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Just smut Boyxboy

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Chapter 1

“We are so going to get arrested.”

Jimin huffed an amused laugh when he hears that mumbled phrase for the third time.

“Yoongi, relax. The room is private.”

He turns and watches his boyfriend tugging on his socks, observing his outfit with a grin. It was perfectly normal everyday wear for Yoongi. Ripped up jeans that gave tantalizing glimpses of pink knees. An oversized red sweater that practically fell off of one shoulder. You couldn’t tell what was going on under his clothes.

“That’s not the problem,” Yoongi grumbled, his blush obvious and adorable.

“Namjoon’s not going to have you arrested either,” Jimin giggled, striding over to brush his fingers comfortingly through his boyfriend’s hair. “What is he going to tell them? ‘Help, my best friend decided the clearest way to show me how much he wants me is to demonstrate how good of a slut he is?’”

Yoongi choked on a garbled moan, glancing at Jimin’s gleeful face in disgust. “That’s...what the fuck?” he sighs. His frown turns wistful for a moment. “Are you sure this is going to work?”

Jimin nods, petting Yoongi one last time. “Yes. If this was anyone else I would be against this cuz, ya know, consent is king and all that. But we are dealing with Kim Namjoon here. You could walk up and scream that you love him and he’ll just give you a three-hour lecture about different kinds of love and how he cherishes your friendship. He’s the type that won’t understand until you’re gagging on his cock.”

“It’s sad that I think you’re right,” Yoongi shakes his head and stands up to get his shoes from the entryway. He peeks over at Jimin again. “And you’re a hundred percent certain you’re still okay with this?”

Jimin grins, “Baby, it was my idea. I love you, Namjoon is amazing, and I think you would look pretty hanging off his dick.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Yoongi mumbles shyly, his little grin belying his words.

Jimin notices Yoongi’s choice of footwear - his black slides - and tuts. “Not those. Wear the red converse.”

“Jimin, he said that shit when he was a kid.”

“You mean he said that shit when the two of you were living together alone, when you would wear red converse because they matched your bulls jersey. Do the math.”

Yoongi’s mouth flapped like a fish as his eyes flittered between the shoes stuck in the organizer and Jimin’s smug face.

“You think he…” he couldn’t even finish the sentence.

“Yes,” Jimin snorted. “It was about you. Put them on and let’s go get your man.”


The restaurant was slow that night, thank goodness. Not that it made a huge difference since Jimin had reserved one of the private dining rooms, one that he knew from past experience held sound fairly well.

He and Yoongi were surprised to find that Namjoon was already there waiting for them.

He grins and waves when they are shown to the room, his deep dimples the cause of Yoongi’s deep wistful sigh next to him.

“Hey, Joon. We thought we’d have time to get in a drink or three before you actually showed up,” Yoongi chuckles lowly.

Namjoon snorts and fiddles with little things on the table as they settle in, staring at Yoongi’s shoes oddly. “Yeah, I was excited though. It’s been a while since we’ve had time to just chill and have a meal together.”

The conversation flows while the waiters finish setting up their meal, and Jimin is pleased to note that they’ve followed all of his instructions to the letter. Mainly, to leave them with extra drinks and other supplies so that once they’ve finished giving them their food there would be no need for them to come back. They would be completely undisturbed until they left the room themselves.

Jimin decides that since today is such a big deal - for all of them, honestly - he can afford to be nice and let the other two relax and enjoy their food for a while before he starts the show. Yoongi, of course, going to be a little tense no matter what - due to his tendency to overthink everything - but he is holding up well. Beyond a few worried glances at Jimin, you could hardly tell he was a bundle of nerves at the moment.

After nearly forty-five minutes he decides the time feels right. Their hunger is sated but they aren’t so full that they’d have a hard time getting off. Namjoon seems comfortable and happily oblivious. Yoongi’s shoulders have loosened and he’s been excitedly discussing politics with Namjoon for twenty minutes without a care.

Jimin grins deviously to himself as he reaches into the pocket of his hoodie and clicks the button of the remote hiding in there once. The hum of the device is so faint that he can only hear it because Yoongi is right next to him, but he certainly hears the low grunt his hyung releases when the vibrations begin.

Yoongi tries to cover it up with a quick drink from his soda, glaring at Jimin over the glass. He shrugs and winks at him unapologetically. Namjoon naturally remains oblivious.

He waits about five more minutes, watching Yoongi shuffle around in his seat as he tries to maintain a normal conversation, then pushes the button again.

The low hum raises a pitch and he observes Yoongi with wicked delight as he clenches the table, his elegant fingers turning pale with the strength of his grip.

“You okay, Yoongi hyung?” Namjoon asks, leaning forward with concern. “Is your tummy hurting?”

“No, Joon. I’m good. Just...uh...digesting,” Yoongi grits out.

Namjoon looks unconvinced but shrugs and goes back to nibbling on a breadstick. Jimin is mildly interested in the way his lips look wrapped around it for a moment, before turning back to Yoongi.

His own heart begins to beat rapidly with excitement, as he knows this next moment is going to determine everything. He reaches into his pocket once more, watching Yoongi’s eyes follow his hand’s movement with trepidation.

The button clicks and it only takes a few moments for the sound Jimin had been waiting for - the first helpless raspy moan ripped from his love.

He leans back and observes the scene unfolding in front of him, smirking as Yoongi leans his head forward and rolls his hips as the sensations take him over. Namjoon’s expression takes on a myriad of emotions - changing from concern, to confusion, to stunned realization, and finally to timid fascination.

“Beautiful, isn’t he?” Jimin says softly when Namjoon throws a worried glance his way.

Namjoon nods and gulps. “He...doesn’t mind this?” he asked, his voice soft and throaty.

“Nope,” Jimin clucks, reaching over to thread his hand in Yoongi’s hair, tugging a little to pull a grunt from him. “Once he reaches a certain point, he’d let me fuck him on stage in front of the entire world if that meant he could cum. Isn’t that right, baby?”

Yoongi merely responds with a high-pitched scratchy whine, but that’s not enough here. “You know Namjoon likes words, hyungie. Tell him you like him seeing you like this.”

Yoongi finally looks at Namjoon, his gaze hazy from pleasure but still a touch hesitant and shy.

“Like you seeing me. Wanna be good. Um… “ his nails dig into the table as he tries to find the presence of mind to focus. “Like you,” he grunts.

“You like me?” Namjoon swallows, his eyes shooting up from Yoongi’s hips to meet his eyes.

“He does,” Jimin adds helpfully when Yoongi’s eyes close after what must have been a particularly distracting burst of pleasure. “Been crazy about you for years, but you didn’t notice. We decided to show you instead, cuz you’re pretty oblivious, Namjoon hyung.”

He thinks about it for a minute and then shrugs. “That tracks. And you...don’t mind?”

“Nope,” Jimin smirks. “Love him and he loves me. Neither of us is going anywhere, but we have room for you if you’d like. And I think he’d look pretty sitting on your fat cock, don’t you think?”

Namjoon chokes on air as Jimin giggles, glancing fondly at his moaning boyfriend. He pulls the little remote from his hoodie and slides it across the table.

“Want to play?”

Namjoon glances at the little black remote with fascination, picking it up like it was made of glass. He gulps loudly as he stares at Yoongi.

Then he pushes the button.

Yoongi throws his head back as the vibrator finally reaches a high enough setting to really fuck him up, but he’s been trained very well. He never comes first - that’s his own rule.

So he crawls - dazed and on the brink of exploding with his own pleasure - but desperate enough to grit his teeth and make his way over to Namjoon. He tugs on Namjoon’s cargo shorts, looking up at him with eyes that were beginning to tear up in desperation.

“Can I...please?” he begs hoarsely.

Namjoon turns to Jimin with a confused glance, and he snorts. “He’s asking to get you off. He’s not allowed to cum first - are you, baby?”

Jimin scoots over until he’s behind Yoongi, letting the other use him to keep himself sitting up. Namjoon nods and shakily helps Yoongi unbutton and pull down the zipper of his shorts. Jimin chuckles when he notices that Namjoon didn’t even wear boxers.

Yoongi reaches in easily and pulls out Namjoon’s cock, the bulbous tip already swollen and wet. Namjoon wasn’t that long, but his thickness looked amazing with Yoongi’s thin fingers wrapped completely around him.

Jimin decides to be helpful himself and he reaches down and cups Yoongi through his jeans, knowing that the other was close enough that he wouldn’t need much. He was rock-hard in his tight jeans, and Jimin knew he couldn’t be that comfortable, but he knew that Yoongi would find it hotter to keep his clothes on right now.

Yoongi’s hips roll in Jimin’s lap as the vibrator works it’s magic in his pert little ass, his hand sliding on Namjoon’s cock like a pro.

“Talk to him, Namjoon. Use those words you like so much,” Jimin purrs, his eyes glued on the tantalizing sight of his boyfriend’s hand being covered with Namjoon’s precum.

Namjoon seems to jolt at Jimin’s tone as his attention swerves suddenly from Yoongi’s hand to Jimin’s lips. He blushes and looks back down at Yoongi.

“Doing so well, hyung. Love seeing you down there. So pretty,” he sighs, reaching out to place one of his hands on Yoongi’s head.

Yoongi groans, balancing himself with his other hand on Namjoon’s knee as he leaned forward to stroke Namjoon’s thick cock faster. Jimin squeezes Yoongi’s bulge, humming when he feels it twitching wildly against his hand.

“He’s almost there, Namjoon,” Jimin sighs happily. “You can talk dirty to him, you know. He likes it.”

Namjoon turns to him, his glassy eyes and red face signaling his own end. “From me?”

Jimin nods, “Be a good boy and tell our slut how he’s doing.”

Namjoon groans lowly, and Jimin smirks as he makes a mental note for later.

“Hyung is…” Namjoon stutters as he stares down at Yoongi’s furiously stroking hand. “Yoongi hyung is a good slut. If you’re this good with your hand I can’t wait to use your mouth. So fucking pretty.”

Yoongi groans and releases a choked sob. “Wanna do that. Wanna...will you fuck me, Joon? I’ll be good for you,” he licks his lips and Jimin can tell he’s desperately holding himself back begging to suck Namjoon’s dick. Probably wants to wait until he can get him home and be facefucked properly, the minx.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll let you do anything you want, hyung. Anything,” Namjoon pants, his breath growing harsher as his cock deepens in color.

“One more click is all it will take, Namjoon,” Jimin says, his eyes twinkling with mischief as he observes the two.

Namjoon nods and takes a deep breath before pushing the final setting.

Yoongi’s head falls back into Jimin’s shoulder as he releases a garbled yell, sounding as though he’s trying so hard to keep it down. Jimin rubs against the jeans as they grow wet beneath his hand, and he kisses Yoongi’s neck.

Namjoon is observing Yoongi cum with fascination, his eyes hooded with his own pleasure. Yoongi’s hands have stopped stroking, but are gripped tightly around Namjoon’s cock.

Jimin clucks at him at catches his eye. “Cum,” he orders.

Surprisingly - or not so much by his observations - that seems to be just what he needed as Namjoon erupts with his eyes locked with Jimin’s, cum trailing down Yoongi’s clenched fist. His deep groan of pleasure sent shivers through Yoongi’s body.

“Good job, boys.”

“What about you?” Namjoon asks shyly as he tries to catch his breath. Yoongi pulls his hand from Namjoon and leans even more into Jimin’s chest.

“After we clean up we can take this party home if you like. We can have the feelings and boundaries talk before I fuck the life out of both of you. And you can even dole out his punishment for cumming first - which is why I think he did it in the first place. How does that sound?”

Yoongi pauses licking his hand clean like the dirty little kitten he was to smirk at both of them. “Sounds good to me. Joon?”

He nods his head frantically and zips up his shorts. “I’m in.”

On their way out Namjoon clears his throat and turns to Yoongi shyly. “Can you leave the shoes on later?”

Jimin snorts. “Told you.”
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