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Deceiving The Heiress

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Felipe and Finley Mariano are twin brothers who are your typical con artist weaseling their way into heiress and widows beds stealing from right under their noses. Then without a trace disappearing looking for their next mark. Blair Bailey an 18 year old heiress in her freshmen year of college living in the shadow of her older sister. She loves nature, singing and the free feeling from the hard demands to be propper young lady with manners so She can marry rich and keep the family wealth growing. What happens when Blair's fathers business is the twins next target? What happens when the the target isn't as interesting or nearly as beautiful as the younger sister she's been so used to stepping over? (I suck at descriptions)

Erotica / Romance
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Before I start I would like to say all my work is copyrighted so please just enjoy and not steal🥰

Felipes POV

"This is fucking risky." I snap at my identical twin brother Finley. He dyed his hair with streaks of grey to make himself appear older. He was tired of our old gig of going after rich cougars; he wants to get close to the richest man in New York Times. Being the owner of several restaurant buildings and the biggest architect with finished skyscrapers all around the world, Robert Bailey.

Oddly he lives in Brazil with his family but nobody really knows the reason why. My brother is pretending to be some billionaire contractor that the old bag seemed to have brought. Actually it was his wife handling all the details but I'm supposed to work under mr Bailey to gain experience before my "father" allows me anywhere near his own company.

The real goal, get close to his daughter have her marry me without a prenup then rob them blind. But, I have an agenda of my own that doesn't involve marriage. Technically I'm married to some cougar that was 2 jobs ago. My brother fucked up and forgot to put the fake license.

On the upside Finally some young pussy for once. The baileys had 2 heirs but it's only the daughter Brooke that's been in the spot light whereas the other is a mystery.

Getting up my brother dust off his suit jacket before walking up to me and sliding it over my broad shoulders. I was wearing black suit trying to appear as professional as I can. "I have already met with him he believes you're trying to be my new architect and his wife tried to convince me to just let mr Bailey do it. The greedy bitch doesn't realize it's them that's about to lose it all. The amount of diverting and convincing I had to do was ridiculous. I worked hard to get this, don't fucking blow it." We do the hand shake we made when we were 15 before getting in my black sleek Jaguar.


"My father heads back to the states tomorrow." I tell him walking out of his office.

"Invite him to dinner my wife is cooking which is a rarity." He jokes.

"Sure, what time would you like me to have him come over?" I question looking around the huge foyer. The walls are white and gold with a huge staircase that you see in them princess movies.

"I think we should be done by 5ish so it'll give you an hour to go home and refresh. What do you think about 7?" Mr Bailey is a small frail man. He has a straight face with barely any wrinkles. The small smile lines leads me to believe getting this man to smile is damn near impossible. Heels clicking from behind me catches our attention causing us both to turn our attention to the what looks like the garage.

A girl walks in looking exactly woman in the photos around the house. She's short, with long pin straight red hair its not natural it's a dark almost burgundy. She isn't what I expect being as she has loop ring in her small button nose her lips thin with green eyes. She's the model but never in her photos do you see face jewelry. She seems uptight bitch in her interview but maybe I pegged her wrong.

Brookes wearing black leggings a sports bra with sweat coating her body. "Hey sweet heart did you find out if you're walking for that designer you've been blabbing about?" He says carelessly from my view. Looking at her eyes I can see a glimpse of disgust but the sound of heels clicking from a door way ahead has her shaking it out. Why is she so sweaty if she was only at a meeti-ohhhh. That's how she got the spot.

"Yes Brooke tell daddy the good news." A high pitched voice woman says. She looks just like Brooke only a few years older but her hair is black. As if you couldn't tell it was fake. She is wearing a blue strapless dress that fits her gringa complexion. Fuck the with as much money they have and living in brazil you'd think they'd have somewhat of a tan.

"I'm in the Show is this weekend and you both have seats upfront. You'll just need a sitter for Blair." She adds sarcastically to which her mom cackles.

"Don't start." Mr Bailey snaps. "Your sister has her guards." Just as the words slip out his mouth 3 large men walk in dressed in black suits. They all have fear in their eyes as they address Bailey.

"Sorry sir she ditched us after her last class. We've been looking for her for the past two hours." An older Hispanic man says. They all look big but compared to me this man needs better guards. I'm guessing the other daughter is a rebellious teenager.

Robert excuses himself and his family as he pulls them into the doorway his wife walked in not to long ago.

The front door slowly creaking open catches my attention. A soaked petite girl with wild natural red hair with sticks and leaves in it sneaks in. Noticing her hair is damped but her clothes are dripping I can only assume her escape has led her to a body of water. When she turns to face me my breath hitches for a moment. Her eyes are a beautiful jaded green her lips plump with red stain. She's in a flow sun dress that's loosely fitting but clings to her wet form.

When she notices me her eyes go wide as she's been busted. The innocence in her eyes are drawing me in feeling pity I can't bare to rat her out. Bringing my finger to my lips I show her my lips are sealed and motion for her to go before her family shows.

My eyes are unwavering as I watch her give me the sweetest smile sending happy transmitters straight to my dick before running off. The sight of her voluptuous ass in the dress almost makes it hard for me to hide how her presence affected me. Fuck I want that sister. My eyes greedily take her in before she disappears but roberts voice booms through the house causing both of us to freeze. "BLAIR LUCIANNA BAILEY." To this the beauty's whole body goes ridget.

I feel bad that she's about to get in trouble but I can't say I'm displeased at the fact that she has to come back down. "H-hi daddy." Comes in the sweetest voice giving me a full blown erection. I bring my hands to the front of my pants folding them in hopes that no one notices.

"Why did you leave them again?"

"Dad I don't need them following me when I go to my spot. They will lead others to find it." She argues with sadness in her eyes. "Daddy you have me stuck in the house or at school, I don't get to hang out or go to events like Brooke the least you can do is leave me my spot." Despite his stone features his eyes soften.

"This discussion is not over but I've got a meeting to finish. Go get cleaned up for dinner and dress presentable." He bites out coldly. Looking at the door way I see Brooke and Anna peaking with smirks on their faces. What the fuck is this some Cinderella shit we got going on? "Nicole Shouldnt you get to cooking?" The man snaps. "And Brooke you're coming with me starting tomorrow to learn the ropes."

"But daddy I'm already modeling and acting let Blair do it. It's not like she's cut out for my world any ways. It's not fault she couldn't do what it to-"

"ENOUGH!" He barks not looking back at his daughter but keeping his eyes trained on the wall behind me. His hazel eyes bounce around the redder his face gets. "Don't start Brooke or I'll take it all away."

"But dad."

"You show up or I end your career."

"Mom won't let you." She huffs folding her arms over her chest.

"Well then it's good that your mom is your boss but I'm hers. I'll call mr Delaney and have him remove you from the show."

"NO! I'll go." She huffs out giving the man a glare. "Go shower and change for dinner you smell. You follow me back to my office." He says curtly. His daughter meets my eyes finally taking me in her eyes travel from my shoes to my face. Giving her a smirk I mentally high five myself when I see her bite her bottom lip before sending me a wink and walking off. Following behind mr Bailey I shake my head at how dysfunctional this bunch are, looks like this job will be easy.


Welcome to my new story I hope you guys enjoy it!

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