Deceiving The Heiress

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Filipes POV

"Fuck, fuCK, FUCKKKKK." I shout into the small room. "Why the fuck aren't you panicking?" I ask my twin. I'm at his condo on the beach explaining how my dumbass accidentally told Blair the truth about our family. Well the beginning part anyways.

"I'm not seeing the down part to this. Now i don't have to worry about being recognized, if I get seen I can just say I'm your brother. Not to mention I can dye my hair back and I have a shot with Brooke."

"Not happening."

"Well we'll see if she can resist my charm."

"I'm serious Fin, she isn't like the other hags we used to go after."

"No shit young pussy."

"No! You can fuck Brooke as me but that's it, I already told Blair we have no contact so you still must remain in the shadows."He smirks at me with a simple tip of his head of approval but the glint in his eyes tells me he's up to no good. My phone rings in my pocket so I answer giving my brother a warning. "Hello."

"Filipe it's Robert, I'm back home but I have to leave for a week. Blair has fashion week and for some unknown reason they want me there the whole time. Can you come the the mansion? I want to discuss work and the run down." He leaves no room for response as he hangs up after his final word. Looking to my brother I give him my final warning before heading back to the Baileys.


Arriving at the mansion I felt I was walking in to a funeral. There are guards littering the front lawn hanging in the halls and different rooms of the house carrying out bags on top of bags.

"Watch out with those, they hold all of my daughters dresses." Mrs Bailey shouts at the men.

"My office, son." Robert says letting out and tired groan. Nodding I weave through the worker as I see the little bitch making her way down the stairs with a smirk and a wink. Following mr Bailey I don't spare the bitch any more attention. "As you know I'm being dragged to stupid fashion week in Milan to support Brooke and my wife. I would like for you to continue working on the small business mall some more and the pool house is officially ready. Now I know it isn't in your job description but Blair loves giving her guards the slip, if you don't mind just texting the moment she gets home safe from her secret endeavors?" I can't help the chuckle that slips from my lips. I know she gives them a hard time but maybe with her family gone she won't have any reasons to pull a Houdini.

Mr Bailey dismissed me to go unwillingly pack for the trip he doesn't want to make. While the family got ready for their departure I've been moving all my stuff in to the pool house loft he had fixed up for me.

It's a nice small house the minute you walk in it's the living room with a black leather sectional couch, a white faux polar bear fur blanket draped over it. Looking up you see the latter that leads to the loft with only a banister separating my room and the down stairs. Theirs a door way through the living room that leads into a decent sized kitchen that's black white and gray granite counters and cabinets. This is perfect.

After I was done unpacking and making the house more mine I went to the main house to wait for Blair. It doesn't surprise me she's ditched her security as they came back 2 hours ago looking for her. Looking at my watch the father clock goes off announcing the strike of 10 o'clock pm. She's been missing a total of 5 hours and I've been pacing the living room ready to go looking.

The sound of the front door slamming shut has me rushing to the foyer only to be met with a half wet half dried Blair. "Where were you?" I demand breath hitching when she brings her eyes up to meet mine. She looks so fragile, her eyes are glossy hair shaggy and wet, her arms hug around herself as she avoids eye contact.

"I was out." Is all she says but her dirty dress and muddy legs tell she wasn't just out. Was she with a boy? She starts walking toward the stair way but I grab her arm halting her.

"That's not telling me where or who you were with." I growl. Why is she acting like a bratty teenager right now.

"None of your concern! The place I was is safe, I am safe so I see no need in discussing the whereabouts of it." She replies defiantly. Before I can respond she pulls out of my grasp and takes off up the stairs. I let out a frustrated breath before heading to the kitchen to have the chefs make the brat and I some diner.


Blair's pov

The nerve of that jerk, who does he really think he is? I tried to get to know him last night and he snaps at me now today he's acting like my dad? I already know the routine when dads out of town with them. I just needed to speak with Danny and hopefully before going to the waterhole. I had to thank him again for last night.

Going in to my bathroom I turn the tap on before stripping my dirty clothes. Climbing in to the spa tub I turn the jets on and allow it to relieve my soar limbs from the lack of sleep last night. After lip yelled at me all I could to is keep my body tense as I pretended to sleep til the the party died down and he left. I try to clear my mind singing in to the open space I love how my voice bounces of the walls creating such a lulling sound.

The door opening causes me to shoot up shivering as I now realize I've fallen asleep. "What the hell are you doing? I've been waiting for you to come out for the past hour!" His deep voice snaps from the door way. There's no curtain or glass blocking me from his view. Lowering myself in the now cold water I grab the wash cloth to cover my kitty and use my arms to cover my melons.

"TURN AROUND OR COVER YOUR EYES." I shout in embarrassment. My cheeks are probably beet red. Instead of listening he crosses his arms over his chest with a smirk. His long curly tresses up in a man bun with a few strands framing his face. His beard and mustache cleaned up from the rugged mess it was last night. He's changed from his work clothes in to a white t-shirt with thin gray sweatpants. The large imprint quickly bulging so big my eyes widen and it isn't til he chokes that I noticed I've dropped my arms and released the cloth. I quickly spin squeezing my eyes shut as I try to find my voice again. "Out. I'm cold and need to get up." I whine.

"Go ahead, get out, I'm not looking." The cockiness heavy in his accented voice.

"Please." This time all the joking gone from my voice as I think about him snapping on me last night. I just want to be alone to get myself together. I know I can't be mad at him for not wanting to be with me the way he might rather be with my sister. The sound of the door closing allows me to let out the breath I've been holding.

Getting out of the bath I wrap the towel around myself, dry off and do my night time skin routine. Throwing on my fuzzy cream crop and matching cream shorts I get dress then exit the bathroom to see a small makeshift table with two plates piled with ribs, brisket, macaroni and cheese, and collard greens. The smell invading my senses making my mouth water. My bedroom door opens and lip walks in with two glasses one with water the other with a amber liquid.

"Before you rant off on me again I'm sorry." My mouth snaps shuts from kick out I was planning. "Let's sit on the floor eat our food and I'll tell you almost anything you want to know?" I reluctantly nod grabbing a plate and making my way to the bottom of my bed. He smiles following suite beginning to take a few bites he notices I still haven't spoken.

Taking the initiative he begins talking about his twin brother FP and how close they were growing up. Apparently they had a falling out a few years ago when his brother was headed down a dark path. He started using and selling drugs landing him in and out of prison. He was embarrassed about his sibling and didn't want it to cause an issue with his work here. I guess I can understand that. Once we moved on to a lighter topic he again asked about my whereabouts.

I've lied I've danced my way around it but his patience is wearing thin judging by his tone and I refuse to give in. I don't know him well enough to tell him the one place that brings me peace. He called for the maid to come in and get all the dishes while flirting with her in front of me the whole time.

"Blair?" He calls out walking to the door behind the tall blonde fake tan drop dead gorgeous model. Who am I to lie she's beautiful! He clears his throat gaining my attention. "What ever it is you're hiding you know I'm going to find?" That butthead has another thing coming it he thinks he's coming anywhere near my spot. Before I can come up with something clever the door closes and he's gone.

Making my way to the window I watch him walk across the lawn to the pool house still pulling her along behind him. Stupid of me to think I stood a chance. He a womanizer and all I am to him is another notch, I guess I should sit back and let Brooke have him.
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