The Club

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Chapter Twenty Six

I swirled my drink in my glass, listening to Candy. Her hair was all over her face and it made me chuckle.

“So that’s the gossip! Tell me about your two weeks? I can’t even believe you’re married now.” Her smile was huge and I laughed.

“You don’t want to know about our two weeks,” I winked at her as I finished my drink.

“How do you feel about fucking the same person for the rest of your life?” Her question was serious and I moved my head back, didn’t realise I was that much of a whore.

“It’s more then fine by me, I can cum from looking at Wyatt.” I scoffed. “Let me go a toilet,” I said, getting up from the table. Candy’s question irritated me, she always assumed my sexuality was the reason for my openness when it came to having sex with people. It pissed me off, if I was straight as an arrow I still would love fucking. Why would I not want to fuck my husband for the rest of my life. I washed my hands in the bathroom, my eyes in the mirror. I just wanted to go home now, back to my sexy as fuck husband. The stall door behind me opened and my stomach fell out of my body. I was tempted to ignore her but her look on her face told me she wasn’t having that.

“Hi Caroline.” I gave her a fake smile.

“Mrs Cruz now is it?” Her voice was full of venom and I dried my hands, nodding.

“It is indeed. Nice seeing you.” I winked at her and as I went to pull the door her hand was on my wrist. “Get the fuck off me,” I said firmly, staring into her eyes.

“Wyatt always comes back to me, so you can get the ring or whatever but it doesn’t mean shit.” Her jaw was tight.

“Is that before or after you stab him, bottle him or smash his knee caps? I’d fucking die before I let you anywhere near him.” My blood was boiling at this bitch. “Shame they didn’t give you a prison sentence.” I shrugged.

“First offence,” she whispered, her eyes scanning my body.

“That’s not true though, is it?” I raised my eyebrow. “You’re lucky Wyatt doesn’t want to press charges on you sexually assaulting him. If it was me I would.” She scoffed and my face crinkled. God I wanted to fucking kill her.

“Is that what he told you?” She smirked. “He was begging for it every time.”

“I find that hard to believe, look at the fucking state of you,” I barked back. Without having a massive big head, even though I definitely had one of them, Wyatt had got a massive upgrade in me.

“You think he wants to fuck just you? Guy will fuck anything that walks. Where did you two meet again?” She chuckled and I pushed her back, her head hitting the stall door.

“In a club,” I said through gritted teeth.

“A sex club?”

“Yep!” I threw my hands up, I wasn’t ashamed of anything.

“Only fucked you in the sex club did he?” She asked me and I rolled my eyes. This was boring now.

“No, he didn’t actually. I sat on his face while he ploughed his dick into some woman. That’s the shit we’re into. Can I help you at all? You followed me here?” I turned my body to her.

“No,” she chuckled, but she was clearly lying. “I’m coming back for him,” she whispered, walking closer to me.

“Good luck,” I spat out, our bodies nearly touching.

“You don’t understand,” she laughed and my fists balled up. “Wyatt will always come back to me because he is a pussy and he knows what I would do to him.” She smirked, looking up at me. I grabbed the back of head, smashing my knee into her nose. She crumbled on the floor, blood pissing out of her nose. I marched back to the table with Candy, grabbing my handbag.

“Gabs!” She shouted.

“I got to go, I’ve got to go back to Wyatt. I’ll see you in the morning,” I hurried out, running up the stairs.

I walked through the front door, closing it gently behind me. My chest was tight and I was freaking the fuck out. I had to tell Wyatt but I knew what his reaction was going to be. I think that was panicking me more then actual Caroline. I could handle her, I just knew Wyatt couldn’t.

“Babe!” I shouted, kicking my shoes off.

“I’m in the bedroom!” He shouted back to me and I peeked my head in. He had recently bought a light box to draw onto and he was crouched over it on the bed. His back must be fucking killing. “You’re back early.” He smiled up at me.

“Yeah,” I dragged out, looking around the room.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” He looked into my eyes and I took a deep breath.

I sat on the edge of the bed, turning my body to him.

“I don’t want you to freak out.” My voice was firm.

“Baby, what’s happened?” He stood up, freaking out.

“I saw Caroline.” I nodded.

“In the bar?” He asked and I nodded again. “How did she know you were going to be there? What the fuck? Did she say anything to you?” He was rambling, his hands in his hair. Well done at not freaking out Wyatt.

“She followed me, I think she knows where I work.” I shrugged.

“What!” He shouted, pacing the room. I stood up and grabbed his arm, turning him to me.

“Relax, Wyatt relax for me please,” I begged, staring into his eyes.

“What did she say to you?” He leaned against the chest of drawers. He was breathing heavy and clearly was trying to calm down but it wasn’t working.

“She said a lot actually. She wants you back.” I tried to make my voice nonchalant like ha! As if.

“She can’t have me back. What else did she say babe?” His voice was trembling and I came over to him, my arms around his waist.

“Just talking shit that you would fuck anything that walks.” I was trying to play this down, unsure if I should have even told him.

“What?” His eyes had tears in them. “That’s not true, the clubs different but you know what that’s like. I don’t get why she is saying that.” He took a deep breath in.

“To try and make me insecure I suppose,” I chuckled. Wyatt grabbed my cheeks, pushing my head up to him.

“I would never cheat on you. Never in a million fucking years would I ever-”

“I know baby!” I shouted, rolling my eyes. “I know that! Of course I do and as if I’m letting that bitch get in my head. Be real,” I scoffed. He put his forehead on mine and I put my hand on his chest, his heart was beating like crazy and his breathing was heavy.

“What if she gets to me,” he whispered and my heart broke.

“She won’t,” I said, rubbing his chest.

“Did she say it like a flippant comment or what?” He trailed off, our heads still together. I took a deep breath in, for fuck sake.

“She said you would come back to her,” he moved his face back, biting his bottom lip. “She won’t baby! She won’t get to you!” I shouted. He was trying to move his face back as I grabbed it. “She won’t! I fucking promise you!” I shouted at him.

“You’re not with me all the time Gabby!” He shouted back at me, pushing me out of the way. I followed him into the living room, grabbing his arm.

“Wyatt!” I screamed and he shoved me off him, going into the bathroom. I attempted to open the door but his body was behind it, pushing me back. “Wyatt!” I shouted again. “Let me fucking in!” I screamed at the door, kicking at it.

“Leave me alone!” He was crying and I slammed my head on the door, my own tears coming.

“No!” My voice shaking. “I’m not leaving you! Ever!” I tried the handle but the door was now locked. “Wyatt!” I shouted, nothing. “Babe open the fucking door!” Nothing. “I’m going to kick it in! I’m going to kick this fucking door in!” I screamed, booting the door. It bounced back but didn’t open. I grabbed the door frame, kicking it again. I didn’t have my shoes on and I ran over to the front door, grabbing my boots. I put one on, returning to the bathroom door. “Wyatt! I’m kicking the door in! One last chance for you to open it!” I shouted, my hands on the doorframe again. I heard him scream and my heart leaped, kicking the handle at full force. The handle flew off, crumbling onto the floor. I pushed the door open and he was sitting on the closed toilet seat, sobbing into his hands. I dropped my hands to my side, feeling completely lost. He was doing so well and then this cunt decided to follow me from work. I lent down in front of him, running my hands through his hair.

“Baby,” I soothed.

“I want her to leave me alone.” His voice was shaky and I wiped a tear from under my eye.

“I know, I know you do.” I kissed his head.

“Why won’t she leave me alone Gabby?” He looked up at me and I swallowed hard.

“I don’t know,” I shrugged. “I need to call the police.” I stroked his face.

“What if she comes to the shop? She can’t come to the shop. What if she does something to the shop? The only two good things I fucking have in my life is the shop and you. She’s already come for you.” He suddenly sat up straighter. “Did she touch you?” He asked, scanning my face.

“Nope,” I chuckled.

“Did you touch her?” He laughed gently then, making me smile.

“I kneed her in the nose but anyway,” I shook my head. “She won’t get you. You’re mine, forever and ever until the end of time and I will die before she touches you.” I sniffed to get rid of more tears.

“Baby,” he put his head on my shoulder, crying. I really needed to call the police, I was going to leave it but Wyatt’s reaction told me it needed to be done.

“Why don’t you do some drawing?” I asked him, my voice soft. It always cheered him up. He looked up at me, nodding. “Did you want a drink?” I asked, standing up.

“No, I’m good.” He walked past me out of the bathroom and I stared at the broken door. Shit. My dad is usually the go to person for shit like this but I didn’t want him knowing why I broke the fucking door. I walked into the living room, taking my shoe off and getting my phone out of my handbag. I peeked my head in the bedroom, Wyatt was sat back on the bed, his head in his pad. His eyes looked tired and I walked out, the phone to my ear.

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