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Xander White: 26 years old, male, owner of BDSM sex clubs, bisexual, master dominant, sadist, black hair, broad shoulders, six packs, contracted to Leon as his submissive. Leon King: 24 year old, male, head of Paediatrics department in TM Hospital, bisexual, daddy dominant and a submissive, masochist, lean body, contracted to Xander. Celeste Wynter: 24 years old, Paediatrician in TM Hospital, transferred here recently, submissive, masochist, looking for a dominant, blonde hair up to waist, slim body. "On your knees now." Xander's angry dominant voice rings throughout the room and with a small "yes master" Celeste goes to take her place across Leon who is already in position. Xander moves across the room picking up something and stands in front of Celeste. "Tell me what mistakes did you make Celeste" Xander asks her his voice and calm which sends a wave of wetness between her legs. "I came late master, I-I also made eye c-contact with master, and t-t-talked back to master" she stammered in order to answer her master who she knew was very angry right about now. "Is that acceptable my fox hmmm?" "No master" "It means you should be punished yes or no?" "Y-y-yes master" "30 lashes, 15 for talking back and 15 for being late and not being allowed to cum for 3 days seems reasonable does is not Leon?" "Yes master" This is a BDSM story, 18+ if you hate it leave the story 😊🥰

Erotica / Romance
Steel Rose
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Chapter 1: Meeting Xander

It has been almost 2 months since I was transferred here at TM Hospital's Paediatric department. The place is amazing with all amazing people especially my department head Leon King. The man is the most coveted bisexual man in our department and a person in who I found a great friend and mentor. I also feel attracted to him sexually too like a pull and it doesn't help with the fact that he is polite and handsome. I really need to get laid soon before I jump his bones or do something silly.

"So Leon I will be leaving now. I have a lazy night planned with my roommate."
"Sure see you tomorrow. Also please try not to be late again. You have to cure this habit seriously before it gets you into trouble."
"Bye sure" I shout at him before leaving the hospital. The hospital is a really nice place and it has been one year since I passed my studies and started practicing as a doctor. I am tired and exhausted and so while I am on the bus I am thinking about just going home stripping to my underwear and relax on the Couch with some wine.
As I reach the apartment which me and my plans feels like they are gonna be ruined. I am face with my best friend aka roommate in her baby pink bra that barely covers her small perky breasts and a matching g-string and white pumps. Her hair is in a bun and she is has on light make up.
"Where are you going." I ask her amused.
"Not me you too are coming with me to The Bronzers." Bronzers is the biggest BDSM club here. Me and my friends are submissives while she has a dom I on the other hand do not.
"But why, I am tired Val I just need to relax today maybe some other day please." I join my hand and plead her while laughing.
"Hush girl today is the event where all the experienced single doms and subs are there so they can choose for themselves. You need to go. Seriously how much time has passed since your last dom. You really need some dick other than your vibrator Sammy."
Well she does have a point my last breakup with my dom was 6 months ago because even though it had great sex but it did not satisfy my inner masochist.
"Well you do have a point there but why are you that confidant that I will find a dom that that is interested in me? I am not anything special."
"Seriously girl you have a body to dream for alright."
Laughing at my friend's remarks and brushing it off I say "wait here let me change and then we will go alright."
I move towards my room to go through all the options in my wardrobe and I finally pick a leather red harness and underneath the harness I have a lace red bra and matching panties which makes me look sexy while covering my privates. I pair them with a pair of black high heels. I put my blonde hair in a tight bun.
We put on our coats to cover our bodies and leave the apartment reach the club and My Lord it is huge. We enter the club and it is filled with different pairs of doms with their subs. The receptionist gives me a form to sign with the basic instructions and gives me a pink coloured band which are for submissives. Those who do not have band are contracted while others are not.
Pink are for submissives, and red are for dominants.
Valentine goes straight towards her dom and kneels at his foot quitely. I also go towards a corner and kneel with my leg apart to give a view of my crotch, hand on my knees with back straight, head low. I wait for someone to take intrest in me because I do not wanna talk to every single dom here tonight.
A sexy but powerful voice full of dominance and power reverbates through the mic "Hello everyone and welcome to The Bronzers I am Xander White owner of the club and a dominant today we have a event for people to choose their submissives and doms form each other the people wearing red band on there wrists are doms and pinks are subs. You all are experienced subs and doms so please stick by the rules. Also those who do not have a band are in a contract. Please be respectful towards each other and there are several people with orange bands they are the security so if you have any problem you can contact them. Please don't make us kick you out or ban you from the club. Enjoy."
I wait while listening to all the voices of different doms and cries of subs in pleasure. I can feel myself getting wet and I wish for someone to come for me.
I see two pair of feet in front of me but do not lift my face.
"What is your name?" The same deep powerful voice that was on the mic said.
"Celeste Wynter sir." I said still looking down.
"Such a good submissive she is" I heard an amused voice which I instantly recognize. Leon fucking King. My eyes finally shot up to see his face amusement is written all over it.
"Did I allow you to speak Little one or did you forget you came as a sub not a dom this time." The other one presumably Xander scolded Leon lightly. I snickered at the name Little one.
"And did I give you the permission to look at us in the eye Celeste?"
"No sir" Both Leon and I say at the same time and I lower my eyes the snicker and the joke completely forgotten.
"Miss Wynter or Celeste which of do you prefer." Xander asks me.
"Celeste will be fine sir" I answer.
"Good. Now Celeste tell me is it right to make fun of someone's scene name?"
I hang my face lower in shame and my ears become a shade of red. I answer him "No sir it is not."
"And what about you Leon tell me is it alright to speak without permission knowing you came here as a submissive?"
"N-n-no sir" Leon's voice shook as he answered him knowing what comes after it probably.
"Looks like we have two naughty submissives to take care of. Celeste eyes."
I look up at those alluring Jade green eyes "Tell me do you accept the punishment with consent with him."
"Yes sir I was a bad girl please punish me." I say excited to see what comes next.
Xander smirks knowing what is going on in my mind. "You won't be that excited after the punishment my Fox.
He then looks towards Leon and says "take her to our red room and stay in position you both have 5 minutes. You know the consequences that will come on top of your punishment if you are late."
"Yes sir" Leon answers him and gestures me to follow him.
We go through the corridor and reach a room which apparently is a office supposedly Xander's. There is a door attached to the office and behind it there is a dungeon of my dreams. There is a huge king size bed with red pillows and black sheets with cuffs attached to each corner. There are many equipment form whips to canes to floggers and paddles all lined up on a wall. There is a couch for audience probably in the corner of the room. There are spanking bench and a St. Andrew's cross. There are several hooks hanging from the ceiling. While I am busy I hear Leon's voice say to me
"Strip and kneel before he come otherwise we both will be in trouble more than we already are."
I turn around to see Leon completely naked his clothes folded cleanly and set up in a chair. "Is he that strict?"
"Who Xander? He is always strict and by the end of this punishment you will be crying."
I strip my harness and underwear off and place them besides Leon's clothes and kneel besides them. We hear the door open and close. Soon a pair of feet are standing in front of me.
Xander drags a chair to us and sits and says "eyes Celeste"
I obey and look into those lust filled eyes that are staring at me.
"How long have you been a sub for?"
"Around 5 years sir."
"Tell me about your previous contract and about your hard limits in brief."
I try and divert my eyes from him but he hold my chin between his thumb and fore finger and says "I did not give you permission to divert your eyes from me. Now don't make it harder for yourself Celeste than it already is."
I keep my eyes on him this time "I am a masochist sir my hard limits during pain play are blood play and golden showers. I can take spanking, whipping, canning, orgasm denial etc. My previous contract was 6 months ago sir we broke up on good terms as he did not fulfill my masochist self and then I was transferred here 2 months ago."
"Good I am a sadist a Master dom Leon here is also a dom who is also my submissive. We have been trying to find our third partner a sub to be exact so that it satisfies us both. You intrest us both so let's see if this punishment scence goes well and whether you are compatible with us or not. During the scene now you will call me Master and later you will call Leon Daddy am I clear."
"Yes Master."
Xander smiles at me and my god it is beautiful I feel like fainting from the excitement and anticipation of what this night will bring for me and my future.

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