Deceiving The Heiress

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Secret spot

Blair's POV

The next few days I went to class and came straight home to not raise any eyebrows but each day he stood at work past 10pm. Probably enjoying daddy's assistant's, whatever the case I would have the chefs make dinner and was asleep by the time he checked on me.

It's Thursday, I've been stir crazy in this house alone all week so I'm ditching class today to head to my spot. It's almost cold weather soon so I need to get my last days in. Grabbing my floor length light green sun dress with a deep v cut and strings that tie behind my neck.

Skipping on underwear I grab a pair to toss in my bag for when I get out. Rushing around my room I grab a towel my sandals and rings, pack my bag then rush out my room. Going down the stairs I try to be as quiet as possible hoping to by pass my security with my shoes in hand.

Once I hit the bottom step I speed past the kitchen and living to the door but am frozen in place when my name is called in that deep husky voice.

"Where do you think you're going?" My hand squeezes the doorknob knuckles turning white. "I asked you a question mi Diosa?" I can't hold back the scoff at the Nick name HES given me. I bet he calls all the girls his diosa's.

"I have class don't want to be late." I reply drily.

"You haven't eaten." Shit.

"I was just going to grab something on the way."

"So you were going to call your security to meet you outside?"

"Precisely. I have to go now or I'll be late." I twist the knob ready to run out the door but a buff arm wraps around my waist.

"Not so fast little one, after all I've busted my butt all week so I can have the day off. I'm your security for the day." Looking over my shoulder he's sporting a bright smile showing his whiter then white pearls. Guess I'll be ditching him.


The car ride was music playing, him attempting conversation and me ignoring him. Finally pulling up to campus I open the door spinning to face him. He's in a white very fitting t-shirt, and black jeans, why are the man whores always so nice to look at.

"Y-you can't come on campus, you have to stay here." I rush out before trying to close the door.

"Real cute. You think the rest of the team didn't tell me the run down?" Fudge! He pushes his way out making sure to pull me next to him as I walked us to my first class. Seeing students start to file in I manage to break free from mr jerk face and rush in to class hoping to see Tanya. She's definitely his type and can totally distract him for me.

Making my way to the Latin queen of the school I ask if she'd mind helping me out. After seeing what he looked like the girl could not resist. The moment she got his back turned I bee lined it around the back of the building making my grand escape. Once I make it off campus and out to the main road I know I'm home free.


Filipes pov

My little diosa thinks she's slick. I know I did it to myself the moment I used the made to get a rile out of her. Truth is I had her come help clean out a blood stain on the carpet from when I sliced my finger the night before.

The moment that Tanya girl walked up to me I knew my little diosa was going to make the slip. Little did she know I managed to follow her out to the main road and swiftly followed her like a bandit in the night.


Blair's POV

Lifting my dress over my head I toss it on the rock allowing the sun to soak my bare skin. Running forward I jump in to my small spring submerging my body and head. The spring is small round and surrounded by rocks. It has a small waterfall that I think is the perfect slide when I'm in a childish mood.

Once my lungs begin to give I swim to the surface taking a sharp inhale then blowing it out in a harmony scream. This is the only place I feel free. Laying back to float I close my eyes and sing out feeling in tuned with myself. A loud splash startles me making me shoot upright to look around.

I'm again freaked out when a body shoots up hair being flipped back out of his face. No no no! How? How the heck did he manage to follow? I even zigzagged my way through the forest invade. "So this is your spot." My anger boils over as I swim back to the rocks.

"Hey, don't touch me." I shout when I feel his arm wrap around my waist pulling me back in to him.

"Look I'm sorry I followed you I just wanted to make sure where ever you were going you were safe." He says a hint of amusement still in his voice. I'm still angry but not I'm enraged. Throwing my elbow back I nail him in his taut abs. The shock is what makes him let go because I can promise the blow did more damage to me then him.

"Secret spot what part of that didn't you understand? This was the one place I had that was mine, that I could be free from everyone and everything. And with one stupid I under estimate it's all down the drain so thank you." I go to swim away but I'm grabbed again this time he wraps his arms over mine preventing another blow.

"Calm my diosa. I promise I won't tell anyone about your spot nor will I bring anyone here. Not to mention you're completely naked, there's no way in hell you should be out here alone."

"I bet." I try to fight my way out of his grasp but it's useless. "I used to be able to be naked and not have to worry YOU RUINED IT. Now the maid and every female you attempt to bed will know." I continue to fight.

He begins to chuckle loosening his grip only slightly only to spin me in his arms to which I try to cover myself more. "Are you jealous little one?"

"No" maybe. "I just know your type, you'll use this place as a means to get tail thus revealing its location to anyone they want to impress till this place is so packed i won't even get in." I'm lifted and dunked under water gasping and fighting for breath I try to get him to let go but he keeps lifting me and dunking me til I'm in a coughing fit. When he spins me to face him all jokingness gone from his face.

"You obviously know nothing about me. My goal wasn't to find a shag spot, I needed to make sure whatever it was you were doing that you were safe." He bites out.

"And what if you would have interrupted a intimate moment with a secret boyfriend or hook up? We could've been in the middle and you would've killed the mo-."I stop myself when I notice his usual hazel eyes turn pitch black and his grip on my hips tighten.

"Then I would've been happy to put a fucking end to it. Is that why you're so mad?" He growls looking around the space as if expecting some random guy to jump out. "Maybe you lied about it being a secret and you actually bring men out here? Is that why you're naked?"

"Ow!" I cry out when his grip becomes too much. "I'm naked because THIS IS MY PRIVATE SPOT no one knows about it why wouldn't I feel comfortable enough?"

"Anyone can stumble upon this place. You're leaving yourself open and vulnerable to attack you."

"Look I've been ditching my guards to come here for months and never had any problems. Til you." I huff out glad when he lets go.

"Look I'm sorry I've upset you but I'm not sorry for trying to look out for you. Your mother and sister seem to have it out for you what if it was one of them that tracked you? You need someone to keep an eye on you at all times weather you like it or not you're a innocent looking little girl who is susceptible to danger and bad people. I'm not saying to bring a guard and I'm not saying I'll jump in interrupting every time but I can at least keep a look out so you can be free and really not have to be on alert." Keeping my eyes trained up and not allowing them to travel I begrudgingly nod knowing even if I say no he knows how to find me.

Going to swim back to my clothes he grabs me again with a frown. "What's wrong?"

"I'm going home I need to know what days you plan on jumping in so I can be covered."

"Don't be embarrassed here I'll even the score." Feeling movement behind me I gasp when he tosses his boxers on shore.

"Im not doing that with you you manwhore." Ope my eyes widen in horror. Did I really just say that. Going to move away before I further embarrass myself he begins to chuckle. Stopping feeling now angered by his amusement I turn making a huge tidal wave at him.

"I'm not a manwhore." He chuckles resurfacing. "I'm not sleeping with anyone if we're being honest. The maid came in my apartment to help me clean a stain and the kitchen after nearly burning it down and as for your sister, she doesn't really catch my eye. Now my diosa I don't plan to bed you here I really am a merman who needed water." He disappears under water and not a moment later I'm pulled under as he resurfaces laughing.

Coming back up I jump on his back trying to dunk him unsuccessfully but spending the rest of my time laughing as we splashed dunked and made a promise to never go anywhere without at least trusting him with my location. Especially if I'm with people. When we got home he made sure to watch me eat and we both fell asleep in my room but it was purely innocent. He slept in the bottom of the bed. I really don't get him, he's giving me mixed signals he's flirty but never makes a move maybe I'm misreading him.
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