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YouTube:2, Full Rubber Immersion

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Mouse, Cathenne, and Her Sister Cassandra relocated to the Country Villa that Cassandra designed and built for them, have plenty of time on their hands, and taken to organizing a monthly special Cat and Mouse Weekend. Their following to Cat's and Mice has grown to all genders, and they have several thousand subscribers. They do not need the Money, but Cassandra manages the business, and she knows that anything worth having is worth bleeding for. This series of short stories chronicles their YouTube years, starting with the Cat and Mouse Ball at the Ice Palace. We pick up the story in their fully isolated and air-filtered home, which they share with another vinyl and fetish-loving couple. One of the two is their camera person.

Erotica / Romance
Dee Vee Iante
Age Rating:

One:Cat and Mouse Ball

“Good evening, Cats and Mice. This Saturday, we will be meeting in the Ice Palace, but only Cat and Mouse subscribers with a blue Cat and Mouse pin. Since the end of last week, the Ice Palace has sold out, so there can be no at-the-door sales this time, sorry. We hardly get anyone not dressed as a cat or mouse, so please, do not come hoping that someone will lose their booking to you. All right, let’s start with preparing Mouse for the evening.

My Mouse is already in her baselayer custom VinylBlack vinyl catsuit by Cassandra that fits her beautiful slender body like a second skin with VinylBlack Cassandra panties and bra. Mouse’s hypotension, low blood pressure have her feel cold all the time, and she prefers to feel hot. She wears RegardE Fashion IgniteFire all-in-one thermal catsuits with feet and hood in between two VinylBlack Cassandra catsuits. Yes, we shamelessly promote my sister Cassandra’s products as we both really do use them.

As you know, this month’s theme is The Cat Caught her Mouse and has her. So, once we have Mouse in her usual two VinylBlack Cassandra, single entry Catsuits, and one RegardE Fashions IgniteFire thermal, we add another IgniteFire Thermal all garments with the appropriate zippers for the bathroom. Over this comes the outer, very thick, very tight hood entry VinylBlack Cassandra catsuit with paws. I will help her into the suit then show you what this means, so cut...

We are back. It was a struggle, so if you purchased the same for your Mouse, you might need the best part of an hour to have your mouse all wrapped up and a bit uncomfortable too. My Mouse loves it, and she loves her paws. Let me bring her hands closer to the primary camera.

See how the gloves force bend Mouse’s first and second knuckles to look like paws? Yes, it is very restrictive, and we add to this by trapping her thumb in the paw gloves too. From this point onwards, fellow cats, we have to serve our mice on paws and feet. We have our mice trapped, but at the same time, we become servants to them.

If your mouse has problems with their suit, you need to help them into the paws like a surgeon. Cats and mice need to work together and really, really push your mouse’s fingers into the glove end just as you had to stretch open the single entry catsuits hood and neck.

We had help from our lovely producer and my sister Cassandra and leading camera Francesca to stretch open Mouse’s hood and neck opening. Yes, Mouse is a bit uncomfortable right now, but that will settle. I will help her deal with the discomfort, so we need a break and will be right back...

We are back. Mouse had a snooze but then insisted on continuing with the show. Aside, she wants to wear the purple VinylBlack Cassandra tutu my sister made just for her and is no longer too uncomfortable in the layering. She especially appreciates the compressed feel and insists on continuing. So, Mouse can not dress into the purple latex tutu with those paws-gloves, so I will help, but first, the leash collar.

Mouse has to step into the harness and note how the strap divides into two when needed? The two straps can be separated and give access to Mouse’s zippers which will allow Mouse to use the bathroom but only with assistance. Will you and your mice manage the whole month like Mouse, Cassandra, and me? At least stay so until Sunday night! My Mouse will be like this from now on, two weeks before the Friday night at the Ice Palace. Now to the harness and leash.

We work from the top down, firming the three-neck buckles around Mous’s neck. From there, two straps go over the shoulders and to her back, loop across to her front where they join into the metal ring. Together, they run in between her legs, then back to the rear ring, where they separate and loop around her waist and back through the ring and up to her collar’s back attachment. Now we tightened the straps along Mouse’s body to give her a minor discomfort.

We run through the harness from the front and around her body, tightening any slack, tensing the harness, and a little extra between the legs. Oh, see, My mouse squeaked when I did that. We tighten the waist and up to the neck and see how much slack we removed? We resecure the collar attachment, and there she is, in our custom-designed harness. I will attach the leash when finished. Doesn’t she look lovely? Allow you Mouse to appreciate how good she looks. Go to the mirror with your mouse and spend a moment together...

The purple VinylBlack Cassandra tutu is so tight that you can see every detail of Mouse’s harness, even at the neck. With the close hood, it zips at the back, leaving the leash attachment exposed. Is she not beautiful in purple. It is her favorite color! My Mouse needs a rest, so we will be back instantly...

Well, what do you think of the purple heelless toe boots? Look at those super long slender legs even with the five layers of catsuits. See how beautifully she moves and even pirouettes on the boots? We both always wear ballet heels and take dance classes wearing them too. But if it is your mouse’s first time in heelless ballet boots, she will need some time to become used to them.

If you purchase the VinylBlack Cassandra HotLook boots with memory foam lining, wearing the boots for prolonged periods is effortless. But you will still need to practice walking on them to make it look as elegant as my Mouse makes it appear. Mouse spent many years perfect that elegant glide and perfect S-shaped posture.

At this point again, ask your mouse if she is comfortable enough to go on. We never push our mice beyond what they allow us cats to do, agreed? Mouse, are you all right to go on? You see, a clear nod empowers me to continue.

Now my cats and mice, this is not something you have to do, but I like it for my mouse. My mouse will be at my and my sister’s utter control, even her breathing and food intake. We have a separate video on how to intubate for breathing and food. First, we use the lip spreader. My Mouse want’s a wider Mouth to kill two birds with one stone with the mouth insert.

First, we insert a dental lip spreader into the upper lip, then the lower, we slowly release it so that it does not tear Mouse’s mouth ends. So, see how nicely it spreads Mous’s lips even beyond the hood’s mouth opening and how it shows off her small white teeth? There, once settled, we can stretch Mouse’s hood to cover her lips and the spreader and continue with the air and food tubes.

We use a small guiding tube to find the breathing tube past the epiglottis, preventing food from going down the wrong pipe. We slide the soft white rubber tube along the guide, around the corner, past the epiglottis, into the windpipe. Yes, it will irritate your mouse, too, so be careful and push it in slowly. Once in position, we add a red feeder tube down into the tummy, slowly and deeply, right to just before the lower esophageal tube. It is icky for my mouse, but I always make it up to her after.

Now we have to fix the tubes in place and keep Mouse’s mouth open and unmoving, or else she might bite through the soft rubber. First, we press the lower custom dental fitting over Mouse’s lower teeth pushing her tongue down, nice and firmly so that it can not loosen. Then we affix the upper custom dental fitting. We used clear plastic so that you can see how completely they fill Mouse’s mouth and lock her tongue into place. Now to secure the tubes and ensure Mouse’s safety.

This center bit keeps the tubes in place and apart. It feeds into the throat up to where the tubes separate and make a seal. This clear plastic wedge is for the left side and the other wedge for the right side, and once both are in, Mouse’s mouth will be packed and spread apart to capacity and beyond. We have used glide, and I am inserting the wedges slowly, occasionally massaging Mouse’s jaw. This process will take a while, so my sister suggests we cut here...

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