Her Boys

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Chapter One

Chapter One

Sabrina’s POV

“Hi, I’m Xander. This are my buddies: Jolo, Marko and Yael.”

I’m at a bar when a server approached me earlier and gave me a drink with words that it was given by this group of men who is now in facing me. And of course, I accepted it.

Looking at the four of them, I can say that they are all handsome and well-built. Hot. Sexy. Okay, I am drooling.

The guy named Xander is handsome, he looked so friendly and easy-going to approach me this way. Jolo, and Marko also looked good.

My brow arched when I looked at the last guy named Yael.


I think this one is the baddest, handsome and burning hot while torridly kissing the lady who just grabbed him.

Feisty and sexy. Exactly my type. Or something else…

“So Xander,” I turned to look at him and gave him a praise inside my head for keeping the eye contact intense between us.

I chuckled. “What do you guys want from me? Thanks for the drinks, by the way.” I smiled seductively and sweet. My own signature smile.

“Uh,” Xander swallowed a lump on his throat and they all look at each other like they are lost.

A very usual reaction I get whenever I smile like this. I can say that its deadly but I was shock to see these hunk bunch to be swayed by my smile so easily. Simple as that and they drooled, huh?

Yael, on the other hand, stopped playing swords of tongue with the girl when he noticed the reaction of his friends. I saw him shook his head, disappointed, and then looked at me with a smirk.

“What they wanted is for you to join us on our table,” he pointed somewhere and I followed to see where he meant.

Oh, a table on the VIP.

A girl is seated there alone and she waved at me when I looked at their table which I responded with a nod.

“But the real intention is to seduce you so you’ll end up in their bed because you have a very sexy body.” then he looked down to my chest, whistling as he tilt his head and licking his lower lip. “And a handful breasts. Ah, I wanna grab that too--umph!”

Jolo and Marko slapped their hands on Yael’s mouth that cut off his words. My eyes are still arching upwards as I watch them panic.

But this Yael is an interesting guy.

“Uh, I apologize in behalf of my friend, Miss. It’s okay if you won’t entertain the inappropriate part, you can just join us--”

“What are you talking about, Jolo? That is not okay, we made a bet on her!” the all smiles and friendly Xander showed his true color as he stopped his friend’s words. He looked irritated.

A bet, huh.

“Fuck you, Xander! Why did you mentioned the bet? Do you think she will agree now that…”

They continued with their quarrel but I stopped listening to them when my mind focused on Yael. He chuckled, liking the way his friends are reacting.

He looked at me for a moment with a smirk before turning to the girl beside him to continue kissing her.

Uhmm, what a good hot, and luscious guy.

“Shut up, guys, and let me handle this. I told you not to come with me.” Xander said with a tsk-ed.

“Bruh. We just wanted to be sure you will ask her the right way. We can’t risk to lose if you offer money just to win the bet.” Jolo said and laughed.

“My cock is enough to offer, no need to bribe her with money. How about Yael? Why is he here? He is not interested with these kind of game.” Xander answered.

Are they unaware that I can hear them?

Ugh, men.

I can say that Xander is a bold man, a straightforward type. But Yael is much more, a number one for me.

Huh! I chose fast. I really am a bitch.

“We just grabbed him.” Marko shrugged.

Xander hissed and rolled his eyes. “What can you say, Miss? Will you join us?” he asked, biting his lower lip as he looked at me.

I don’t find it rude, but instead, I found it satisfying.

Oh, how I love the attention.

“You can ignore the sex part. It is not the original plan, anyway.” Jolo said and Marko nodded beside him .

“Well, if you will give in to our charms, you can always change your mind. We don’t mind to share.” Xander winked and chuckled.

The way he said it was more like a joke, and I’m sorry to say but I never kid about this kind of conversation and topic.


“Sure. I will join your table.”

Their face lit up and Marko even punched in the air. I saw Yael on the side of my eyes and he stopped responding to his kissing session. He is listening, too, huh?

“That’s great!” Xander exclaimed.

I smiled and stood up. “I’m also willing to be in your bed.” I eyed each and one of them with a sweet smile.

All of their eyes are wide in shock and Yael turned his head to look at me, expressionless.

“Really?” Jolo whispered in disbelief.

“Whoa.” Marko seconded.

“I thought she’s innocent and all.” Xander whispered to his friends but I heard. “You sure?” he turned to me.

I giggled and walked closer to face them.

“Of course! So, who will be my first partner?”

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