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Sex, Shots and Student Life

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Lily Jones is starting university in the middle of a pandemic. She can’t go to lectures, go out clubbing or even go to the coffee shop, how is she supposed to lose her virginity in freshers week if she can’t meet anyone? Lucky for her, she’s living in student halls full of horny teenagers who’ve been stuck inside all summer. It looks like things are going to be hotting up this term! 18+ Strong, graphic, steamy sex scenes! Based on the authors real uni experience and relationships

Erotica / Romance
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The first day

Lily Jones surveyed herself anxiously in the mirror, smoothing her bangs and ruffling her jet black wavy hair. Eyeliner rimmed blue eyes blinked back at her as she gave herself a nervous smile.
She could do this.

In high school she’d been a nerd, quiet and shy around boys. She hadn’t had her first kiss until she was 18 and went clubbing for the first time.
That was the first time she realised she was hot, and that when you’re hot you don’t need to talk to boys to get them to kiss you when you’re clubbing.
All it takes is a few seductive movements with your hips and eye contact that lets them know you’re interested.

But that all finished 6 months ago, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and now she was starting university having not been around people her own age all summer.
And not that she’d admit it, but she was horny.
Like really horny.
When you’re 18 and in the prime of your life you are not supposed to be cooped up at home.
So Lily was on a mission.
She was going to finally lose her virginity in freshers week, pandemic or not.

She tugged at neckline of her black skintight dress, exposing a little more of her ivory white skin. People often joked she looked like a vampire and as she bit her cherry red lips and smiled, she could see why.

She was about to hang out with her new flatmates for the first time, they’d decided to all get dressed up and play some drinking games in the kitchen to get to know each other. They all seemed nice enough, an even split of boys and girls, but none of the boys had caught her eye yet.

First night of university, would she find the spark she was looking for?


Lily tipsily surveyed the kitchen, trying to hold in a yawn.
It was 3am and they’d been drinking all night, and she was starting to get bored.
She’d watched as her new flatmates began to couple up. She didn’t mind, she hadn’t really been interested in any of the boys, none of them were really her type, but she began to wonder if every night would be like this.
A cold feeling of loneliness began creeping into her chest.
Without clubbing, she didn’t know how to get with boys, how to talk to a guy you wanted to kiss. She found the thought nauseating. She just wanted to meet someone who she liked enough to make out with, and get to the bedroom as soon as possible. Just to get it out of the way. She didn’t want a spiritual connection, just someone she felt hot enough to sleep with.

A knock at the kitchen door woke her from her musings.
Everyone turned to see who the newcomer was.
The door opened to reveal close cropped light brown hair and a cheeky grin.
“Hi, I’m Luke, I live just downstairs. I heard your guys music, can I join?”

As his unusually light eyes met hers, Lily sucked in a breath as butterflies erupted in her stomach.
“Of course!” She said with a smile.

Show time.

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