Deceiving The Heiress

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Protective instinct

Filipe POV

Letting out a frustrated growl I look at the text from Dustin the head of security trying not to blow my lid. Apparently Brooke really didn't like the way things went last night and as a sign of rebellion she's having a party while I worked with Roberts partner Gary discussing more ideas for the mall and even helped with a side project he's working on.

The man is about the same age as mr Bailey, they've been best friends since college and built this business together. The man is brilliant, hilarious even trusted me alone in the office for a few hours. It was decent working with him but now with a sour mood I must return home and end the possible orgy.


The whole drive to the mansion I was kicking myself in the ass for not getting Blair's number. With me not in the house, mr Bailey on a trip and Brooke having a party at the house theirs no telling what that sneaky bitch might pull. Driving in to the gates I see cars parked on the lawn and all over the property very uncoordinated.

The closer I get the the estate the start of bodies on the property come in to view. Holy shit. This is a teenage rebellion style party which is the opposite of what I would've expected. Parking my car the moment I reach the garage I undo the seat belt and pushing out of my car. The music is so loud the ground vibrates underneath my feet. On the lawn lays beer bottles, red solo cups, and half dressed girls. These all look like college students judging by the way the guys are dressed preppy sons of bitches.

Storming inside I look for the deep red hair read to rip her little ass to shreds. Stepping in to the house I need to push through a mass of bodies trying to ignore the on coming headache from the loud music. Checking the tops of heads I see every shade but the one I need. Pushing in to the kitchen where it's not as busy I spot her on the counter in a black sheer robe a red one piece lace lingerie set.

Pushing my way through I grab brooke by her wrist taking her by surprise. "What the hell." She hisses the smell of vodka heavy on her breath.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing? Shut this shit down! Your family is private, do you want them all to find out about Blair?"

"Oh please no body cares I'm not shutting down shit." She says with a bright smile. "Most of my competition is here and the show starts tomorrow. Time to start prepping." Looking around I notice the females here are all model worthy but the fact that there are some in a corner popping pills and I saw some in the living room doing coke; I see what this bitch is doing.

"Oh and if the authorities are called while they are doing illegal drugs in your house who will really be in trouble?"

"You!" She cackles "Let's be real who would my dad believe? Nothing like this has eveerrrr happened til you came. Plus I'm not stupid, I don't use." She says with a smirk.

"That's it I'm shutting it down."I go to walk around her but my arm is grabbed as she smiles up at me with a glint in her eyes. "Well my precious sister isn't so innocent. She has a guy up in her room." I try to keep my cool but I can feel the heat radiating off of me in waves. "So maybe tonight you won't let her being here stop us from having fun." She says grabbing at my belt buckle. Pulling her hands away I shake my head.

"End the party."

"No. My mom fully supports." Needing to get upstairs to check on Blair, I leave the evil bitch to her Brujeria. (Witch craft) Pushing through the sweaty bodies I notice people hanging out pushing through I get annoyed with the fact that people are literally hanging out on a stairs. Looking down the hall both ways I see more people my anger is boiled over.

"THE PARTIES DOWN STAIRS" i bark making everyone scatter about.


Blair's POV

"Please Danny don't leave me!" I beg grabbing my best friend by his jacket. He's 5'8 brown hair in a pompadour with green eyes. His tanned complexion makes every female jealous.

"Bee you know I have date night with Gio tonight."he huffs out. "I cancelled on him last week because Brooke had those frat boys over. I know I promise to always be here for you in times like this but my boyfriend is feeling neglected."

"Please? Just have him come here I have a 60 inch tv with hella movies and lots of food. I'll be your surrogate baby mom."

"Blair we talked about it remember? Your dad said he'd kill me and I love you too much to let you do that for me. I won't let you and I'm sorry but I have to go." He pulls away planting a kiss on my forehead just as my door swings open. "No guest allowed."

"Exactly so you need to leave buddy." His this Spanish accent growls. I never noticed the accent before but the rage in his eyes has me frozen in place.

"I'm not leaving til you leave, creep."

"It's o-okay h-he's my dads new protege." I manage to get out as I practically shake in my shorts. Filipe is very muscular and tower's Danny by a long shot. Danny looks back at me with a smirk and a raised brow. 'He is fine' this moron mouths before turning back to admire Filipe in his business casual attire making even me drool.

"Well shit why are you begging me to stay when you have this fine ass brick house protector?" I notice lips form go from tense to relax at dans comment. "Keeping me from my man when you got a pretty damn fine one right here." I slap the dumb ass upside his head as my cheek burn. I quickly turn my head when I hear lip chuckle brings flutters in my belly.

The night I had to finish my project lip stood in the dining room looking at some blue paper while we worked away. One the guy left I stood up adding some finishing touches and we both spoke a little, mostly about what we were working on but some where along the line I found myself attracted to him. Hearing the passion in his voice about the project did something to me. "I got it from here, I'll make sure no one will come near this room." Lip reinsured him with a smile.

Giving me one last hug Dan bids me fairwell before taking off. "I promise I'll make sure no one will come up here." Lip says before reaching for the door sending my heart in to a frenzy. I'm terrified someone is going to come up here and hurt me. Brooke hates me and this is the first time she's ever really had me alone. Dad always made sure to take me with him or arrange for me to be out of the house while he's away.

The click of the door jolts me from my thoughts now revealing an empty room. No no. Thumping of music and voices get louder causing a migraine. Going to my door I slide down pulling my phone out of my pocket. Finding my dads info I press the call button clearing my throat. I try so hard to hold back the tears but the moment he answers the begin to fall.

"Where are you daddy." I sob at the sound of his voice.

"Oh Blair sweetheart are you okay?" I hear a muffled cough pausing to make sure he's okay.
"Go ahead sweet pea." He eggs on.

"Brooke is throwing a party I don't feel safe. Earlier a guy slipped in and made a comment about how he owes Brooke before he tried to attack me. Lucky Dan showed when he did. I was fine while Dan was here but he left."

"Okay sweetheart where is Filipe?"

"I-I don't know. He said he'd make sure no one would bother me but how would he know?"
A knock at my door catches my attention making me hold my breath on the verge of a full blown panic attack.

"It's me diosa." Filipe deep accent sounds over the music. I try to call out but I'm fighting for breath. Pushing myself up I drop the phone trying to reach the door before my vision goes completely black. I manage to undo the lock before swinging it open to see him sitting on the floor next to my door.

Noticing my distress lip shoots up grabbing my face in his hands staring deep in to my eyes. "It's okay, you're okay just breathe. I was planning to sit right there till the party ended. I told you no one would bug you." His words eases all the anxiety that nearly crippled me just moments ago. "Go lay down and get some sleep. I promise I won't leave my post till I'm sure everyone is gone."

"Can you stay in here please?" The word are out before I could stop them and feeling my cheeks heat up my eyes widen and I back up. "I-im sorry that was inappropriate-" letting out a chuckle he grabs my hand shaking his head.

"Calm down, I won't bite I promise. I'll stay in here if it's what you want." I nod and watch as he makes his way over to my bed making it look fit fot him.

"I'm going to change." I say looking down at my blue floral maxi dress. Going to the dresser I grab my green silk button down night shirt with the matching green shorts then head to my en-suite. Closing the door behind me I quickly use the bathroom, change my clothes, brush my teeth and skin care routine. Once done I check my reflection fluffing out my firey Maine. Looking over at my make-up I contemplate adding gloss but decide against it. It's just a stupid little crush Blair don't feed in to it. I remind myself, he's Brookes he is just being nice.

Finally walking out of the bathroom I see lip standing in the middle of my room looking around. "You're like a fairy. Your rooms practically pixie hallows." He says before turning to meet my eye Oh lord have mercy. He's lost his work jacket but his white button down has the first few undone exposing his honey tan complexion and a chest free of hair. I take a sharp breath the moment I meet his eyes which are burning equally as intense as they roam my body.

"No, I mean yes but no." I respond. He corks a brow giving me the panty dropping smile that has me practically puddle. "My room is forest themed because I love nature." I huff. He raises an eyebrow seeing through my tough fasad. "And maybe I like the thoughts of fairy's." His smile is so perfect with straight Colgate white teeth.

"Hey can I see your phone?" He questions but it sounds more like an order. Handing my iPhone 12 I lift a brow in confusion. What can he possibly want with my phone? "I didn't like that I couldn't check up on you when Dustin called about the party. Whenever you need me don't hesitate to call or text." I have to look down to hide the blush creeping up my neck. "Come on lay down." He tells me walking towards my bed.

Climbing in I snuggle in to my pillows allowing him to distract me from the thumping of the walls. "Can I ask you something personal?" He says not really asking. I raise a brow waiting for the question as he makes his way to my chair at the vanity. "Does your father se-" "NO,NO"I shout not letting him even finish.

"My father would kill any one who would even think to touch me like that. For some reason my fathers just alway been very protective over me."

"And Brooke?"

"I don't know her and mom just always been close . What about you what's your story?" I ask. His huge frame over powers my tiny little round seat. "You can sit at the edge of my bed." I fall in to a fit of coughs before recovering. "So long as you don't try any funny business." Slapping my hand over my mouth to further save my verbal diarrhea. He lets out a low chuckle as he undoes the first few buttons gracing me with his toned perfectly tanned chest.

"I'm from here," he starts gazing into my eyes. The room becomes dizzy as I listen to his smooth voice propping myself at an angle. "My mom was a nurse while my dad was a cop." He gets a distant look in his eyes. "My twin and I." He pauses with wide eyes snapping back in to the moment.


"Y-yea my twin F.P Finley Paul a-after my dad. my-Our father moved us to the states and started his business after my mom passed and I've been following in his foot steps." He says getting all clammy.

"What about your twin?" I ask maybe Brooke can meet him and I can have A chance with Filipe.

"Haven't talked in years. No more questions bedtime." He says sternly. Clipping my mouth shut I sink back down feeling as if I said something wrong I hum to myself while I mentally scold myself for my excessive questioning.

"Sorry." I whisper before falling to sleep.
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