The Club

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Chapter Twenty Four

I was sitting in the bath, on the phone to Candy. I had two weeks off work seeing as today was my wedding day.

“So meet you at the restaurant at six?” Candy asked me.

“Please!” I screamed, very excited.

“What are you doing after the restaurant? I can’t believe you aren’t having a party!” She chuckled down the phone.

“Fucking, we are fucking all night. I want dick in every hole.”

“You’re such a tramp,” Candy shrieked, hurting my ear.

“Then for two weeks we are going to fuck-”

“Okay!” She shouted and I burst out laughing. “I get it, jesus! I have to actually go to work now so I’ll see you tonight!” Her voice was high, making me even more excited.

“Bye!” I threw my phone on the side, putting my head under the water. We were getting married at four, the local town hall and then a simple Chinese restaurant. Still my mum and dad only actually seeing us get married and we annoyingly had to wait three months, not one for the town hall to be available, but it was perfect.

“Baby,” I moved up out of the water, staring at Wyatt. “I’m going out. I’ll meet you at the hall.” His voice was quick.

“Huh?!” I sat up. “I thought we were going together?” I was cheesed off.

“No, your mum is coming here and I’ve ordered you a cab for quarter past three.” He smiled at me.

“Oh,” I whispered. Wyatt came over, grabbing my face.

“It will be worth it, I promise.” He kissed my nose and I nodded, grabbing his arm.

“See you then,” I smiled at him. I watched him walk out, throwing my head back under the water. What the fuck was he up to? I know his head was a bit of a mess last month, Caroline luckily pleaded guilty so Wyatt didn’t have to give evidence. The police wished to prosecute her on the rape charge but Wyatt didn’t want to. I was leaving it, it was his decision and I would support him regardless. I finally got out of the bath, ready to put on my bra and white dress, no knickers.

My mum was already sobbing as we got to the town hall, she was an absolute wreck and as long as I kept rolling my eyes I would be fine. We got to the steps as my dad walked down.

“Where’s Wyatt?” I asked him.

“Inside, let’s go,” he replied. My mum handed me my tiny bouquet of daisy’s. Wyatt said they were his sister’s favourite flower so it had to be done. My mum scrunched my hair, it was down with my classic ringlets but I had pinned the front back in the middle with a diamond clip. My dress was simple, just below the knee with lace sleeves. I was feeling my look and Wyatt hadn’t seen my dress yet.

“Ready?” Mum asked me, her grin huge.

“Very!” I laughed. We walked into the town hall and my dad moved me to a wooden door. Me and Wyatt had seen the place already and I took a deep breath in, let’s fucking do this. My mum was on one side and my dad the other as he pushed the door open. The music came on the minute the door opened and I nearly burst as he turned around. Fuck, how did I get so lucky. Wyatt looked amazing, a fitted dark grey suit with no tie. We weren’t particularly a formal couple. He gave me the biggest grin and I screwed my face up when I saw it. The aisle was tiny and before I knew it I was staring at him, my mum and dad taking their seats.

“You look amazing,” he whispered to me.

“What is this?” I pointed to his neck.

“I told you I was going to get a tattoo over it,” he chuckled, looking at the woman who was about to marry us. “Please tell me you like it.” He looked nervous and I moved closer, pushing his head to the side. You could barely see his brand new scar, it seemed a bit early to me to tattoo over scar tissue but in the most beautiful handwriting, in blue was Gabby.

“I love it,” I whispered.

“You do?” His head came back to me.

“Yeah, it’s beautiful.” I felt my eyes welling up.

“Now when I look at my neck I think about you and you only.” His voice was quiet. I shook my head, my tears dropping. “Baby,” he whispered, pulling me tight to him. My mum cleared her throat and we both laughed. I turned to the blonde older woman standing in front of us.

“Sorry, let’s get married!” I grinned, wiping my eyes.

“Good afternoon all, my name is Anne and I am Wyatt and Gabrielle’s registrar,” the blonde woman smiled at us. Wyatt grabbed my hand, stroking my thumb with his. It helped calm my stupid nerves. I didn’t even know what I was nervous about. I wanted this, I knew he wanted this and our wedding was perfect. Wyatt was an introvert, something I felt he always was, regardless of Caroline. I didn’t have many friends and I had got to a point in my life that I didn’t care. I cared about my parents and Wyatt.

“We are gathered here this afternoon to witness the marriage of Wyatt Cruz and Gabrielle Carter-Brown.” She smiled at me and I chuckled at the sound of my mother crying. I knew she was upset Nathan wasn’t here but she respected my decision. He might be happy now I’m marrying a man but I couldn’t forgive him for being disgusted with my sexuality. Wyatt didn’t question my decision, we never spoke about it again and as I caught his eye and his huge smile I wanted this woman to hurry up, I wanted to be married to him now.

“Wyatt, your vows.” She smiled at him and he turned to me, a cheeky look on his face. What the fuck was he going to say?

“Gabrielle, Gabby, baby.” He paused and my eyes were already filling with tears. “There isn’t much to say other than I love you. I want to be by your side for the rest of my life and thank you for always supporting me. Trying to understand me and most importantly loving me. I didn’t know what that felt like before and now I do, I’m loved by the most beautiful woman in any room.” I bit into my bottom lip to stop myself completely breaking down. Fucking hell, his vows where good. I wasn’t sure if mine matched up.

“Gabrielle?” Our registrar said and I swallowed, my hand shaking. My normally cool exterior had vanished.

“Wyatt,” I looked up at him. “I love you and you mean the world to me. I will spend my whole life making sure you know how amazing you are. How sweet, caring, funny and sexy you are.” I chuckled. “I hit the jackpot with you and I can’t wait for you to be all mine.” I smiled, looking down. Wyatt grabbed my chin, pushing my face up to him.

“Mine were rubbish compared to yours,” I whispered, feeling like a dick. He moved his head back, his brow crossed.

“No baby,” he shook his head. “I loved them.” He kissed my lips gently and my mum giggled.

“Not yet you two!” She cackled and we both laughed, looking back at the registrar.

“Rings and then were all done,” she smiled. My dad handed Wyatt our wedding rings, giving his one to mine.

“Wyatt, repeat after me please.” The registrar said and Wyatt nodded, putting my ring at the top of my finger. We had practiced this at home like a couple of losers and it made me chuckle.

“Gabrielle, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love.”

“Gabrielle, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love,” Wyatt said, his face cheeky again. He pushed the ring to the bottom of my finger and I stared at it. I was a married woman. The registrar looked at me and I nodded, putting Wyatt’s ring at the top of his finger.

“Wyatt, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love,” she said quickly and I looked into Wyatt’s eyes.

“Wyatt, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love,” I repeated, pushing his ring down.

“Right!” She laughed. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. Wyatt, please kiss your bride.” I squealed as Wyatt grabbed the back of my head, pushing me towards him. He spoke on my lips before he kissed me.

“Hello Mrs Cruz,” he whispered. It shamelessly made my pussy drip, in front of my parents and all sorts. I closed my eyes as Wyatt kissed my lips so gently, I opened my mouth and grabbed the back of his head as I pushed my tongue in. We had tried to practice our kiss too but we couldn’t agree. Wyatt felt a simple peck would be nice and I clearly disagreed. In the moment Wyatt’s thoughts changed and I nearly groaned in his mouth as his tongue danced with my own.

“Congratulations!” My parents shouted, clearly wanting us to get off each other. I giggled as I pulled away, Wyatt’s hand moving into mine.

“Congratulations Mr and Mrs Cruz,” my dad chuckled, grabbing us both for a hug.

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