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Night Peril

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"Would you like to go back to your home?" "I don't have one." "How about mine then?" "For one night?" Ivanka Dìaz, an 18 year old girl who was sold to a brothel, was living the life of a Prostitute until a rescue team arrived to search for another girl. At the end of the process she caught someone's attention who offered her help to get away from that life. Lost in her miseries she dared to embrace a normal life but ended up being pulled towards her rescuer. He was a reputed gentleman engaged with an equivalent beautiful independent woman. She was a grey cloud in his clear blue sky of perfect life ready to spill droplets of love. Will they saturate under the rain of forbidden love? Or her past will enter to shatter every possibility of her living dreams.

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"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Today we have a very special guest among us who has not only excelled in her career of academics but also in the field of something different. Yes. She is not only the youngest research fellow in the field of mathematics but also an emerging author."
She heard up to this before resting her eyes in the piles of an audience to read their expressions. Even though the dias wasn't far but those accumulated faces were enough to read at one go. Some were not even visible due to the major focus of the flashlight mostly on the dias where she was seated with three more men and one woman.
The continuous fidgeting of the woman beside her was nothing but some alarming tone to her brain. She knew some itchiness and also her mind knew what would be coming next. Releasing a short breath she continued her scrutinizing gaze to find something familiar among those faces.
The host of the program gave a short introduction of her mentioning her current and previous achievements followed by her contribution in the field of maths.
"Hey, is that fact true that is written in the book?" The woman beside her finally blurted out her thoughts making it look like emptying her bladder after suppressing for long. She was a famous fashion designer and also an important person at this event, Mrs. Avril Gadot.
"As we know her book has become a best seller and came in the top 10 list of most desired autobiographies, we are very proud to have her among us." The host pinned down her final sentence before giving a big smile.
"I think you have got the answer, Mrs. Gadot. It's an autobiography so it would have facts." She smiled while looking at the front after replying to Mrs. Gadot who seemed to be less relaxed even after getting her desired answer.
"Let's welcome our guest......." The host continued in her professional tone when she raised from her seat to walk towards the position to grab the limelight. A round of applause welcomed her followed by a little whispering. She fixed those two mikes placed on the high desk to get better access. The auditorium looked cheerful yet the darkest corner was missing a single silhouette she was expecting. The smile appeared on her face when something popped up in her mind.

"It's been your fight since the beginning. If you quit, no one can pull you up."
"So you are leaving me."
"I can never leave you no matter what. The problem is you need to believe it and make your heart accept that too."
"People whisper."
"They would and with time your actions would be loud enough to suppress them forever."

The host gave an assuring smile to her as she cleared her throat to initiate her speech. She was invited to share some of her thoughts and glimpses of the journey she had gone through. Her book became the best seller but the emotions written over there were priceless. They were more than those black printed words on white creamy pieces of paper. They had something larger than life. They had pain, love, emotions, compassion. They had everything that others fail to listen to or understand when told by her.
"Hello Everyone. I am Ivanka Dìaz and I (am) was a prostitute."
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