NoBody But Bones

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Bones hasn't felt happy in years and after moving out of her parent's home at 19, she has found herself working at a dead-end job at a bar as a waitress. which puts her under more stress than she knows how to handle. that and her ongoing clash with the bartender. a tall and emotionally charged man named NoBody. made even worse that she has to live with him, and another roommate to make ends meet. Soon Bones and NoBodys' relationship will change and she will have to figure out how to balance her personal and professional life without losing her job. or worse

Erotica / Drama
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A Quiet Knock

I had just gotten ready to sleep. I was standing next to my bed when I heard a timid knock at my bedroom door. Thinking it was Lusi coming to vent or steal my lingerie again, I walked over to it. my long lacey gothic slip trailed along the floor and drifted around my legs as I made my way over to it. opening the door revealed a tight black band shirt pulled over muscular arms. I crossed my arms and tilted my hips, and looked up to meet NoBody's eyes.

"what the hell do you want?" I delivered in my normal monotone voice, then I noticed that something was off. his expression softer than normal. well, kinda. his jaw was still clenched, brows still furrowed but, he was blushing?? in all my months of knowing him I had never seen that man blush. It was weird to see that expression on him, and I wondered what he could want. before I knew it he had pushed his large frame into my room and closed the door behind him. This alarmed me. he had never set foot in my room before, and now he's pushing his way in?

"um, excuse me-" he bent down and grabbed my face, and kissed me. soon he had put his arm around the back of my shoulders, knelt, and pinned me to the floor. suddenly he

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that," he said keeping his hands far away from me and his head turned downwards. "Even if I don't like you you should have a choice in this situation." A long silence passed while we looked away from each other, feeling awkward as all hell. then I took the time to really think about it. as I sat up I realized. I'm 24, he's 29, I'm infertile, and I've never had sex like this before. I may not love the guy but it would be better than a hunk of silicone. plus the added physical touch might make me feel less empty inside. I looked up at him again, and he met my gaze.

I adjusted myself into a more relaxed sitting position, my arms placed behind me to prop myself up, and legs unfolded. still looking into his eyes I gave him a "yeah why not"

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