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The Club

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*Gabby and Wyatt from one chapters* Gabby is a freak, she is proud to admit she loves sex with different people and sometimes with different people at the same time. She meets Wyatt at a club, assuming he is just like her. But as Gabby and Wyatt get to know each other, he is anything but obvious. *Discussions and descriptions of domestic violence and sexual assault throughout. - Please be mindful, this story has some themes that maybe upsetting*

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter One

As I sat on the edge of the sofa I looked around at the mountain of bodies. There was slow music playing from somewhere but the light moans of the bodies took over in my head. I could barely see anyones faces but the noise was turning me on. The room itself was dark, cigarette smoke hitting the back of my nose. This definitely wasn’t my first time but the whole group thing made me panic. I preferred it one on one. I drained the last of my drink, needing the liquid courage before I stood up, walking over. Unlike the majority of the room I wasn’t naked. My favourite white lingerie set and stockings was a contrast to my dark skin. I looked at him in his beautiful dark blue eyes. Fuck he was gorgeous. The smile that crept over his beautiful face turned me on even more. Oh game fucking on. He grabbed my hand as I got closer, pulling me towards him.

“You have a name?” He whispered in my ear, his voice was rough, low and added to my wetness. I didn’t normally do the name thing but I was desperate to know his.

“Gabby.” I purred back at him, his hand now at the base of my back. He pushed me closer to him, he was only wearing boxers and my hand went to his rock hard chest, it was covered in artwork, just like his arms and thighs. Oh he certainly would do. “Do you?” I asked, giving a little giggle.

“Wyatt”. He replied. “You want to join them?” I looked up at his strong jaw as he tipped his head to the heap in the middle of the room. I shook my head, biting my bottom lip.

“I would rather you all to myself.” Wyatt’s eyebrow raised, a cheeky look on his face.

“That can be arranged, Gabby.” The way he said my name made me nearly burst. I couldn’t fucking wait to hear him scream it. I was pulled to the sofa I had just left, Wyatt sitting and pulling me by my thighs so I was straddling him. I stared at his perfect face, I knew this guy was going to be an amazing fuck and I was dripping at the thought. He pushed me closer, his erection slamming against my knickers. It made my head go back, my hand on the back of his head.

“You kiss?” He asked me and I looked back down at him. Again, not my usual go to, but he was too sexy not too.

“For you.” I whispered into his ear, hearing his breathing getting quicker. I licked his soft skin from his ear to the bottom of his neck, his grip around my waist getting tighter.

“Fucking hell Gabby.” Wyatt spoke into my hair, making my body fizzle. He suddenly grabbed my face, pushing it to his. I was a mixture of stupidly turned on and nervous. Wyatt was out a doubt the sexiest man I had seen at one of these clubs and it was blowing my mind. Wyatt suddenly smashed his lips into mine, undoing my bra from behind. I opened my mouth fully, slamming my eyes shut as his tongue danced with my own. I rubbed myself on him slowly, letting him take my bra off. My hands were rubbing his broad shoulders and I took a deep breath in to smell him. He smelled divine, his aftershave leaving an imprint in my memory. I would definitely be sorting myself out to that another time. Wyatt broke our kiss, looking slightly up at me. “I don’t think I’ve seen anyone as sexy as you before.” His voice was low, and the sounds of the moans behind me made my clit throb.

“I was just about to say the same for you.” I confessed. Wyatt’s hands went up my back, pushing me even closer. I needed him inside me and I was pissed off I was wearing knickers. As if he read my mind, Wyatt spoke again.

“Get them knickers off so I plough inside you.” His sentence made me giggle. As I stood, I kissed his jaw. I slowly dropped my knickers, staring at his eyes. I could tell he was ridiculously turned on and as he dropped his boxers I saw my evidence. Wyatt’s dick was throbbing, making my mouth water.

“Do you want me to taste you first?” I whispered in his ear, listening to him take a sharp breath in.

“More than anything in the fucking world.” He responded, his voice strained. I got on my knees, slowly stroking him with my hand before I licked his throbbing dick from the base to his tip. Wyatt’s hand went to the back of my neck, pushing me and his dick found where it needed to be, my mouth taking the majority of it in one.

“Gabby, fuck.” He groaned. I looked up and his eyes were closed, his jaw tight. I slammed my mouth down on him, hitting my hand as I did. I nearly laughed as I felt his leg next to me twitch, sucking all the way back up. I was pretty confident in my dick sucking ability, I had never had a complaint yet. Fuck it, my oral sex ability. I could make the girls scream just as much as the men. I put my tongue flat on his tip, pushing my mouth around him. Men always seemed to love their tips sucked and Wyatt clearly wasn’t an exception. Wyatt’s hand went into my hair, pulling it slightly. It made me go back a little bit, but his tip was still in my wet mouth. I groaned against him, my hand moving to my clit. I nearly gasped at my own wetness, slipping a finger inside of me. I let go of him with a pop, licking him from his tip to his base, taking a breath as I got to his balls.

“Fuck, fuck.” I heard him breathe out as I put one of his balls in my mouth. My hand was stroking him still as I let go, licking the side of his ball. My finger quickened inside of me and I nearly was about to burst myself.

Suddenly Wyatt grabbed my arm, pulling me up and forcing me down to straddle him again.

“You can finish that later.” He growled into my chest, licking me above my nipple. Wyatt’s hands came to my backside, pulling me up. I put a hand between us, guiding his dick to my soaking entrance. He quickly pushed me down, his dick filling me completely.

“Yes!” I shouted, my pussy tightening for him. I put my arms around his neck, his face looking up at me.

“Bounce on me.” Came the demand and I was happy to oblige. I quickened my pace, my legs already aching slightly as I slammed myself down on him, his dick was throbbing inside of me and as he grabbed my face my pussy pulsed. “Fucking hell.” Wyatt whispered, his eyes closing. His grip on my face was rough and I fucking loved it. I moved a tiny bit back, one of my hands around his throat. Wyatt opened his eyes, staring at me as I bounced on him, the noise of our bodies overtaking the noise of other orgasms arriving.

“Gabby fuck, fuck me hard.” I bit my bottom lip at his words, his mouth going into a smirk.

“You like that?” I asked, my pace never slowing.

“Yeah,” he breathed out. His eyes nearly shut. “You’re going to fucking kill me.” I laughed, slowing my pace and grinding on him, his dick slowly moving in and out of me. I looked down as it came out slightly, it was soaking wet and it made my orgasm arrive.

“Wyatt!” I screamed, bearing down on him and my hand still around his throat.

“Gabby, cum around my cock.” I squealed, my eyes firmly shut. My whole body felt it was alight, my biggest orgasm to date arriving. Wyatt’s arms went around my waist, his face in my neck. He took over then, slamming his hips up to me, the feeling made me nearly pass out. His dick as deep as it could get.

“Fuck!” He shouted, his body going limp. Wyatt’s head smashed against the back of the sofa, his hands coming loose. I ran my hands down his chest, looking into his beautiful eyes.

“Drink?” He asked me, smiling.

“Oh yes please.”

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