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NoBody But Bones

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Bones hasn't felt happy in years and after moving out of her parent's home at 19, she has found herself working at a dead-end job at a bar as a waitress. which puts her under more stress than she knows how to handle. that and her ongoing clash with the bartender. a tall and emotionally charged man named NoBody. made even worse that she has to live with him, and another roommate to make ends meet. Soon Bones and NoBodys' relationship will change and she will have to figure out how to balance her personal and professional life without losing her job. or worse

Erotica / Drama
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Chapter 1

I stepped out of the shower. Drying myself off I pulled on my clothes, whipping the condensation off the mirror to see how my fit looked. Short black skirt layered over black tights and shoes. Half corset over top of a sleeveless turtleneck. I grabbed my apron and headed to my kitchen, I was earlier than normal. NoBody was usually at work by 9 but before then he always makes breakfast. I usually stay in my room to avoid getting into a bad mood before work. But today, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed so I decided, fuck it! Doesn't matter anyway.

"Morning," I said not looking at him, "What of it?" he said already short with me. I decided to pester him, "alright what did I do now uh?? Is this still going on because I refuse to cover your shift? Or maybe it's because in 11th grade I
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