Venus: Reurn of Aphrodite

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Venus is back. She opens up a world of sexuality in the home of the Harrisons.

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1. Hello taxi

She was back!! The Harrisons' girl was back!! After shipping her away to a boarding school, Venus Gustavo was back!! But yes she was back, she didn't look so much like Venus? This Venus was extremely beautiful, her body was curvy and also sexual appealing, she had those kind of tits that make any man drool, she was almost like a goddess!!

Venus sways her hips as she walked down the road, her boobs are tightly bound by the tiny mid riff top which could tear any second. She wore a long white chiffon see-through skirt.

"Taxi!!" She called a cab. Soon the taxi man drives off. Venus applies her seductive red glittering lipstick. The old taxi driver stares at her through the rear view mirror, his crooked stained teeth and a devious smile on.

"Yor nah fa 'round 'er, are ya?" His rural accent was pure in his tone. He was still looking at her.

"I am. I've just been away." She showcased her perfect teeth.

"Yor beu'fil yor noe?" He winked eyes at her.

"I know Papi." She gave a flirtatious pout. Her voice was so sweet and melodious to the ears. Venus pulled the hem of her mid riff top, causing her tits to show the upper fleshy part. She takes out a sweet smelling body oil and begins to massage the exposed fleshy part.

"You 'av very large breasts, they are so big." The old man chuckled looking at, smirking.

"Obviously Papi." She laughed, giving her a top a gently tug and suddenly her tits fell out of the top, bouncing and looking so big. "It needs a little massage if you don't mind."

"I don't lady." He kept one eye on the road and another eye on the succulent looking tits.

"How's the town? I haven't been there since 14years ago." Venus told the driver.

"14years? That's bin ages!! Wher' yor bin?"

"Kept away. Do you know the Harrisons?"

"Harrisons?! Sure, I know em well."

"What has happened to them?"

"Norin much, the farm is the family business. Bruce, Leon and Jack all live in the same 'ouse with wives and kids, Jack is engaged and Miss Dorothy lives there too."

"Dorothy? Jack's fiancee?" Venus asked the driver.

"Yeah and boi yor turn mi on!!" The driver couldn't help it, just looking at it was making him hard on.

"You got a boner for me?" She leaned into his seat only to see a huge bulge in his trouser. "Let's see to it that your booboo is rewarded." She leans back on her seat, pulling her skirt to her stomach. She pulls down her pants, getting on all four while facing the window. "Come on Papi, we don't have all day." She popped her ass out, using her elbows as support. There stood her pink tacos between her leg, ready to be eaten and taken. The old man wasted no time at all, he stopped the car and quickly got out.

He opened the door of the back seat and saw what he called 'divine'. "Today's ma lucky day." Said the old man, he pulled a string from his trousers and everything hung loose to the floor. His manhood were covered with bushy unkempt hair, it was already erected and ready to go.

The old man parted Venus' folds and saw the ripe pink opening. He dipped a finger into the opening and felt her warm wetness, he pulled out and licked the finger. "Sweet lady, you put some su'ar in here?" The man laughed, dipping his finger into it, more and more, he tasted her sweetness.

Venus could feel his erection poking her thighs, his fingers ramming hard into her hairless tacos and she vibrates. Then she felt the a hot thing tease her sensitive button. "Oohhhhoooh Papi, I love that." She moaned out loud. Soon his mouth were all over her, tasting, sucking, biting.

He positioned himself in her opening, poking it continuously before finally inserting. Her tacos contracted pouring more juice, his manhood fitted perfectly. "Urghhhh, sweet ladyyyyy. Urghhhh." He moaned softly, as his legs felt heavy. He began pushing in and pulling out.

"Faster!! Faster Papi faster!! Faster oooohh fuck me Papi!!! Sex meeeeee!!! Papiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!" Venus yelled going in the same rhythm with the man, he thrusted into her, with each thrust she screamed his name aloud. "Pa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-piiiiiiiii." She was cumming.

"Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet." He spilled his seed into her tacos. They were panting heavily. "Delicious." He said pulling his limp dick out of her, allowing his milky semen drip freely from her tacos. "It's not er'day I get to do this for free yor noe." He pulled up his trouser while Venus dropped her skirk and pulled her pant up.

"Take me to Rivers Dale quickly." Venus primped herself in front of the rear view mirror.

The driver shut the door and took to the road again. "Wher' can we meet again? I need you in ma life lady." The old man chuckled.

"You're not going to see me again Mr driver... Or better, even remember what happened between us ten minutes ago." She patted her hair.

"That's impossible -"

She blows a kiss to him while looking at the rear view mirror. "Forget." She sighed. "You can't even please a woman, your booboo isn't good enough." She looked at the window.

"You're heading to Rivers Dale right?" The old man smiled at Venus but she paid no attention to him. His eyes were fixed on the road and he'd totally forgotten what happened.

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