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HI my name is Pri, Welcome to my unstable world. Sex,lies,betrayal,and love. Here's my story...

Erotica / Drama
Apríl Ross
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I find my self hurting and being scared from past trauma,

Broken emotions only because I grew up without seeing people express who they truly are. I come from a broken home It was a two parent home but my parents weren't in love. My Daddy was a cold-blooded liar and cheater and my mother stayed only because he was the bread winner and she didn't have to work. Growing being the youngest girl I saw a whole lot of bullshit but I knew in my heart I didn't want my household to be anything like this. My mom was a sweet person but she had people around her that didn't care for her they just cared about what she did. I grew up with that same big ass heart full of love for humanity but that shit went away before I made 13 living in how I was living. I was watching drug dealers and big dreamers fail and be back a square one. I'm just a small time girl with nothing
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