The Club

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Chapter Two

It was my normal Friday night for me. Well, Friday and Saturday nights were like this for me, in the dark room, listening to strangers moans as the short blonde woman had her tongue on my clit. I threw my head back, my foot on her upper back, she was good. I would have to see her again. I pushed my dark ringlets out of my face, my hand going to the back of her head.

“Fuck,” I breathed out, staring down at her. I started going to sex clubs with my ex Tami. I lost her but the sex clubs stayed. I say lost but it was definitely a joint decision. When she refused to come out to her mum we agreed it would be best for her to try dick again. I didn’t mind either way, people were sexy in my eyes. Men, women, men who used to be women and women who used to be men. No skin off my nose, if you had a sexy body and an amazing personality you were welcome in my bed. My orgasm was climbing and I looked up, my clit throbbing. He had a smirk on his face as he lent down to my ear.

“Can I watch?” Wyatt asked.

“You’re more than welcome,” I whispered, grabbing his arm tight.

“Do you think she would let me fuck her?” He moved his head towards the blonde. I cackled, my hand on my chest.

“You’ll have to ask her,” I smiled. My eyes closed as my orgasm started. “Fuck,” I groaned.

“Let me watch this first.” His voice was low and it helped my orgasm. I moaned as Wyatt’s hand came to my face, moving it closer to his. “Does her tongue feel good on your pussy?” He asked me and I squealed, my orgasm punching me.

“Oh my god!” I screamed, throwing my head back, my body tight. I opened my eyes as the blonde crawled up to my face, her hand on Wyatt’s arm, the darkness in her eyes told me she wanted it. I pulled her head up to me, my mouth at her ear. “He wants to fuck you,” I purred.

“It would be my pleasure,” her voice made me groan, a smirk on my face. “Do I get to lick your pussy again as he fucks me?” Her eyes looked up at me. I nodded, grabbing Wyatt’s other arm. He understood me, moving to my ear as I put my head back.

“Game on,” I chuckled.

“You’re good to me Gabby.” He kissed my cheek and I laughed harder, getting comfortable on the sofa. I watched as the blonde put her hands on my thighs, Wyatt standing behind her. I didn’t even need her to eat me out, watching this was sexy enough.

“Oh my god!” She giggled, her body moving forward. Yep, I knew what that dick felt like. I bit into my bottom lip as I watched Wyatt fuck this woman, his hands on her hips as he ploughed into her. His eyes on mine. He had tiny beads of sweat on his beautiful chest, staring at me. I moved my hand to the back of her head as she licked my clit, my eyes still on Wyatt. I was starting to get jealous as she groaned into me, Wyatt’s face screwed up. He pointed at me and I nodded. Wyatt moved back, his dick coming out of the blonde. She sat on her knees on the floor and he picked me up, sitting down on the sofa, my legs around him.

“What about?” I moved my head to her. Wyatt lent down, moving her up on the sofa. Her smile was back and I put my finger to her clit, she was fucking soaking and I slowly stroked her as Wyatt lifted me up, separating my arse as he pushed me down on his erection. “Fucking hell,” I stared at him.

“My cock feel as good as last time?” He asked me, his eyes heavy.

“Better,” I whispered, putting two fingers into the blonde’s pussy. She was tight as hell and I watched her as I moved my fingers in and out of her. I shamelessly wanted her to cum quickly so I could put my attention back to Wyatt. His hands were around my waist as he slowly moved me up and down, every inch of his dick pushed against my tightness. I tingled all over as he put a nipple in his mouth, moving my other hand to his throat. It was fine by me and I grabbed it, moving my eyes to him. The blonde moved closer to Wyatt, one of his hands going around her waist, he was looking up at me, his tongue lapping over my nipple. I could feel the blonde cumming as I quickened my pace with my fingers, slamming into her. I lent down to Wyatt’s ear, licking his lobe before I spoke.

“She’s cumming,” I whispered.

“Thank fuck,” he breathed out and it made me laugh, moving my head back to watch her. Wyatt moved his head to her and as I gently bounced on him we watched her cum, her eyes closed and her mouth wide open. She was still taking too long for my liking and I moved my thumb over her clit. Bingo.

“Oh my fucking god!” She screamed, yep the ladies loved Gabby, what can I say. She grabbed my wrist, her whole body moving up. I took my fingers out of her and she smiled shyly, running her hand down my breasts.

“Come and see me later,” she whispered to me and she got off the sofa, walking to the bar. I turned back to Wyatt, running my hands through his dark hair. He grabbed my face and it turned me on, just like last time. “Kiss me,” he demanded and I bit his bottom lip, dragging it with my teeth. I moaned into his lips as he wrapped his arms around my waist, his hands flat on my back and pounded into me. He was way rougher than last time and I put my hand between us, stroking my clit. Wyatt pushed my mouth open with his, his tongue plunged into my mouth, making me see stars. I pulled his hair slightly, my orgasm taking over my body. I could hear how fucking wet I was and nobody had turned me on this much in years. I let out a groan as we came apart, my dark green eyes on his. “You’re sexy as fuck Gabby, the sexiest woman in this room,” he told me, my grin huge. I traced a tattoo on his chest, of a small bird as I lent back, his dick effortlessly pushing into me.

“Wyatt,” I cried, closing my eyes. I put my hands on his shoulders, riding his dick and this orgasm. My mouth was wide open, electricity running through my whole body. I felt his dick throb inside me and I moved down to him, my face in his neck.

“Are you going to cum in my pussy?” I asked him, licking his neck. He let out a groan, his arms tight around me.

“Gabby, fucking hell,” I could barely hear him and I moved my head to his face.

“No? You don’t want to cum in my tight pussy?” I stroked the side of his face.

“Yeah but if I cum I have to stop fucking you.” His eyes slammed shut and he took a deep breath.

“No, I see it as you cum now then you can fuck me again later.” I kissed his lips gently. He had stopped moving, trying to control his orgasm and I slowly bounced on him.

“Yeah?” He asked, opening his eyes.

“Of course,” I purred, pushing my chest against his. I meant it too, I needed to fuck Wyatt again. Wyatt buried his head in my neck, slamming his hips against mine. I grabbed the back of his head, my second orgasm about to arrive. As it came I grabbed Wyatt’s face, pushing my lips onto his. His tongue flicked my own before he groaned in my mouth, his orgasm coming. He pulled back, breathing stupidly fast, like he had just run a marathon.

“Did you want to sit in a private room?” He asked me, chewing his full bottom lip.

“Yeah, let’s get a drink first.”

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