The Club

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Chapter Thirteen

Wyatt’s arm was around my waist as we walked into the basement sex shop. I had been here a couple of times with an ex boyfriend and I may or may not have made the cashier Lily cum.

“Hey babes.” Lily smiled at me as we walked deeper into the shop. Her blonde hair everywhere. “Who’s this lovely man?” She giggled, walking towards us.

“Wyatt, Lily, Lily this is Wyatt.” I rolled my eyes at her.

“Hi, nice to meet you. Do you share Gabby?” Lily asked me. Wyatt chuckled and I pulled him in the other direction.

“No, fuck off!” I laughed at her.

“Boo!” She shouted behind us as I walked him down an aisle.

“What did you want?” I asked him, moving closer.

“You don’t share me now?” He asked, his eyebrow raised. My mouth suddenly became very dry and I let out a tiny giggle.

“Erm,” I looked around, not sure what to say.

“Did you want to share me?” He asked, pushing me further down the aisle. My back hit the wall and I looked up at Wyatt. Fuck it, I wasn’t one to skirt around the bush normally.

“I don’t want to, no. But if that’s what you want to do then it’s fine.” I shrugged, smiling gently at him.

“No, I would rather you all to myself.” He kissed my neck and I squealed, grabbing his t-shirt.

“Okay,” I breathed out. “Are you sure?” I asked, my voice trembling for some reason.

“Yeah, I would love not seeing another dude’s dick in my girlfriend’s mouth.” I took a sharp breath in. Oh fucking hell. “You don’t like that word?” His face moved up as he asked me.

“No, I do.” I nodded, a cheeky smile on my face. “So what? No clubs?” I asked, my hand up his t-shirt.

“We can if you want. It still turns me on to fuck you in front of people.” His voice was soft as his hand traced my collarbone, his finger going into my top. “You remember what I said before?” He asked me and I nodded. I think I knew what he was talking about.

“I think so,” I whispered, now completely fucking soaking. “I don’t cheat on people Gabby, regardless of the situation.” I nodded, staring into his beautiful eyes. “Sex club, opposite gender whatever,” he laughed lightly and I smiled, running my hand down his face.

“I agree,” I nodded. “Let’s not go tomorrow. We can do something else if you want.” I kissed his cheek and his arm went around my back.

“I have to go to work tomorrow. I have an appointment at ten. Meet me after?” He asked and I nodded, pushing myself onto him.

“I can meet you at the shop?” I suggested.

“Sounds good. Now let’s get a whip,” he chuckled.

My mouth watered as I watched Wyatt pull apart the packaging of the black whip we had bought. My pussy was already throbbing and he looked up at me.

“Do you have a butt plug?” He asked and I nearly squealed. Yes, I fucking do.

“Yep, you want it in you?” I giggled.

“Easy there.” He laughed. “You first, if you want.” He smiled at me. I nodded, going to my drawer. I got out a bottle of lube and my small black butt plug. I crawled over to a naked Wyatt, dropping my goodies next to me. He ran the tassels of the whip down my chest, his lips coming to mine. He gently sucked on my bottom lip, my fingers digging into his shoulder.

“Turn around,” he whispered onto my lips and I grinned, spinning around. Wyatt pushed my shoulder down, my arse up.

“Ow!” I screamed as he smacked the whip against my arse cheek.

“You like it?” He asked me and I nodded, my whole body tensing.

“Wyatt! A warning please!” I giggled as he put his thumb in my arse.

“Oh sorry,” he chuckled, whipping me again. I moved forward, my pussy begging for him.

“I’m putting the plug in,” he warned me, kissing my lower back. I closed my eyes as he removed his thumb, the plug gently stretching me. It made my eyes roll back and I grabbed the sheet underneath me.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” I cried, my jaw tight.

“I can’t fucking wait to get in your arsehole. Shit.” His voice was deep and it made me giggle.

“Go on then,” I laughed.

“Yeah?” His voice sounded surprised as he rubbed my arse cheek.

“Get my dildo out, so I can fuck myself.” I put my face in the sheet. I watched him come next to the bed, opening my top drawer.

“Jesus christ Gabby, its like a sex shop in here.” He laughed and I shook my head.

“Shut up!” I smiled, my arse still in the air. He placed my pink dildo in between my hands and I pushed it against my clit, already moaning. I felt him get onto the bed, slowly pulling out the plug. It made me groan and my head went up as his tip came to my arsehole. “You have lube on yeah?” I asked him, my voice panicky.

“Of course I’m not a fucking animal.” He tutted and I laughed, my head going back down. “Stop me if you need to,” he whispered, running his hands over my arse cheeks. I took in a deep breath as he pushed further inside of me, my pussy closing.

“Fucking hell,” he breathed out, his grip on my hip tight. It hurt for a minute, my eyes gripping shut. I breathed through it, pushing the dildo into my pussy. I was soaking wet and the dildo was slipping in my hands. I felt coldness as Wyatt rubbed lube around his dick and my breathing slowed, letting him take all of me. “Your arse is so tight. I fucking knew I needed to do this.” His voice was strained and I quickened my pace with my dildo, my clit on the verge of making me collapse. I let out a groan as he grabbed my throat, pulling me up slightly. “You like it?” He asked me.

“Hmmm,” I mumbled, the feeling of fullness taking my breath away.

“I don’t know what I prefer, your arse or your pussy.” I had to laugh at his words, this man wasn’t shy.

“Or my mouth,” I giggled.

“No, it’s your mouth you’re right. I need you to suck my balls again.” He lent down, biting my shoulder.

“Wyatt!” I screamed, biting into my bottom lip. His pace quickened inside of me and my whole body felt like it was on fire, attempting to grab his thigh.

“Cum inside me,” I moaned to him, my pussy tightening around my dildo.

“I should have worn a condom, then I could go back into your pussy,” he was talking to himself more so and I chuckled. “Gabby, I’m cuming fuck.” I concentrated on my orgasm, my dildo slamming into me. It travelled my whole body and I laughed as I felt that feeling again, yep, I was going to squirt.

“Wyatt fuck!” I screamed, trying to get up. My body exploded and it trickled down my leg. I was panting, throwing my dildo on the floor.

“Babe, fuck.” He pulled out of me way too quickly and I jumped, feeling his warm cum on my back.

“I told you to cum inside me!” I cried, trying to pretend to be pissed off.

“That would be a nightmare to clean up, shut up babe.” He slapped my arse, coming off the bed. I laid down, knowing it would be a bitch to walk tomorrow. I looked over at Wyatt, dick in his hand.

“Is my girlfriend okay?” He asked me and I giggled like a school girl.

“Who’s that?” I teased him. He came over, kissing my temple.

“You. You’ve made me very happy by the way,” he whispered on my skin. My heart flipped, grabbing his cheek.

“I’m good, thank you,” I purred. I watched him walk out of my bedroom to the bathroom. I let out a happy sigh, he had made me very happy indeed.

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