker, slamming into me. We were tight together, the sofa giving us no room. Our legs were entwined and I dropped my head back. Every hair on my body was standing on end and I looked into his eyes. My head was hitting the sofa arm as Logan fucked me hard. I shut my eyes, moving one of my legs around his waist. I groaned out, grabbing his arm, pushing my nails into him.

“Oh god,” I whispered, biting my bottom lip. My pussy was throbbing and it grabbed his dick as I came. “Logan,” I groaned, lifting my head up. He kissed my lips hard.

“Shit,” he whispered, pulling out of me, catching his cum in his hands.

“Dinner tomorrow? Me and you?” He asked, his chest rising and falling.

“Yes please.”

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