The Club

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Chapter Sixteen

I was singing to myself as I packed up my handbag. I had stayed late at work as I was meeting Wyatt once his shop closed and I needed to waste some time. I could not wait to see his gorgeous face, I had been given a new sex toy to review and carefully packed it into my handbag. Oh yes, tonight would be fun. My phone ringing caught me off guard and I grinned as Wyatt’s name appeared on screen.

“Hey,” I breathed out as I answered it.

“Gabby, it’s Luz from the shop.” I stood up, my heart in my throat. Why the fuck was she calling me.

“What’s wrong?” I spat out, throwing my handbag over me.

“Erm, Wyatt is in the hospital,” she paused and I ran to the exit, my heart racing.

“What? Why? What’s happened to him?” I threw my questions at her. Hello bitch! Fucking talk to me!

“Caroline came to the shop and they went at it. She,” I froze outside my office building, sick in the back of my throat.

“She what Luz! What did she fucking do to him?!” I screamed down the phone at her.

“She stabbed him. He’s in a bad way,” she started crying down the phone and my whole body tensed, my hand shaking.

“What hospital?!” I barked at her. I would apologise to her later, now I didn’t give a fuck.

“Queen Mary’s, he lost so much blood Gabby, it was fucking everywhere.” She was sobbing into my ear as I waved at a black cab, it stopping in front of me.

“Queen Mary’s hospital please.” I said to the driver, getting in the back. He said nothing, instead drove, seeing my urgency as he put his foot down.

“Luz, calm down for me please. I need you to tell me what happened.” My voice was firm and I was swallowing down my nausea. I was going to get this fucking bitch and I was going to kill her with my bare hands.

“It was close to closing time and she just arrived. I tried to stop her going into the back and she made a huge scene, swearing and shouting.” She sobbed again. “Wyatt heard and he came out, with another one of the guys. He told Caroline to leave but she wouldn’t. She,” Luz screamed down the phone, making me jump. “She what?!” I shouted, the driver looking back at me. “Luz for fuck sake!” I shouted. I get she just saw a traumatic experience but she really wasn’t helping me right this second.

“Sorry,” she whispered and I felt guilty for a minute. “She grabbed the scissors on my desk and stabbed him in the neck.” I slammed my head against the seat, sobbing my heart out. Fuck, Wyatt. My baby, a dude I would fucking die for might actually fucking die. Can you survive being stabbed in the neck? I had no fucking idea and my mind raced with the worst thoughts possible.

“Do you know where he is? At the hospital?” I asked her.

“No, the paramedic said he would need to go to intensive care so check there first.” She sniffed.

“Caroline where is she?” I sat back up, my blood boiling.

“She ran out the door as he dropped. I don’t know where she’s gone. The police have just spoken to me and I don’t know Gabby, he wasn’t good at all!” She cried and I looked up as the cab pulled into the hospital main entrance.

“Luz, I’m here. I’ll call you after I see him.” I threw the driver way too much money, putting my phone in my bag.

“It’s not that much love.” The driver spoke.

“Keep it, thanks for rushing.” I smiled at him, running out of the cab. I ran into the main entrance, searching for intensive care. I saw a sign and followed it up the stairs, taking them two at a time. I ran down the corridor, nearly skidding past the intensive care entrance. I slammed my hand on the buzzer, sweat all over my body.

“Yes,” came a friendly voice.

“I’m here to see Wyatt Cruz, can I see him please.” I cried into the small box. The door pinged open and I let out a sigh of relief, at least I knew where he was. As I rushed through the door a nurse greeted me.

“Hi, sorry. Only family at present.” Her dark hair was on the top of her head, her eyes friendly.

“I’m his wife,” I spat out.

“His wife is already with him.” I moved back, my eyes scanning her face.

“I’m sorry?” I asked, knowing who the fuck was in that room. “What’s her name?!” I barked.

“I can’t tell you that.” The nurse shook her head. I looked up at the white board, my eyes scanning it. Wyatt Cruz, room six. I moved past the nurse, searching for room six. “You can’t do that!” She shouted behind me. I turned around to her, inches from her face.

“I would bet my life on it that fucking bitch in there with him is the same bitch who stabbed him so I would call the police if I was you or I’ll fucking kill her.” My chest was rising and falling quickly, my blood pressure through the roof. “Tell me where room six is.” I spat out.

“Third on the right. You want me to call the police?” She asked, her voice shaking.

“Please.” I nodded, turning back around. I found room six, nearly kicking the door in. I slammed it behind me as I looked at a dark haired woman sitting on a chair next to Wyatt. He was laying down, with a breathing mask on, his whole side of his neck and chest was covered with bandages.

“Caroline is it?” I asked, my voice shaking from rage.

“Gabby,” I heard Wyatt’s voice and I walked over to him.

“This Caroline?” I pointed at her. Wyatt looked over to her and nodded, a tear going down his cheek. I looked back up at her. She looked terrified which was handy for me. I threw my bag down, ripping off my shoes.

“I’m just making sure he is okay!” She shouted.

“Fuck you!” I screamed at her, moving to her side of the bed. Wyatt tried to grab me and I flicked his arm off. “Was that before or after you fucking stabbed him? Hey!” I shouted and she jumped. “What’s this number five in the hospital you fucking coward!” I grabbed her by the throat, slamming her into the wall. “Tell me one good fucking reason why I shouldn’t fucking kill you right this second!” I screamed in her face. “You’re a piece of shit did you know that?” I moved back, spitting in her face. It felt good, I’m not going to lie.

“Baby,” I heard Wyatt and knew this probably wasn’t doing him any favours.

“I didn’t do anything to him!” She cried, trying to wipe her face.

“Babe!” I shouted to Wyatt and his eyes turned to me. He clearly couldn’t move which must of been super fucking frustrating. “Did she stab you?” I asked him, my hand still firmly round her neck. He nodded and I moved my eyes back to her.

“You think you’re fucking Billy big bollocks by hurting someone like Wyatt? Do you?”

“I lost my temper!” She shouted and I burst out laughing. I needed to hurry up, the police were going to be here soon.

“Lost your temper how many times?! How many times did you fucking rape him as well?! Answer me!” I slammed her head back on the wall, this felt really good but I needed to do something for Wyatt too. “Look at him!” I screamed in her face and her eyes moved to him. “Tell him the truth! Tell him that you’re the piece of shit not him and then you’re the one with the fucking problem!” I tightened my grip around her neck and she tried to claw my hands off her.

“I’m sorry!” She cried, tears going down her cheeks.

“That’s not what I asked! Tell him.” I got into her face, I really wanted to head-butt her but I didn’t want the same damage.

“Wyatt I’m sorry it’s not you. I have a problem. I get jealous and I don’t know why but I can’t control my temper and I’m sorry!” I shook my head.

“You’re so pathetic. Did you think he was going to come back to you? Hmm?” I asked, my hand hurting. She nodded and I chuckled again. Shit at least she was honest.

“Too late babes. He found someone better. Someone who gives a shit about him and someone who won’t hurt him like you!” I bounced her head off the wall again, seeing blood trickle down the back of her neck. I pulled her off the wall, her back to the door.

“If I see you even sniffing around him again I will personally stick a knife up your arse. It’s your choice sweetheart.” I let go of her throat and before she could go to the door I sprung my arm back, punching her clean in the nose. She smashed against the door, dropping to the floor. I stepped over her, opening the door and dragging her out. I lent down to her ear, her nose bloody.

“Get the fuck up, the police are going to be here in a minute and I’m too pretty to go to prison so this never happened,” I whispered, watching her slowly stand up.

“Mrs Cruz, the police are here.” The nurse looked at me. Glad she believed me.

“Great thanks.” Two police officers walked into the ward and I shit myself for a minute. I could very well be arrested here.

“Caroline Archer?” One asked her and she nodded. I let out a breath, luckily they had already spoken to Luz. I turned around and went back into the room. Wyatt tried to move his head up and I went over to him, my hand on his cheek.

“You’re okay. Just go to sleep. I’m here.” I pulled a chair closer to him, leaning my head on the bed. His hand went into mine and I cried into the sheet as he rubbed my thumb with his.

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