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Hunter Killer

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Mouse is on her second mission for Lady Cathenne. She will not remain Mouse or Mouna Lisa Caspersky.

Erotica / Adventure
Dee Vee Iante
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Honeybee and Polecat

“What the fuck are you doing in my apartment, bitch? Get out, or I will call the police,” shouted Mona Lisa Kaspersky, sitting up in bed torn out of her sleep.

A hooded shape sat on the couch in the shadows. Two children stood beside her with hoods over their heads, both smiling as if this was all a game. Mona was not sure she was awake until the woman stood and threw back the hood of her cloak. She wore a shiny black material, like plastic or latex, a skirt, boots, gloves, and a very high neck top in darkish red. Mona was used to noticing things to write about them. She had another look at the girls who wore the same material and color combination, except they wore girly sleeveless knee-length dresses in that red. The girls had their faces covered by the same material except for their eyes.

The statuesque woman stepped forward and spoke, “My dear Miss Mona Lisa Kaspersky. It is nice to see you in person. Unfortunately, we could not prevent your blog, which means you warned the Micky Mouse pedophile ring operating in this area of our interest in them. Several years of operations have just turned to dust, and we had to abandon our base of operation. The Micky Mouse Club has strong ties to police, government, and industry.” Mouna blanched.

Mouna knew the CAT society made people disappear without a trace. She followed their trail for three years and had a list of over fifty people that just vanished. Mouna argued, “Or so you say.” The woman threw a iPad in her bed. Mouna swiped it open and was utterly shocked. Senator Tregenine and his wife with a child! There was more.

The woman continued, “We can release these images, and we can obscure the children’s faces. But it will remain smut, and the senator will have an alibi for that time. His experts will argue that the pictures are doctored and tie up the legal system for years, possibly even turn this to his advantage. Because of your blog, the children are gone.”

Mouna cried and asked, “So, why am I still alive?”

The woman sat again, covered her head with the cloak’s hood, and spoke, “Well, my dear Mouna, you owe me a debt. This was my operation, and now it is over. We have to start all over again, and that will take years. You would have guessed by now that your life is over, but it depends how.”

Mouna shot back, “I have friends. I have a publicist. They know you exist. They will know if you kill me, and that will put my book on the bestseller list!”

The woman laughed a melodic laugh that would brighten Mouna’s day under other circumstances, but now it just made her shiver. She spoke, “My dear Ms. Kaspersky. Your lease is up at the end of the week. You have said goodbye to your friends, closed off your social accounts, and even changed your email address. You will be boarding an airplane off to parts unknown for an unspecified duration. You have orchestrated your disappearance quite nicely.” That they knew all that was not what made Mouna’s heart race but that off-hand comment that she will be boarding a plane.

Mouna shifted out of bed and made ready to jump the woman. She could take her sitting down in that tight skirt and make a run for it and scream for help. Mouna moved, and she flew through the air and crashed into the wall. What the fuck just happened? Mouna needed a moment for her eyes to clear and saw one of the children standing over her. Did she do that?

The lady spoke, “So predictable, my dear, and your Krav Naga style is not suitable for your body size and weight. Honeybee, just helping you up, is a master of Shaolin Crane Kung Fu. Should Polecat, the charming young lady standing next to me, have taken you down, we would have to transport you in the box.” Polecat opened a trunk and smiled. She even had teeth filed to points.

Honeybee guided Mouna back to her bed and spoke, “If you cooperate, you will walk out with us on your own two feet. You will be bound and very uncomfortable but conscious, and you will travel with us in the comfortable section of Lady Cathenne’s jet. If you resist, you will be even more uncomfortable in the trunk in the jet’s cargo area. I know what I am talking about, Ms. Kaspersky. If you disagree altogether, you will be dead, and your body will be in the trunk and dropped at sea in our pedophile graveyard.” Polecat came over and placed a pile of clothing next to her, rubber clothing.

The woman asked, “Well, my dear. Shower then, my girls put you into your travel outfit or no shower, rubber bag, and trunk. Which will it be? Or do you prefer a quick death? Honeybee is gentle and quick.”

Mouna asked, “Will I survive, or will you kill me along the way when I am of no use anymore?”

Polecat spat, “We survived, paid off our debt, and remained with Lady Cathenne. You will hate it at first, and it will be agonizing and preparation for what we want you to do. I will make it particularly unpleasant for you when I can. Then comes the real pain. You will fall into the hands of the Micky Mouse Club and be their slave until we have all the evidence. Before then, we will toughen you up and if you survive, we may still take them down.”

Honeybee offered, “Shall I help you undress and shower?” Mouna knew the spiel, bad cop, good cop, and fuck, and it was effective.

Lady Cathenne asked, “Well, Mouna? Will I have the pleasure of watching my girls put you into Something very uncomfortable, the box or a quick death?”

Honeybee, about the same size as Mouna, smiled and extended her gloved hand to Mouna. She did not want to take it, but she did. Honeybee took her to the bathroom, helped her undress, watched her sit, then shower and dry herself. Polecat came in, collected her clothing, and threw it into the trunk. Honeybee brought Mouna, shivering of cold and fear and dread, back to her bedroom. What now?

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