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Deities-Far Beyond Breathless

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Gay fiction Man x Man BL romance mature themed read 18+ Zane and Pride are two men that are the shadows of two deities that should have never met. One of the Gods cheated the other God, and their future out of maliciousness. Zane's and Pride's awkward meeting fanned a flame of ensuing romance that would lead them on an adventure. The adventure will test the two men’s budding love , their commitment, their endurance, and reveal who they truly are. Pride was a gift from the God Overlord , a part of himself left on Earth for Paradime to find. The God Overlord was a lover, and betrayer of Paradime. Paradime is an entrapped celestial who will use every avenue to escape his prison Earth. He is CEO of Paradime Industries, and he is the leader of a hidden society. Paradime wants to find Pride after finding out about him. Paradime willingly accepts the Overlord's gift. Rain doesn’t know that he is the child of two Gods, or that Paradime is his father. He will vie against Paradime and Zane for Pride’s heart. Rain is the right hand man of Paradime , and works at Paradime Industries. Zane will Come face to face with the Supreme. The Supreme is a God that will claim Zane as one of its own. Zane becomes a prince to five thousand realms. Zane will have to decide if Pride will be an enemy, or continued lover. When they encounter each other in the realm of Anotatos Komosto.

Erotica / Scifi
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Nothingness was something before infinity spanned beyond eternity . Nothing was the space that received matter. There was no place for matter in oblivion, as something existence couldn’t subsist in the void. Existence bringing along ,creation ,and fate sprung out of the nullity to wait. Being, to be , matter, existence was equal to oblivion, yet ,matter was more than the emptiness.

Existance , duovigintillion years ago, became conscious, and evolved, into an intelligent presence. Matter pondered on why it came be. Existance pitch-blackness was murky. Yes ,murky ! Under its pitch-blackness were hidden colors. Colors of white, red, green, blue, and yellow flowed from the Pitch-blackness.

The matter colors separated from existance’s pitched-blackness, while it pondered unaware. The matter colors drifted around matter’s pitch-blackness near the nothingness until vigintillion years ago.The matter colors left existance behind, while it lingered near the void. The early existance was lefted alone in its pitch-blackness . The matter colors were devoid of consciousness.

The matter colors replicated , and divided a trillion times vigintillion years ago. Drifting the matter colors continued their replications , and segregation until sexdecillion years ago. The matter colors awakened into their consciousness sexdecillion years ago. Continuing in their drifting the matter colors consciousnesses moved further away from Kenos , the true oblivion.

In the continuance of their movements the matter colors consciousnesses didn’t cease their replicating. The matter colors consciousnesses moved in a massive group until decillion years ago. There was a change, the matter colors consciousnesses separated from the massive group into smaller clusters. The multi color matter colors consciousnesses clusters rotated around one another ,and the mass collective.The clusters drifted away from the massive collective nonillion years ago.

Octillion years ago the cluster groups of matter colors consciousnesses halted. The cluster groups paused to reorganize themselves according to attraction of thoughts. Individual colors separated from groups or moved into a new one, that pulled them by gravitation.The assimilated matter colors became elite consciousnesses existing together. The assimilated matter colors continue to replicatIons.

Quintillion years ago the replications of the assimilated colors matters consciousnesses intelligence were subpar to the elite assimilated colors matters. The replications were countless duplication from their origin . Farthest away from their orgin was the reason ,the matter colors consciousnesses lost some of their intelligence, and weakened over time.The orgin of the matter colors consciousnesses stemed from the non -conscious matter colors, which came from the first matter. Matter that was existance.

A trillion years ago the subpar assimilated colors matter consciousnesses completed their last replication. The subpar group drifted from the elite group. The below par group separated and stayed where they were. The below par group replicated once. The low par color matter consciousnesses’s replications left to drift. In their drifting the low par group lack the ability replicate.

The low par group became the Others, Gods, last in the hierarchy of their predecessor. The Gods no longer needed to drift some of the low par matter colors consciousnesses continue to move, while others just drifted in one area. A billion years ago the Gods lost the knowledge of their origin . The Gods and didn’t remember that they were the replications of the below subpar assimilated matters colors consciousnesses group.

All matter colors consciousnesses couldn’t retain the knowledge of their origins. The matter colors closest to the orginal matter colors remembered where they came from. The matters colors consciousnesses groups isolate themselves . Each replication weather single or grouped believed that they were the origin of themselves. The Others believed that they were the only Gods that existed.

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