Deceiving The Heiress

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Blair's POV

I got done with business finance a few hours ago successfully ditching my father's guards and going to my secret waterhole. In the forest there this beautiful waterhole hidden by vines covered in beautiful gardenias. I love nature and the wild I've always been drawn to it which is odd for the girl who can have literally anything she wants in the world.

It's my secret spot because I stumbled upon it two years ago and not once have I seen a single soul out here. Also even though I have a few good friends in college I've never mentioned the spot and was happy neither did they. Today, I dumbly jumped in with my clothes on because I was annoyed that I couldn't stay longer. Our new guest is coming today and mom ordered me to come straight from school. Coming home all woodsy with sticks in my hair and mud on my clothes it pisses my mom off more then anything.

For some weird reason ever since dad pulled me out of beauty pageants when I was 5 she's hated me. She always told me I didn't have what it took to win even though I've been taking singing lessons since I could talk. She made my older sister Brooke and I take dance, learn an instrument, proper even though she kept me out of the spot light I continued with all my lessons just in case.

That's one of the benefits of my waterhole. It's in the middle of the woods making my voice echo when bouncing off the trees. It's my sanctuary. Sneaking in to the house would've been easier had dad been in the office like I was anticipating since he was meeting with his new protégé. Guess the meeting ended early allowing dad to bust me just as I made my way in.

Doing as father asked I took a shower, wrapped my hair, while I threw on a spaghetti strap blue silk dress that comes up to mid-thigh. It's not something I usually like to wear, it's one that I wear to please my parents. My personal clothing style consist of flowery loose clothes. Putting leave in conditioner in my hair I use the diffuser to dry it. Using only mascara and lipgloss I do a mirror check just as daddy calls my name.

My room is as big as a studio apartment with a 4 poster canopy bed with a green sheer sheet around it. I put false vines with fairy lights to give it that forest vibe my spot has. Across from my bed is a white vanity, with a rose vine wrapped around it. My carpet is dark green like the forest ground and a typical walk in closet.

Walking out of the room I make my way down the stair way to see my sister in the corner whispering and giggling with the man from earlier. Not too far from them stands a man that looks just like mr Filipe only this man has salt and pepper hair. Other then the hair these men look like they could be twins the only other difference being a slit in Filipes eyes brow.

"My my my who is this beautiful young lady." The older man says with a pearly white smile. Both men are dressed casual the older man in blue jeans and a white shirt while Filipe is wearing black ripped jeans with a black shirt. How can this man be old enough to have a son and still have a body so tight with a chest so buff their shirt looks ready to rip.

His chuckle makes my eyes snap up to his embarrassment creeping up my cheeks as they must be red. He just caught me ogling. "This is my daughter Blair, Blair this is mr Finley Mariano." My father says coming up next to me dressed in khaki pants and a cardigan. Mr Mariano reaches out his large hand taking my baby one in its warm embrace to give it a shake.

My dad reintroduced me to Filipe who I will call "lip" again before leading us all to the dining room. A full platter of duck, caviar, and all the gross crap rich people eat is spread on the table but I'd rather die then touch. My dad and mom sit on one side of our large cherry oak dining table while Brooke sits next to lip and I sit next to mr Fin.

My dad say grace before everyone begins to dig in. Putting very little food on my plate I use my fork to push it around trying not to throw up. My family eat and chatter but I notice our guest take a moment before just shoving it in their mouth like cavemen. How are they not disgusted?

"Why aren't you eating mousy?" My mom says. I internally cringe at the nickname she used knowing she gave it to me in spite as a little girl but she convinced everyone it was a cute pet name. Brooke is moms little butterfly while she's daddy's Chameleon while I'm his Phoenix. "Sit up straight your posture is embarrassing." I look at my plate in pure humiliation as heat creeps up my neck to the tip of my ears.

"Leave the poor girl alone, this isn't everyone's type of meal. Shit I was hoping for a good old steak." Finley defends shooting me a smile.

"Well sorry my cooking isn't appetizing." Mother huffs crossing her arms over her chest.

"Relax Nicole you obviously took the cop out and let the chefs cook."my dad responds. My mom huffs again shoot daggers with her eyes.

"THATS IT, IF YOURE NOT GOING TO EAT GO TO YOUR ROOM. You'll be hungry and begging for this plate tomorrow." She snaps. My heart freeze in my chest, I dont want to go hungry. In a panic I grab my fork scooping up some of the goo shoving it in my mouth in attempt to force it down. The moment the disgusting goo touches my tongue I can't hold back as it comes back up on moms white table cloth. "YOU IMBECILE!"she shouts as panic and embarrassment fill me. Pushing my chair back I feel my arm get tugged but I pull back running out of the dining up the stairs locking myself in my room.


Philipes POV

"She did that on purpose." The hag argues.

"You know she hates this crap if anyone did anything on purpose it's you. Had you cooked like you were supposed to we'd be eating food and not shit." Mr Bailey roars. As I watch the scene unfold I feel a hand land on me. The claws dragging on my thigh does nothing but makes me want to slap it away and check on the one that was just humiliated.

"I was trying to make a good impression to let mr Mariano know his son is in good hands."

"He's a man he prefers red meat, he doesn't care for this crap."

"You always take her side. She's out of control and you best handle it or we're going back to the states and leaving her here alone." The mega bitch barks before walking off.

"Are you sure my son will be okay to stay here? I can get him an apartment-" my brother starts as he signals "fuck this" to me.

"Nonsense I have my contractors renovating the pool house in to an apartment for him."

"Maybe you can sneak in to my room tonight." Brooke whispers in my ear. Funny I was just thinking that about your sister.

"Son, can I speak to you outside for a moment?" It's not a question. Rolling my eyes at his authoritative tone I nod and follow behind him to the front of the mansion.

"This is some drama dr Phil show waiting to happen. No amount of money or good pussy is worth this." Leave? I haven't even had a conversation with Blair. We can't leave.

"No." Is my quip response. "They're so caught up in their own shit maybe I won't have to even marry the bitch. I just might need a little more time. I can rob him slowly and we can disappear without a trace." And maybe I can get those bitches away from that girl before they destroy her.

"Fine! But I need an in with the other sister." He say with a soft look mimicking mine when I saw her first. For the first time in forever I'm calling dibs, I'm going to have to tell my brother to back off. "Oh no are you fucking serious?" He snaps. Noticing my scowl I shake my head out.

"I saw her first."i snap.

"Couldn't tell by how hung over her sister you've been."

"I'm doing my fucking job. Plus according to her you're nothing but an old Geizer." I mock.

"But I still have a better chance then you." Just then the door opens to reveal mr Bailey.

"Look sir I know it's an awkward situation but I promise we can make this work. It's not always like this around here." He exchanges a few more words before excusing himself to handle his wife but told me my temporary room is on the 3rd floor south wing. I had the maids take my bags to the room for me while I took a drive to the closest Mc Donald's. What girl doesn't like mc nuggets?

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