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©Copyright 2021 MzCanna All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced without the author's permission. I own no rights to any of the games in this book. This is a complete work of fiction and any resemblance to gamer tags and people is purely coincedental. Lynn Martins is a New York Times Best Selling Author, finally. But she’s lost her fiancee and dog in the process of making her dreams come true. The book that made her famous is the only one of her books that she hates. It held every desire and fantasy she had, including her fantasy of her perfect man. Going under her penname, C.J. Glass, she attends a conference held by the publishing house she writes for and meets Gunner in person. Ray Harris is a gamer by heart. He has his own channel on YouTube but hasn’t been active for nearly three years. In that time he’d managed to write a book and have it published by the same house that published the book that inspired him. Having just come out of a toxic relationship, Ray takes the offer to attend a conference held by his publishing house, in the hopes of meeting his muse in person. Please don't review until the book is complete!

Erotica / Romance
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1. The Gamer


I sat behind my laptop on the balcony of the hotel I was staying in for the week, my fingers typing away at the keyboard as fast as they could, my mind spinning with the latest story that had taken over.
I heard my pen name and looked up to see the most gorgeous man I had ever seen standing in front of me. I mean, not even my mind could conjure up the beauty of the man before me. I opened my mouth to ask if I could help him when my eyes fell on my best friend and her husband standing beside him.
“C.J Glass, this is the new author I was telling you about, Ray Harris,” she said with a grin, pointing to the guy.
“The author of ‘The Video Game?’” I asked, pushing my bangs behind my ear and my glasses up my nose. Lizzy nodded enthusiastically and I cut my eyes to him.
The ‘About The Author' section had mentioned he was a video gamer turned author. He didn’t look like a gamer; tall with a shock of black hair hanging into large brown eyes framed with black lashes.
He was well built and his salmon pink shirt accentuated the tan in his skin.
“Hi, it’s good to meet you,” I said reaching over my laptop and holding out my hand for him to shake. His hand swallowed mine and his touch sent a shock of electricity up my arm and stealing my breath from my lungs.
“Lovely to meet you, C.J.,” he said with a light Scottish accent.
I was speechless.
Thankfully, Lizzy took over and the three of them sat down opposite me as I closed my laptop.
As Lizzy continued the conversation, I couldn’t help but look him over and noticed he was doing the same with me. My cheeks heated as his eyes landed on my lips before continuing up to my eyes. He smirked when he saw me watching him and my insides melted, pooling in my underwear under the black jeans I wore.
His biceps stretched his sleeves tight as the shirt clung to his torso, his legs clad in dark blue jeans with light ripping on the thighs. I avoided looking at his crotch, knowing if I get caught looking, my cheeks won’t help me lie.
When Lizzie mentioned my ex-fiancé’s name, my head whipped to her and I glared at her.
“I was just saying, he was an idiot,” she tried to defend herself and I shook my head at her, not even wanting to mention his name.
“I’m not disagreeing, but don’t even say it. He doesn’t deserve that much attention to start with,” I told her with a roll of my eyes and took my glasses off, resisting the urge to squeeze my fingers to my eyes; I didn’t want crusty mascara falling onto my cheeks.
“You’re right, C.J. He doesn’t deserve that much headspace after everything he did and said,” Gavin, Lizzy's husband said and crossed his arms over his chest.
“Thank you, Gav,” I folded my glasses and put them on top of my laptop, aware of the curious gaze burning into the side of my head, commanding me to look at him but I refused to give in.
I didn’t need a man in my life after Zeke left me at the altar for a girl he’d met online while I was busy chasing my dream to become an author.
I was happy that he’d chased his dream, but it hurt that he’d been cheating on me for months with her.
“What did he do?” Ray said, his deep, accented voice pulling my face toward him.
“I can’t relive this, I’m getting a drink. Anyone want anything?” I asked, pushing my chair away from the table and starting to get up. Gavin said he’d come along while Lizzy informed him of my past.
We walked inside and Gavin pulled on the ends of my two-toned hair.
“So pink this time?” he asked and I laughed.
“Yes, pink. Do you have a problem with that?” I asked and tugged the strands from between his fingers and pulled the length over my shoulder.
“No, it looks good on you. Brings out the blue of your eyes in all the black you wear,” he bumped me with his shoulder and I stuck my tongue out at him.
“Lynn, I’m serious. The little break in colour at your ends is pretty,” he said and I just rolled my eyes.
“You still haven’t gone out of the emo phase, have you?” he asked and I laughed as we reached the bar. I ordered a cranberry juice while Gavin ordered for the other three.
“Emo is not dead, asshole. And it is coming back,” I pointed out and leaned against the bar. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow, something I always wished I could do, and just chuckled at me, causing me to look down at my ripped black skinny jeans, black Eddie shirt, and black knee-high Converse.
The shocking pink in the ends of my hair fell over my boob and I could tell by the dark curtain in front of my left eye that my thick bangs had escaped from behind my ear.
“You’re so weird,” Gavin said with a grin and I lifted my eyes to him in a glare.
“And you’re normal,” I retorted, grabbing my and Lizzy's drinks while Gavin picked up his and Ray's.
“Is that supposed to be insulting?” he quipped with a frown and I repeated the question back, adding that he’d called me weird.
“Touché,” he laughed as we made our way back to the balcony. I smirked at him before walking through the door and putting Lizzy's drink in front of her.
“Thanks, sweets,” Lizzy said and took it off the table, bringing it to her lips and taking a huge drink.
I laughed and sat down, aware of Ray's eyes on me and decided to turn my attention to him, keeping my cranberry juice in my hands to keep them busy.
“May I ask what inspired ‘The Video Game'?” I asked meeting his eyes and immediately regretted it. The warm brown eyes smiled at me along with the full lips revealing straight, white teeth.
“I was unable to play games for about three years and decided to start writing. Have you read it?” I nodded, taking a drink of my juice.
“It’s not my usual genre, but I found it intriguing,” I admitted and put the juice far enough from my laptop that if the glass did fall over, it wouldn’t touch the machine.
“That’s good to know, I got inspiration from your book, ‘Gunner’,” I almost laughed. Gunner had been my first and only attempt at writing action and I felt it was forced.
The publishing house I wrote for had called it a masterpiece and it had gotten onto the New York Times Best Sellers List.
Figures, the book I physically hated was the one that made the name C.J. Glass a household name. They were now holding an authors conference for all their authors to mingle and maybe find interest in other genres.
“Thank you, it seems everyone but me likes it,” I couldn’t help but add bitterly. I watched a frown cross his beautiful face at my words. I noticed that Lizzy and Gavin had left, leaving Ray and me alone on the balcony.
“What do you mean? Don’t you like it?” I shrugged and shook my head, unsure if I should elaborate. I finally decided to speak to someone outside of my friends. Gavin and Lizzy told me that I was pedantic for not liking ‘Gunner', it was my book after all.
“I started writing it on a whim and things went sideways in my personal life, as I’m sure Lizzy informed you,” I smirked when he nodded before continuing.
“With all that I had to make time to write, I knew my editor was waiting for a new book draft. To me ‘Gunner’ feels forced and he deserves so much better,” he seemed to consider my words and sat back in his seat.
“To the reader, it feels like Gunner is actually struggling, the scenes are a work of art,” I flushed, I always did when interviewers or fans mentioned the erotic scenes. It’s not that I was ashamed of writing them.
I was afraid of people finding out the reason behind them.
That I haven’t had sex in a year.
“Thanks,” I mumbled picking up the cranberry juice again and bringing it to my lips. The sweet juice coated the inside of my mouth and I swallowed.
“Is there any resemblance in Gunner and Clara's life and your own?” I almost choked at the question and looked at him with wide eyes.
“No,” I answered with a tone of finality in my voice, hoping he’d drop the subject.
The more I looked at him, the more he looked familiar.
Then it hit me.
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