The Club

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Chapter Nineteen

I sat Wyatt down on his chair in the living room as I moved my huge bag into his bedroom. I was very excited to stay here for the week and I went back into the living room, Wyatt’s eyes were closed.

“We need to call the police babe and get your phone back from Luz,” I said to him, watching him spin gently around. He nodded, putting his hand out.

“Can we cuddle first?” He asked me, his eyes opening.

“Can we get in the shower first?” I giggled. He gave me a beautiful smile as he stood.

“Good idea, I love the we by the way.” I grabbed his hand as we walked into the bathroom. Wyatt turned his shower on, dropping his trousers. I needed to brush my teeth as a matter of urgency and as I came back into the bathroom with my toothbrush Wyatt was in the shower, standing back slightly. “I can’t get my bandage wet can I?” He asked me as I brushed my teeth, I shook my head. “Fuck sake,” he growled and once I finished I got out of my dirty clothes, getting into the shower with him.

“I’ll stand under the water,” I giggled, splashing his chest gently.

“For at least half an hour I thought I would never get to see this beautiful body again,” Wyatt whispered, kissing my neck as his hands cupped my breasts.

“Don’t say that,” I said quietly in his ear. My hand travelled his chest. “You get to see it now.” I smiled at him, my hand moving down to his dick.

“Oh Gabrielle,” he shook his head. I slapped his chest.

“Don’t fucking call me that!” I screeched, grabbing his dick tighter.

“That’s what your mum and dad call you,” Wyatt said, raising an eyebrow.

“You are neither of them two people,” I giggled. “Let me clean you, then I’ll suck you,” I purred into his chest.

“That sounds amazing, thank you.” I put shower gel in my hands, rubbing his chest and back. As I got to his arms I asked the question I had been dying to.

“Did you know Caroline was in the hospital room?” Wyatt looked down at me, his hand on my arse.

“Nope.” He let out a breath. “I woke up when I heard your voice.” His face looked solemn and I wiped my wet hand over his face in an attempt to clean it.

“That’s a bit scary,” I whispered.

“Yeah it fucking is.” He coughed, looking down. “She could have put a pillow over my head.” His words made me shiver but he was completely right. If I hadn’t walked into that room fuck knows what she would have done to him.

“But she didn’t!” I raised my hands up, trying to laugh.

“Yeah!” Wyatt did the same, making me burst out laughing. “She didn’t kill me!” He shouted, his arms still up. “Let me clean you.” His voice was quiet and I closed my eyes as he ran his soapy hands down my chest, he pulled at my nipples and I smirked, my pussy tensing.

“Stop,” I whispered, not wanting him to stop for a second. He cleaned in between my legs, making me jump. I put my hand on his dick, rolling it up and down as it got hard in my hand.

“Baby,” he whispered in my ear, his voice strained. I giggled as his thumb went to my clit, my pussy already soaking. I opened my eyes to him, staring at me, making me groan out quietly. I dropped to my knees, the water splashing against my back. My hair was soaking but that was a problem for later on. I rolled my hand over his dick again, licking his tip gently. As I looked up I put my mouth over him, watching him bite into his bottom lip. His dick was already pulsing in my mouth and I pushed my tongue around him. This was a sloppy one, just how he liked it and I wiped the saliva off my chin. “Baby,” he breathed out and I sucked all the way up, still watching him. “I fucking love my cock in your mouth.” I tried to smirk, pushing my mouth down over him, my nose in his crotch. I grabbed his thigh with my other hand, his hand coming to the back of my head. “I missed this, fuck.” He threw his head back and I tried not to laugh. One day Wyatt, hardly a lifetime. His dick was going crazy in my mouth, throbbing against my tongue. I quickened my pace, my head smashing into his lower stomach. “Play with yourself,” he whispered and I did what I was told, lightly stroking my clit. It made me groan around him, his hand in my head got tighter. He was about to cum, his other hand down grabbing my shoulder. “Gabby, fuck. I’m going to blow in your mouth.” He groaned, smashing my head as far as it would go, his dick in the back of my throat. I gagged, my eyes watering and as he let go of my head I pushed his hand back, hearing him chuckle. “You want to choke on me?” He asked and I came backwards, his dick on the tip of my tongue.

“Yes please,” I purred, licking his tip. Wyatt smiled at me, pushing my head down on him, his dick hitting the back of my throat. Both of his hands were on the back of my head and I dropped my hand from my clit, I wanted to concentrate on this. Wyatt groaned as I attempted to swallow as his dick was as far as it could go. My eyes slammed shut as his dick pumped cum into my throat. I moved back, swallowing before I threw up everywhere. Wyatt helped me up, moving me under the water. I washed my face, opening my eyes.

“You need to call the police,” I said softly.

“Can I not enjoy my post cum after the world’s best fucking blow job,” he rolled his eyes.

“World’s best?” I asked, giggling.

“Best in the world. You can suck cock like no woman I’ve ever met.” He put his head back and I slapped his chest. I knew it but I didn’t want him to know I was aware.

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