The Club

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Chapter Seventeen

I opened my eyes to the worst back pain in my life.

“Mrs Cruz, sorry,” I heard a whisper behind me. I turned my head to a friendly nurse, a smile on her pale face.

“Please let us get you a bed.” She smiled at me.

“I want to stay in here,” I whispered.

“That’s fine, we have a foldable one we can put next to Wyatt okay?” I nodded, her kindness bringing tears to my eyes. I stood up, peaking over at him. His eyes were closed and his breathing mask was steaming up as he snored softly. I stepped out of the room, he didn’t have any water and when he woke up he might want some. The nurse came over with a pillow and sheet, I took it off her, placing it on the chair in the room. As she walked to me with what looked like the most uncomfortable fold up bed in the world I spoke.

“Sorry, is the shop open so I can get him some water?” I asked.

“We’ve got water, don’t be silly. I can get you a jug. The doctor will be round first thing as well.”

“Oh great, I have no idea how he is.” I chuckled sadly.

“He’s okay, considering.” She smiled. “They thought he might have to have surgery but it seems okay. I’m going to check his oxygen levels now.” I nodded, listening to her. Oxygen levels? Shit this was serious. I followed her into the room, standing by the door.

“Wyatt?” She looked down at him, I saw his hand move and she smiled. “I just need to check your blood pressure and your oxygen okay?” I saw him nod, not like he had a choice. “Your wife is here so it’s okay yeah.” She put her hand on his chest and he moved his head to me, his hand sticking out. I moved closer, grabbing it. I put my hand on his cheek, leaning down to his ear.

“I love you, I love you so much. I need you to get better for me okay?” I looked up at him, tears splashing on the bed. He nodded, his eyes nearly closing.

“He doesn’t look good,” I whispered to the nurse as she did his blood pressure.

“He is tired sweetie, he lost a lot of blood. His blood pressure is good. He should be okay.” She gave me a gentle smile but should be okay wasn’t good enough for me. I watched her as she clipped something to the end of his index finger.

“Oxygen is good too. I’ll grab that water.” I watched her walk out, stroking his hand.

“They’ve given me a fold up bed to sleep on,” I told him, his eyes closed. “It looks fucking awful, I think I might just sleep on the floor.” I chuckled to myself, feeling like he was actually listening to me. “Also when you get out you’re taking me for dinner. I’m thinking Mexican. I know that’s not your favourite or we could have Thai. I know you like Thai.” I breathed out, staring at his face. “Oh and you need another tattoo, a neck one now,” I trailed off, my arm going over my face as I cried into my sleeve. I was a blubbering mess as the nurse came back in, handing me two paper cups and a jug of water.

“Remember to look after yourself as well.” She raised her eyebrow.

“Thanks,” I whispered and she closed the door. I poured myself a cup of water, not realising how thirsty I was until I was drinking it. I put it on the side, trying to unfold this awful bed. I undid my shirt, happy I was wearing a tank top underneath. I looked around the room and saw Wyatt’s grey tracksuit bottoms. I took my skirt off, putting them on. I went over to him, stroking his eyebrow. I wanted to talk to him, I didn’t want to leave him.

“You have such nice eyebrows. Is that all natural? You have nice eyes too. The colour of your eyes is amazing. I didn’t think eyes could be that blue until I met you. I’m really glad I met you.” I sobbed, trying to pull myself together. “Sorry, I’m a mess!” I giggled. “Maybe I’m coming on my period or something.” I smiled, staring at his sleeping face. I leaned on the side of the bed. “Did they give you dinner?” I suddenly thought. “Have you eaten? Let me ask the nurse.” I turned around and he grabbed my wrist. I dropped my shoulders as I turned back to him. He lifted his mask up, painfully slow.

“Don’t leave me,” he whispered and my heart thumped against my ribs.

“Okay, I’m here. Did you have dinner?” I asked him.

“No,” his voice was so quiet.

“Did you want anything? I can get you something. Even like a sandwich or something. I don’t know what the time is but I’m sure they have a dry ham sandwich somewhere.” I chuckled, I was clearly panicking as I was waffling about nonsense.

“I’m okay.” He told me. I put his mask back down, checking his machines to the right. I stroked his eyebrow, staring into his eyes. “Can I go to sleep? I don’t know if you heard me before but they gave me a fold up bed.” I smiled. “If you want me to stay here I can.” I shrugged. Wyatt moved slowly to his left, pulling down the covers. He said something but I couldn’t hear him with his mask on. I moved to the other side of the bed, my ear by his mask.

“Sleep with me.” I looked down at the fold up bed and then back at Wyatt. Either way wasn’t going to be comfortable.

“Are you sure?” I asked him. He nodded, patting the tiny empty space next to him. I went back round, slowly getting into the bed. I pulled the covers back up, my arm around his chest. I buried my face into his shoulder, loving the feeling of his warm skin on me.

“Oh, did you want some water?” I asked him and he nodded. I got out of bed, pouring him a cup. I turned around, unsure how we were going to do this, he needed to sit up. I put the cup next to the bed, leaning down on him. “I need to sit you up, okay?” I asked, he nodded, attempting to sit up. I wrapped my arms around him, underneath his arms. He was a much bigger guy than me but I managed to drag him up, I couldn’t help but laugh at me dragging him. I moved my arms and I could see he was smiling. I picked up the water and moved his mask to his forehead. “There you go,” I put the water to his lips, I needed a straw really. I watched him drink the whole cup and then he looked at me.

“I need to piss,” he whispered. I started giggling, raising my shoulders.

“Let’s go then,” I smiled.

“I don’t think I can stand.” His eyes looked sad. I stood back, looking where his mask was attached to. It was into the wall and I sighed. I looked around the room for something he could piss in with no luck.

“You’re going to have to. Is that a bathroom?” I pointed to the door in the corner. Wyatt shrugged and I walked over, poking my head in. Yes it was, I didn’t even realise hospitals did fucking ensuites. I kicked the toilet seat up, coming back in and taking his mask off. He watched me as I turned his body, his legs facing me. “Fall into me,” I said, my arms out.

“Baby, I weigh double of you.” His voice sounded rough.

“I’m going to pull you then.” I pulled him with my arms around his back. He was shaky as he stood, his hand on my shoulder was tight. I slowly let go of him, moving his arm around my shoulder. “There you go,” I whispered as he slowly walked into the bathroom. He was only wearing his boxers and normally I would eat him alive. We both got to the toilet and he looked down at me.

“Are you going to watch me piss?” He asked, getting his dick out.

“Not really my kink no, let me turn around.” I let go of him, facing the door. I heard the chain flush and as I turned around he was washing his hands. “You seem okay, I’m going to ask the doctor tomorrow if you can come home.” He shuffled to me, putting his arm back around my shoulders. We walked back to the bed and Wyatt sat on the edge.

“I don’t feel good babe.” He looked down. “I feel like I’ve just run a twenty four hour marathon. I’m fucked, my neck is killing me and I just want to sleep.” I pushed him back, picking his feet up and putting them back into bed. I went round, getting in next to him.

“The nurse said you lost a lot of blood.” I put his mask back on as I spoke but he pulled it back up.

“You were amazing earlier by the way.” His smile was small. “You enjoyed punching her in the face, yeah?” I moved my hand to his chest.

“I did, yes. I also spat in her face but I know that’s nasty. She told the nurse she was your wife,” I scoffed.

“They believed you were my wife though,” he looked at me.

“Clearly they know you have good taste,” I paused, looking at myself up and down. Wyatt laughed lightly, his hand on top of mine on his chest. “Also when they said your wife was already in here I knew it was her so I was already losing it, telling them to call the police before I kill her.” I shrugged. “Put your mask down please,” I said firmly.

“You trusted me,” he whispered. I looked up at him, sitting up.

“I don’t get you,” I scanned his face.

“You were told my wife was here.” He took a deep breath, his face screwed up. It probably hurt to talk and I ran my hand down his face. “And your first thought wasn’t, does he actually have a wife,” he chuckled slightly.

“Baby, we spend all the time with each other. Like every single fucking minute we can and if we don’t my phone is constantly going off from you texting me. You would have absolutely no time to have a wife.” I giggled, kissing his cheek. “Sleep baby,” I whispered. I went to pull his mask down and he grabbed my wrist.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you too. So much.” I kissed his lips, putting his mask down. I wiggled next to him, listening to him breathing.

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