Deceiving The Heiress

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Filipe's POV

The house was quiet when I walked in a few minutes ago with two bags packed with food realizing I don't know what room she's in. Standing in the foyer I listen for any sound to give me a hint as to where she maybe. If I'm not mistaken she came from the second floor on the left.

Tiptoeing up the stairs to not gain attention I go to the second floor turning down the left hallway. Hearing the sound of soft cries on the last door on the right I rap my knuckles softly only for it to stop. I knock again holding the food up so the smell can reach her. I smirk when the door slowly creaks open to show a red eyed puffy cheeked wild hair Blair.

The smell of lavender instantly hits my nose when I notice her wide green eyes. "I-you have the wrong r-room." She stutters out pulling back.

I quickly hold up the food shaking my head. "That food was worst then dog shit. I got some McKee dees and was wondering if you want some." I offer a kind smile when I notice her brows knit as she shoves me back. She moves forward looking down the hall before meeting my eyes anger swirling.

"Did she put you up to this? Is my mom waiting behind a door testing me? Why are you trying to set me up?"

"I'm not. I promise you I'm not. I was hungry and got extra it could be our little secret." Her eyes go wide as she shakes her head profusely.

"And let me guess I just have to do a little favor for you right?" This poor sweet girl.

"No diosa you owe me nothing I just felt your mother was unreasonable. I threw up the little bit I ate." This earns me the sweetest giggle as she shakes her head. "Here." I say handing her one bag. "It has nuggets, fries, burgers, and fish fillet if you don't like any of the rest." I give her a smile before bidding her goodnight. She says a low thank you before closing the door. I turn to go to my floor but freeze the moment my eyes meet hazel golden eyes.

"I see we both had the same idea." He chuckles holding up a bag of Wendy's. "I guess I'll just go eat this myself. I mean wouldn't want a perfectly good meal go to waste." To this we both laugh and make our way downstairs to the dinning room. "My wife is closer to Brooke and I'm closer to Blair. She never got that bonding time because by the time Blair was born my Brooke was already in that world." He spits like venom. "Models actresses dancer and drummer." He then boast. "Being in the spot light isn't easy I just wish I was there for her." He says looking down.

"She seems to be doing pretty good." The girl has it all.

"I suppose she is living every young girls dream." He says with a distant look in his eye. "My Blair will forever be my hidden Diamond. I won't let them tear her down. The competition is horrendous, those girls are vial and would do anything to win. My Blair wasn't made for that she was made to go to school to use her brain. They would ruin her confidence if I let her be like Brooke."

"Brooke made it; I think you underestimate Blair." I argue.

"Trust me, my daughter is good where she is. According to the media I have one child so my Blair can be free." He seems a little too attached and it's making me uncomfortable. Is he sexually abusing her? Is this why her mother hates her? I want to ask but I also don't want to insult the man. "I'm going to bed, you best do the same, we have a busy day tomorrow."I nod dumping the trash from my food and heading to my Temporary room.


Finally dragging my ass in the front door I look at the clock to see it's 10pm. Mr Bailey said he probably won't be home tonight or for the next few days. The day started off with Brooke riding with me to the office. This girl wore a black very plunging V-neck sleeveless dress shirt with a red pencil skirt that came mid-thigh. She looked like an escort that was giving me more hints then a horn cat rubbing up on me.

I thought mr Bailey brought her to put her to actually work but she ended up stuck with us till 2:30. Mr Bailey and I were spitballing ideas for a new mall hes working on for Canada. It was kind of fun; so much so, that I lost track of time til I came up with the idea to open up nothing but small owned businesses in the mall. The world has enough old navy's and children's places, we should charge an affordable price for small businesses can have their own stores and once they pick up we can up the charge.

"Wow daddy kept you longer then I anticipated." A sultry voice calls from the living room. Stepping in my eyes widen in shock to see Brookes naked body, her full breast with only red shimmery heart nipple pastes with a red g string. Her ass is rounded perfectly making my dick slightly twitch against my will. She has leather thigh garders with red fish nets, this girl was pure temptation but not at all what I want.

"Why aren't you dressed?" I snap closing my eyes attempting to keep a healthy distance. "You are better then this." She really isn't. But, if I want to get her away I need to show I want to respect her.

"Im really not, for some reason with clothes on you're resisting." My body tense when I feel a hand land on my chest playing with the buttons of my white button down. Removing my hands from my eyes I grab hold of her wrist accidentally pulling her closer to me. Her eyes flutter up at me as she leans up on her tiptoes to kiss me. Removing my hand from her wrist I try to push her away but she jumps up wrapping her legs around me causing me to gasp. I feel her tongue swipe mine just as the front door slams and two voice makes my blood run cold as I move one of my hands in to her hair pulling her head back.

We both gasp for air I welcome the air after her attempt to swallow my tongue. I turn my head to see the most beautiful sight of Hazel green eyes with golden flecks. My eyes travel down to her parted lip, her delicate neck her bare shoulders. The way her breast are pushed up by her green corset dress. A throat clearing makes me just now notice she isn't alone and realization kicks in. Anger bubbles in me as I drop Brooke to her feet.

"Hey what the hell?" Brooke snarls at me. Turning to her sister she stares daggers. "Why the fuck are you home? I told you to go to his place."

"I don't like going to other peoples houses and dad you know how dad is, he will flip if I do." She says while mouthing 'Don't' to her sister. The guy next to her looks to be 6ft a little buff in a tan button down with slacks. His brown eyes trained on Brooke.

"Dads not home. He went on a business trip so stop being a damn priss and leave. Why not just pack a bag-" her voice trails of the moment I look at my Diosa.

"Enough!" I roar appalled at this bitches blatant disregard for how terrified Blair looks. Her eyes are wide at the brink of tears her chest puffed out her breath held tight. "You two dining room."

"What? At least send her to her room." The dimwit snaps.

"They can work in common rooms only. You got a fucking problem you can take your happy ass somewhere else. You think because your fathers not here you call the shots?" I'm done the moment I see her release that breath meets my eyes giving me the most perfect smile. Fuck.

"FILIPE UPSTAIRS NOW!" Brooke shouts at me. Her small hands are fisted at her side she's still basically naked now realizing it she attempts to cover up a bit. I take my shirt off tossing it at her but I go to the kitchen. I smirk when I notice the terrified look on the kids face. I'm buff I mean really buff 285 pure muscle, he's maybe a buck fifty.

The sound of stomping follows behind me as I lean against the island. Their kitchen is huge with a Long Island and a mini bar. Everything is black granite and theres three different refrigerators. Are you kidding me three refrigerators probably jam packed with food and that bitch tried to starve her. I feel a hand grab my wrist yanking it back.

"Why the fuck-" I spin pulling my arm away while using my other to wrap around her throat pulling her to me.

"I suggest you adjust your fucking tone when you speak to me little brat do you understand me?" I bark. She smiles sweetly misreading the situation. "You won't be sending your sister away to a strangers house. Especially over night. You must be a special kind of evil."

"Evil? It's not my fault she's such an uptight bitch. She doesn't fit in. Dad just feels sorry for her, mom will take care of that."

"Y'all will both stay away from her while I'm under this roof. I took the job of y'all's." I pause for a moment trying not to burst in to laughter. "Your babysitter if you will."

"I'm not a fucking child."

"That little stunt you pulled says otherwise. So why don't you be a good girl and take your ass to bed while I supervised." I let her go watching her cough as she fights for breath. Dramatic ass. I can see a glint in her eye but she doesn't say anything. Looking at the floor she rushes off leaving me to my own thought thank god.

Turning back to the counter I reach for my shirt when I feel a hand on my shoulder. Without another thought I spin wrapping my hand around her throat in annoyance. "Did I fuckibg-" i instantly let go of my grip on her; eyes widening in fear. "I'm sorry I thought you were your sister. She doesn't really take no as an answer."

"T-Thank you f-for that." I shoot her a wink with a smile.

"No problem little one. You don't have to worry, while your dad is gone I'll keep her off your back. Now go get this project done so I can take my ass to bed."

"Oh, you don't have to stay up I can handle it from here."

"You're precious. I don't doubt that you can handle yourself, I just don't trust him and would feel better if I hang til he leaves." She smiles bigger with a nod then walks off to get her work over. After two hours of sitting at the table with my news paper while supervising I was glad Blair called it quits sending mr Jack ass home. I made sure to lock up and went to bed haunted by dreams of a precious red head.
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