The Club

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Chapter Twenty

“Ow, Ow, Ow baby!” Wyatt shouted and I rolled my eyes. I put the clean bandage on, taking my gloves off.

“It’s done, such a baby,” I packed up the box, putting it into the kitchen.

“It fucking hurts, I wasn’t horrible to you when you got your tattoo.” His face was wrinkled as I sat on his lap on his huge chair.

“That’s different. There’s no way you have a low pain tolerance.” I spoke as I stroked his face

“I don’t. It’s the stinging I can’t handle, it’s in my neck as well. Fucking hell.” He sat back, his arms around my waist. I kissed his cheek gently, my hand in his hair.

“I’m going back to work tomorrow by the way,” he whispered and I sat up.

“No you are not. It’s been two days, Wyatt.” My voice was firm.

“I’m fine, I have appointments to do. I don’t work, I lose money,” he sighed.

“But your customers are waiting for you, they won’t go elsewhere.” I could feel my face screwed up.

“I want to babe, like half a day.” He attempted to give me puppy dog eyes and I crossed my arms over my chest.

“I took the whole week off for you and you’re going back to work before me.”

“Come with me, you can be my muse,” he chuckled, kissing my lips. I got up as the door knocked, knowing who it was.

“Are you ready?” I asked him.

“Nope but let them in anyway,” he rolled his eyes. I chose to ignore that and opened the door to two friendly looking police officers. One a dark haired female and the other a red head man. They both looked about my age and the woman smiled at me.

“Hi, I’m Detective Jones and this is PC Robson, here to see Wyatt?” The woman asked me and I opened the door fully.

“Yeah, come in. I’m Gabby,” I smiled. “This is Wyatt.” I moved my hand over to him as he stood. His face had changed and he definitely wasn’t ready for this. Wyatt shook their hands, sitting back down on his chair as they sat on the sofa.

“Would anyone like a drink?” I asked, not sure what else to do.

“No, we are good thanks,” Jones said to me. Wyatt moved over in his chair, tapping the space next to him. I sat down, staring at the officers. Robson got his notepad out.

“Right Wyatt, how are you feeling first of all?” Jones asked.

“Much better, thanks.” He smiled and his shyness had punched him in the face. I crossed my legs and put my hand on his thigh.

“We’ve spoken to the two members of staff at your workplace but we want to know your version of events start to finish?” Jones asked, a smile on her face. I looked up at Wyatt, I hadn’t even heard the story from him yet. He let out a breath and I cuddled his arm.

“I had just finished with my last appointment and I could hear raised voices in the reception area. I knew Luz could handle her own so I carried on cleaning but it wasn’t until I heard Caroline’s voice that I went out there.” His voice was slow and it worried me. “Caroline Archer, your ex-girlfriend?” Robson asked. Wyatt nodded.

“Yeah, she is.” He coughed after he spoke.

“How long have you two been split up for?” Jones asked, giving me a small smile. I wasn’t jealous love, I can assure you.

“God,” Wyatt turned to me. “How long have we been together?” He asked me.

“Eight months.” I replied. He turned back round to the officers.

“Then nearly three years,” Wyatt nodded.

“How long were you together?” Jones asked, looking a little frustrated. Yeah he wasn’t going to give you much, you had to pull it out of Wyatt.

“About eight years, we met when we were sixteen,” Wyatt paused. “I went out there and she was furious, so fucking angry and Tom my other tattoo guy came with me. Both him and Luz know Caroline. I tried to get her to calm down, tell her she needs to leave and she told me I was coming with her.” Wyatt stopped, taking a deep breath. I rubbed his thigh with my thumb, attempting to calm him.

“I told her I wasn’t, I was with someone I had moved on the rest of it and she attempted to punch me, I grabbed one of her hands and her other one went to the desk, grabbing scissors I think and then she stabbed me in the neck.” Wyatt stopped talking and looked at me. I gave him a small smile, moving his hair from his face.

“Then what?” Jones asked.

“I woke up in hospital.” He shrugged.

“Has anything like this happened before?” Robson asked, writing on his notepad.

“Yeah,” Wyatt breathed out, his face back at the officers. “Pretty much our whole relationship she was violent. The worst was when she threw a glass bottle over my head. She would probably punch or slap me at least once every day,” Wyatt spoke softly and I could feel my anger rising. I wished I had that bitch in a room again.

“Wow, I’m sorry Wyatt. How did you get out of this situation?” Jones asked and I felt Wyatt tense next to me. I looked at him, pushing his face to mine.

“I’m proud of you,” I whispered and he smiled, moving his head back to Jones.

“I was just about to open my shop, I was there all the time and wanted to get away from her really,” Wyatt shrugged. “I came home one night and she was in nice underwear or whatever.” Wyatt stopped and looked down at me.

“It’s okay,” I whispered, running my hand down his leg. “You’re okay,” I said to him.

“I told her I didn’t want to have sex with her and she was offended. I probably don’t normally say no to sex,” he chuckled and I giggled next to him. He certainly did not. “She tried to grab me or whatever and I was insistent that I didn’t want to have sex at all.” He rubbed his hand over his face as he started talking again. “She pinned me against the wall and her hand was on me.” He groaned, putting his head back.

“Go on Wyatt, you’re doing great,” Jones said, smiling gently at him.

“I got hard, I don’t know why but I did,” he rushed out. “She told me I was lying, I clearly wanted to have sex with her and she punched me in the face.” I watched Wyatt stop talking, swallowing hard. This was fucking awful and I wiped a tear from my cheek quickly. “I tried to walk away and she grabbed me, pushing me down on the bed. I was trying to get off her and she managed to strip me waist down.” He paused, looking at me. I wiped his tears from his cheeks, moving closer to him. He looked at me as he spoke. “I tried to get up but we had a baseball bat by the bed and she took my legs clean out with it.” He swallowed hard.

“She hit you with it?” Robson asked. Wyatt looked at him.

“Yeah, she shattered one of my knee caps.” I put my hand to my chest, about to fucking exploded. My tears freely flowed and I didn’t give a fuck. “I was on the floor and she, I don’t know how to explain it.” He looked at me for guidance.

“She raped you.” I said firmly. He nodded, looking back at the officers.

“Yeah, she raped me.” He shrugged and suddenly put his head in his hands. I rubbed his back as he sobbed, the noise made me nauseous. I kissed his temple, rocking him slightly as he cried.

“Wyatt,” Jones said softly and I looked up at her. “Thank you, for telling us all of this. I know it’s not easy and you should be so proud of yourself.” She smiled at me and I returned it.

“Can you leave now?” He asked, his head a little bit up.

“Of course. We will be in touch,” Jones said as she stood.

“What’s going to happen to her?” I asked, watching them walk to the door. They could let themselves out.

“She’s been arrested and charged with bodily harm, we will call Wyatt when we have a trial date.” Robson smiled at me and I nodded, moving my head back to Wyatt. His head had gone back down and his crying seemed to have slowed down. I kissed his back as I heard the door shut. I let him do what he needed to, we could stay here all day if that’s what he wanted. I moved back, putting my leg around his other side, he moved his body to the side and put his head in my chest. I stroked his head, kissing it occasionally, my arms around him.

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