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Her Erotic Fantasy

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Bailey Andrews is the eldest of three girls, to Nancy and Phillip Andrews. They came from a wealthy and respected family in the Caribbean. Her mother played the part of the matriarch well, while her father was the doting husband, who was also a respected businessman. In the public eye, they were the prime example of how families should behave toward each other. But, behind closed doors, her mother was a manipulative, controlling and abusive individual. And her father just went along with everything that she conveyed. While on her lunch break, she came across an AD from a well-known Agency, asking for an anonymous erotic phone operator. She filled out an application, and a few weeks later, she got a notification, informing her that she'd been approved and that she can begin working in about three weeks. Bailey was a strong and confident woman. Leaving her hometown was the first step in getting out of her parent's grasp and gaining her independence. She was on the road to being her own woman. And beginning a life of her own. What could go wrong?

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CHAPTER 1 Dessert 🕷

The ringing of the phone woke me from my intense slumber. Today was my day off, so I spent it redecorating, reorganizing, doing the laundry, baking a rum fruit cake and a cheesecake. Those were my rewards to myself.

Interior Decorating was my thing. It was a tedious process, but I did enjoy the fruits of my labor. However, just my sisters were aware of my hobby. It was my Plan B, just in case the employment that I was hired to do a few years ago didn't go as planned. As I took the cakes out of the oven, I laid them on the countertop and fell asleep on the inviting sofa. I was fucking tired!

Groaning in disbelief, I wondered who the fuck could be calling me at this gotdamn hour. The one day that I took a day off, everybody decides to ring my phone and disturb my damn peace.

Sighing and taking the irritating device off the nightstand, I answered in a gruff manner.

"You had better be bleeding or about to motherfucking die because I am not in the mood for any idle chit chat. What!" I bellowed.

I heard a chuckle and then, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. My hair stood on end and my pussy got suspiciously heavy. It then began to throb. Only one man can make my body betray me like this. Come on boo, behave, it's just a man, I thought to myself as I patted my mound.

The deep voice then spoke, "I'm loving this aggressive side of you Bailey, so much that you just made my cock twitch with just the attitude in your voice."

I listened to him without saying a fricking word. I was stupified.
"Why the silence my dear? Weren't you vocal a moment ago? Now, you're like a tamai mamoe." (little lamb)

What the fuck is wrong with me? I don't usually clam up when I talk with the opposite sex. I'm the type of individual who would carve you up like a Thanksgiving turkey while I prayed and smiled. But with this man, I don't know what goes on with me. It's like he does something to my sanity. I did some quick Lamaze breathing for a couple of seconds, smiled, then replied.

"Alexander, Good Night. What can I do for you?"

"You see Bailey, I asked you a question three days ago, and I have yet to receive a response loʻu lalelei karamel (My caramel beauty) so I'm calling to hear your excuse."

"Alexander I..." He didn't let me finish.

"Bailey, if you live your life wondering what others thought of you, or what others will say about you, then you are not living your life baby, you are living theirs. Now channel that anger, and turn it into a passion. Close those gorgeous brown eyes, and let me hear your response."

Trying to compose myself, I announced, "Alright, fine, but just remember you asked."

Laughing he said, "Quit stalling love."

So I started. Here goes everything. "From the moment that I heard your voice, and we began communicating regularly, I knew that you'd be the one to make my pussy juices flow Alexander. You see, my fantasy is about you. Your words, your voice, your accent, it does something to me, it's difficult to explain the emotion at the moment, but since we've begun corresponding, I've been horny all the time. Whenever I'm driving or sometimes when I'm with a client, or maybe just sitting at the dinner table and quite recently, doing the dishes, I have envisioned your head between my thighs, sucking on my pussy, nibbling and pulling on it, just fingering me. The idea of you being between my legs gets me wet."

Breathing heavily, I stopped and suddenly whispered, "Alexander, I can't go on. It's against company policy. This is supposed to be about your fantasies, not mine," I informed him.

"But what's the point in doing these fantasies Bailey, when you won't share your own, hmm? Now please, go on, I want to hear the rest" he clarified.

"I can't, Alexander, it's embarrassing," I pleaded to him.

"You listen to everyone's fantasies, and you know the direction some of them goes. You listen without being biased or judging them. Let me relieve some of your stress Bailey, let me help you," he implored with emotion.

Lord, this man's voice makes me so weak, he makes me agree to do things that I will only do when I'm dared, or high off Mary Jane, I thought to myself.

Giving in I inquired, "Where are you at the moment?"

"I'm home, sitting on the couch, enjoying a glass of scotch and the sound of your voice. Why do you ask?" He asked.

"You'd see. Do you have an air pod?"

"Yes, I do. Hold on and I'd put it on." After a brief moment, he confirmed, "ok it's in."

"Can you recline on the sofa and close your eyes for me?" I pleaded.

I heard shuffling in the background then, "Yes, I'm in that position," he confirmed again.

Breathing out a ragged breath I called his name, "Alexander..."

"Yes Bailey?", he whispered.

"My fantasy begins when I entered your room, while you slept. Gently, I removed your pj's. I noticed that the covers were already off. Seemed like you kicked them off a long time ago. While slipping off your boxers, I noticed that your cock is rigid and tempting. What are you dreaming about Daddy? Are you dreaming of my wet pussy in your mouth?" I cooed over the phone.

I heard his intake of breath as I spoke. This gave me the courage to go on.

"Discarding my black trench coat and setting it on a nearby chair, I walked closer to you. I wore nothing underneath. Straddling your muscular body, I bent and inhaled your cock deeply. Mmmmm, fuck, you smell sooooo good Daddy. I'm not here to make love to you tonight. No, I'm here to fuck you," I groaned out to him.

"Squatting over your, thick, pulsating cock, I aligned it with my already wet pink pussy. Gently, since I didn't want to wake you just yet, I glided on your cock, hitting the base. Feeling above my navel, I felt your cock poking against the skin. My pussy felt so full. Damn Daddy you're so huge, you fill me up so good. Gently, I begin to move, raising to the tip, then gliding back down. Placing my hands on your chest, I begin to pump and gyrate my hips onto you."

Pausing for a second, I asked him teasingly. "I'm hearing your breathing level change over the connection Alexander, do you want me to stop?"

"Please don't," he moaned, sounding as if he was in pain. So I continued with a naughty smile.

"You began to stir, but don't wake. I'm feeling your cock hitting my G-spot, making me shiver. Digging my well-manicured nails into your chest I began fucking your cock harder. Slamming and rocking my hips into you, I felt my body shudder. Daddy, I'm cumming, fucking hell." I moaned out.

"Laying on your chest, I sunk my back and raised my ass in the air, pumping on your hard cock. Screaming, I bit into your neck. Without warning, I felt your hands gripping my ass. Shit, you're awake.

With confusion and sleep in your eye, you still however recognized me, and comprehend what I was doing. "Baby, what are you doing?" you groggily asked.

"Isn't it obvious Daddy?" I replied innocently.

Growling, you curled your arms around my body, switching position. Placing my legs onto your shoulders, you began kissing my knees. As you stared at me, you smirked, then slammed into my pussy, like a collision.

Arching my back off the bed, I screamed. "Oh Daddy yes, fuck, use my body, I've been an extremely naughty girl, punish this pussy."

Still looking at me, I noted that your eyes had turned dark with passion. Shit, I'm in trouble now, I thought.

Seizing my small hands, you placed them above my head, then leaned in. Taking my hard nipples into your mouth, you bit down hard, breaking the skin. This made me scream with the sweet pain that only you can give, all the while fucking me into submission.

"I'm cumming Daddy."

"Not yet," you responded.

Turning me unto my tummy, you took the juices from my wet pussy and applied them to my ass.

Realizing what you're about to do, I turned my head to look at you and plead. "No, not there, please."

"I want you here Caramel," you said firmly before slowly inserting a finger into my tight asshole. Moaning and biting my lips, I arched my back in pleasure.

"Be gentle," I pleaded shakily.

"Gentle is not for people like you and me baby," you grunted.

Moving your finger in and out of my ass, until I began to get more lubricated. Then before I can get used to the one digit, you inserted another, stretching me.

"Fuck," I screamed.

Striking my ass on the same spot over and over deliberately until my skin blistered. Then you moved on to the other cheek.

As you slapped my ass, you questioned, "How does that feel?"

In a pained voice, I moaned deeply, "As I deserved it, Daddy."

"Are you a good girl?" You asked.

"No Daddy, I'm a bad, bad girl," I confessed.

"Then you will have to be punished."

Giving in, I said. "Then make it hurt."

"I intend to," you admitted.

Holding both of my hands behind my back, you took your cock, rubbed my pussy juices along the head, and gently slipped into my tight asshole. Inch by painful inch, you entered me. I groaned from the slight discomfort that was felt. You gave me time to get adjusted to the change and your thickness before thrusting roughly into me.

Arching my back, I took every deep stroke that you gave me. Slapping my ass you yelled, "lift that ass some more Bailey, give it to me, give me what is mine."
Doing as I'm told, I heard you moan out loud, causing me to bite down on my lip. You sounded so fucking sexy, Daddy.

I couldn't help but scream, "fuck me harder Daddy, fuck me harder."

Pulling out of me and bending me over, I felt your hot breath on my pussy, licking and pulling on my nether lips.

"Mmmm Daddy," I dipped my hips and my ass rosed to meet your face as I rubbed my pussy juice on your outstretched tongue. Raising, you replaced your hardened cock back into my ass, thrusting harder than before. Until you roared out a few moments later, "Cum for me Bailey." And I did.

You followed soon after, cumming deep into the carven of my ass.

Removing your member, you smiled then admitted, "You're gonna kill me someday with these trysts Bailey, I am not as young as I once were."

Placing me on your lap, you declared, "Bailey."

"Yes, Daddy?" I quipped.

"How's your ass?" you inquired.

I stood and slapped my flesh, making my ass jump, then asserted with much haughtiness.

"My ass is just fine Daddy, anyone can see that. It's my asshole that needs some TLC. I may need a zipper back there very soon if you continue to plow into me as if only you see that finish line," I joked.

"I'm not sorry. You needed to be thought a lesson love for leaving your home in just a coat."

At my surprised expression, he added, "don't think that I haven't noticed your coat over there," you responded with a sly grin.

Rolling my eyes, I ignored your quick observation and continued, "just make sure and mold that thick cock for me, Daddy, I wanna ride you even when you can't be with me."

"You're serious about that request, aren't you, sweetheart?" you inquired.

Smiling triumphantly, I kissed your lips, gathered my coat, and dressed, with a parting word.

"I'd call you later Daddy," just before moving towards the door. Suddenly, I stopped, turned around, and replied, "Oh! And keep sharp Daddy, because I'd be back for more."


"That was mind-blowing Bailey, wow can I come over,? He jokingly asked, "because I just came all over my stomach with only the sound of your voice and my imagination. You are one naughty woman," he praised.

Laughing, I said "No you can't come over Alexander, and thank you! Besides, you don't know where I live."

"Then invite me over, with any luck, we could be living in the same state" he responded.

"I can't it's against company policy," I tried reasoning with him.
"Bailey, you need to stop thinking about what others think and start prioritizing what you want, about what makes you happy," he voiced.

"I don't know what makes me happy anymore Alexander, I've spent most of my life tending to others, that happiness is like a myth to me.

I left my hometown in search of that happiness. Finding a glimpse of it being an anonymous listener to others. But at the end of the day, I am still searching."

"Alright, hear me out, and give it some thought. I'd love to take you out Saturday of next week. I'd be out of the country for a few days on a business trip. But I'll be back by Friday. You can choose the pace or how far you are willing to go. Deal?

I thought about it for a while, then said "Deal."

"Wonderful, I'd leave you to rest yourself. Manuia le Po a loʻu aulelei (a good night my beauty) as he hung up.

I was at odds with myself as I put the phone down. Confessing my fantasy to him was the last thing that I wanted to do. I was scared that he'd be invective.

But he did quite the opposite. I was very appreciative to go on this date with him because:

1. He was technically my client

2. Going on this date can cost me my job

3. I have never met him in person. Yes, we have been speaking for years. But each time he asked for my number, I got scared and refused. We have a general idea of what each other looks like, because of the description that we gave.

4. My pussy might "talk " me into fucking him.

My head was beginning to throb thinking about the past few hours. I need to fucking sleep and too get laid.
That was the last thing I remembered before sweet serenity claimed me.

The following day my 9 am appointment was called like clockwork. This client's fantasy was to be fucked by strange men. "Good Morning madame," she greeted me.

"Good Morning. Is it a confession or fantasy? I asked.

"Confession," she replied.

"Whenever you're ready, you can begin."

"Alright. Thank You."

"I'm at a restaurant, and I make eye contact with the greenest eyes I have ever seen four tables away. He was having dinner with his family. All through the night, we seem to be in each other's sight. After dinner, I excused myself to use the bathroom. Upon opening the door, and about to lock it, I saw a hand stopping the door from closing. It's the guy from the restaurant. He comes in, locked the door, and began backing me into the wall. Lifting me, and putting me on the sink, he then opened my legs and took down my panties, placing them into his pockets.

Putting up my dress, he bent and inhaled my pussy then groaned in satisfaction. He began licking and sucking my pussy as I grabbed onto his hair and pulled him into me. As he flicked his tongue on my clit, I fucked his mouth. He does this until I came. Raising, he licked his lips and kisses me, allowing the taste to spread across my tongue. Pulling away, he unbuckled his pants, put on a condom, and thrust into me without a care.

Gripping onto his shoulders and wrapping my legs around his torso, I met his violent thrust with my own, biting onto his shoulders and welcoming the onslaught. Fastening his hands around my delicate neck, he squeezed down and grunted his passion into my wet pussy. Taking down the straps to my dress, he took my nipples into his mouth, biting and slapping my breasts. I threw my head back and screamed as he commands me to cum.

Removing his cock, he began to play with my ass until I began thrusting onto his finger. Positioning his cock at the entrance, he thrust, until all was inside. As he began fucking my ass, it felt as if he was creating a memory, he was relentless. It doesn't take us long before we both came together. Withdrawing himself from me, he squat and licked my pussy clean. He straightened my dress, and announced, "I'm keeping your panties."

Adjusting his pants, he escorted me back to my table, with my pussy feeling even wetter than before.

Our eyes made contact many times throughout the night. And whenever I looked over at him, he sniffed his fingers and smiled at me.
When our dinner was over, everyone got their belongings and left. As I was passing his table, I took one final glance at him, I wanted he took my panties from his pocket and inhaled. Fuck, my ex-husband was an insatiable and freaky guy."

She finished her confession and thanked me for listening, then hung up.
That's one of the perks of this job. All I needed to do is listen to people's innermost desires and confessions. No talking is required until they requested it. The other is that I can work from the comfort of my home.


Grabbing my coffee break out on the balcony, I sat and gazed at the cars passing by. This place is truly remarkable. And just like that, my mind ran to Alexander. Remembering the first time that we spoke.


I'd just gotten hired by The Agency. They gave me a company phone, where the clients can call me.

On the first day, I received several fantasy and confessions calls. I was so nervous, that I could barely communicate. Until that became my trademark. Not speaking, just listening until the very end of the session. As the months progressed, I became more confident and looked forward to both regular and new clients. On this particular day, I had received my last call of the night around ten-thirty on Tuesday. So I lay on the sofa thinking about the clients.

When I noticed that my nipples began hardening. Dipping my hands under my shirt, I began rolling and pinching them. I slipped my hand into my panties playing with my engorged clit. Positioning a finger into my mouth to moisten it, I then began rubbing my clit with the wet finger, until I felt my stomach and pussy begin to tingle. Just as I was about to climax, I heard a phone ring. Ignoring it for a moment, then thinking that it could be either one of my sisters, I decided to stop what I was doing and answer the call.

"Hello," I answered breathlessly, then I heard.

"Whatever it is that you were doing, must have been incredible, for your breathing to be so hitched my dear", the voice said.
"Tell me, what was it that you were doing before you picked up my call love?"

The voice sounded so alluring and smooth, I swear, I just came on my fingers. My breathing spiked and I moaned with relief.

"You just climaxed in my ear, you sounded so sultry. That was the most erotic sound that I have ever heard in my life. I loved it. I'd do anything to hear it again."

What did I just do? I questioned myself in disbelief. "I'm sorry." I breathed out. "I thought that I had my last client a moment ago, and I swore that it was my private cell that I had picked up and answered," I whispered humiliated.

"If I have offended you in any way, then I apologize."

Ignoring my apology, he inquired. "Who were you thinking about when you got off sweetheart? He must have been someone amazing."

Dismissing his question, I asked, "Can we talk about your fantasy or confession, instead of what you just heard?"

"No, not tonight, I'd call you again very soon. You can resume what it was that you were doing. Have fun alofa." (love) With that, he hung up.

All I heard was my dial tone. This motherfucker got me off with just his fucking voice! And I didn't even get his name. Who was he?


After that night, he became a regular caller. His name was Alexander. But he had yet to discuss his fantasy with me.
Then one night, he phoned. One thing lead to another, and instantly he began expressing his thoughts.

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