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The Surrogate

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Emily is just an ordinary employee trying to survive life. She is the breadwinner of her family. Having a mother who has to go through medical treatment, she's doing everything to keep her job. Her family needs whatever she can make. But her life will suddenly change when the young CEO of her company offers her to become his surrogate. He wants her to bear his child and provide him full custody afterward​​​. Desperate since he fires her, she will agree to his offer. But she didn't know that she would be experiencing the most sensual sexual encounter being with Richard. He wants to enjoy every moment with her and he will make sure to make every penny count.  It's an erotic story based on a sexual fantasy that will tickle your imagination. Would Emily end up falling in love with her baby Daddy? Or will they go their separate ways once their child is born? Join Emily with her erotic encounter with the hunk and handsome CEO.

Erotica / Romance
Jaymie Suh
4.7 28 reviews
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Warning! This story is mature in nature.

It contains a lot of sex in almost every chapter. So, if you're not old enough for this type of content, skip this one and read my other novels instead.

Although it's a great story, it's not made for minors. It's written graphically to make it easier to imagine.

This is my erotica version of the book. Although there is a wholesome version if from GoodNovel. But if you like it hot, feel free to continue reading it until the end.

Please follow me and support my stories. Enjoy!

Emily is nervously waiting outside Richard
Valderama's office. She's an employee at this firm and he is the CEO which means that he is the boss around here. There is gossip that when he calls you to his office, that means you're about to get fired.

But she needs this job so badly because she's the breadwinner of their family. If she loses this job, it will be hard for her since she doesn't even have savings. Whatever she might have done, she's willing to beg the young CEO to spare her. She has to still have her job after this meeting.

"Emily Espinosa? Mr. Valderama will see you now." A beautiful woman informed her.

She is the boss's assistant and she wanted that position if she could. But she's not as pretty as that woman. Although some people told her that she looks like a goddess. Maybe because of her large breast and hips plus a small waistline. Her body is to die for although it is natural.

Emily rushed inside the office and saw the CEO seems to be in deep thoughts. When his assistant announces her presence, he looks up to her and stares for a few moments. She didn't know if she should take a seat in front of her desk or on the couch in front of it.

"Emily...you look as advertised! Have a seat on the couch and let's talk!" He said and got up from his office chair.

She sits uncomfortably from one of the couches and the young CEO sits in front of her. He's only a year older than her. But he's very confident and oozing with sex appeal. A lot of women from her department even have his picture as their screensavers.

"Do you know why you're here?" He asks in his serious tone that sends shivers to her spine.

"Not really, sir." She replied in a low voice.

"Do you want to keep your job or become a millionaire?" He suddenly asks.

"If possible, I want to have both!" She replied.

Is this some kind of a test for her? But whatever he tells her, she needs to convince him that she loves her job. It's the only way for her family to survive. Her mom is on dialysis and she can't afford it without this job.

"I don't think you still want to work here if you're already a millionaire. Stop patronizing me!" He said casually.

Emily panicked but didn't know what to say anymore. As if she's out of words even though she wanted to tell him that she loves her job. She even practiced it while waiting inside her head. But now that she's facing him, she can't say anything.

"Sir, please...I need this job so badly! My mom needs to have her dialysis regularly to survive." She was able to finally say something.

"In that case, you can choose to be a millionaire! Emily, you're fired!" He simply just said that.

She ends up in shock and speechless since he still fires her after hearing her story. How can he even do that? Is this guy even human? Her head is racing with different thoughts now. Then he stands up and sits beside her.

"I'm firing you to avoid gossip. You will be my surrogate and I will pay you 5 million dollars." He told her in a very low voice.

"What do you mean by that?" She asks in a confused tone.

"It's pretty simple. I will fuck you until you get pregnant. Then you will carry my baby and give me full custody of the child. I will pay half of our deal once you move in and the other half is when you have already given birth." He explained.

"Why me?" She asks.

"You're beautiful, Emily! Not to mention, you're also a smart woman. When our genes combine, our child will be perfect!" He smiled widely.

"Can't you just go for artificial insemination?" She asks.

"I considered that before. But where's the fun in that?" He replied and leaned on the couch.

Her eyes accidentally looked at his crotch. She can see his bulge is prominent. Is he getting turned on now?

"What if I accept your offer right now?" She asked to challenge him.

"Then great! Give me your bank account so I can transfer 2.5 million dollars right now! It's a personal matter so I can't ask Suzie to take care of it." He said.

"Are you serious?" She asks.

"Yes, I'm serious! This is purely business so don't keep your hopes up." He replied.

"You fire me just to get what you want?" She's almost in tears now.

"Why, is there any other way?" He asked while signing a cheque.

"That's low, Mr. Valderama!" She told him.

"Common, stop acting like the money didn't tempt you! Plus, I can make your life harder if you don't accept my offer." He smiled and handed her the cheque.
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