The Club

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Chapter Twenty Eight

I had left work early and was headed to the police station. I was shitting myself and had called Wyatt every hour to make sure he was okay. He was back in the shop full time and was stupid busy, sometimes tattooing until ten o’clock at night. I walked to the smiley police officer at the desk, blowing out a breath.

“Can I help?”

“Yeah, I’m Gabrielle Cruz. Here for an interview.” I drummed my nails on the desk. The officer looked at the computer and then back at me.

“Take a seat please, Detective Jones will be with you in a second.” I smiled at her sitting down on the hard chairs. Detective Jones investigated Caroline before and I was glad I would have a friendly face.

“Gabby, let’s go.” She came out of a hallway, opening the door for me. I smiled at her as we walked down a corridor, into a dark room. It had a table and two chairs. “Take a seat, did you want a coffee or anything?” I sat down, taking my jacket off.

“I’m fine thanks, want to get this over with,” I chuckled. Jones sat opposite me, getting her notepad out her jacket pocket.

“Right, Gabby firstly I apologise that you had to have contact with Caroline. Prosecution pushed for a prison sentence but unfortunately,” she trailed off and I nodded, crossing my legs.

“I get it, it’s fine.” I smiled weakly.

“Tell me what happened.” She leaned back and I pushed my hair out of my face.

“I went to a bar after work with one of the girls.”

“Bar name?” Jones interrupted me.

“Oh sorry, Zings at St Paul’s.” I responded and watched Jones scribble in her notepad.

“I went to the ladies and she was already in there. She came out, grabbed my wrist and told me she would be coming back for Wyatt.” I raised my shoulders, not much else to say.

“Anything else?” Jones smiled at me.

“One thing that pissed me off, she said Wyatt would come with her because he is a pussy and knows what she would do to him,” I said firmly.

“Have you spoken to Wyatt about this?”

“Yeah, but not what she would do to him. I left that bit out.”

“How did he take it?” She asked me, a sympathetic smile.

“To be honest he’s still coming down from it. He wasn’t good at all,” I scoffed, running my hand down my face.

“Do you know if she works in London or?” Jones trailed off.

“No, I’m pretty sure she followed me from work. I’m not sure how she knows where I work but I suppose she could google me. I have articles online.” I shrugged, that had to be the only way.

“I’ll call Wyatt in the morning,” she paused and I nodded at her. “I’ll speak to probation and see what we can do about this. As I said on the phone,” she stopped as my phone started ringing.

“Oh sorry, so rude.” I muttered, getting my phone out of my pocket. It was Wyatt’s tattoo shop and I shit myself, bile in the back of my throat.

“Hello,” I rushed out.

“Gabby, it’s Tom. I need you at the shop, Caroline is here.” My blood run cold and I stood up, throwing my jacket on.

“Where’s Wyatt?!” I shouted, my hand shaking. Detective Jones looked at me, standing too.

“She got him in the bathroom and locked the door. I’ve called the police.” His voice was full of panic and my chest got tight.

“I’m coming!” I shouted, throwing my phone back in my bag. “She’s there! She’s at the fucking shop!” I screamed, running out the door.

“Gabby, wait! Get in my car.” Jones sounded rushed, pulling me out of the station. My legs felt like jelly as I got into the police car with Jones, staring at the side of her face.

“What if she does something to him?” I asked, tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Then I’ll arrest her. She won’t do anything to him, Gabby,” she said firmly.

“You don’t know that!” I screamed, running my hand down my face. His biggest fear had now happened and I put my hand to my chest, trying to control my panicked breathing. “What if she hurts him!” My voice was shaking and slammed my head back onto the chair. Jones was driving with the sirens on and it wasn’t helping my upcoming headache. “What if she touches him?! What if she fucking tries to fuck him! What if she does that!” I screamed, sitting up, my cheeks stinging from my salty tears.

“Gabby, I need you to calm down.” Jones was firm as she grabbed the radio connected to her car. “Unit thirty two, possible sexual assault. Backup needed at Black Prince Road, tattoo shop.” Her words made me sob even harder and I closed my eyes, trying to fight my nausea. The car suddenly came to a stop and my eyes flew open, ripping the car door open.

“Gabby! Let me go in first,” Jones growled, standing in front of me. Jones walked in front, slowly pushing the door open. My heart was beating so fucking fast as we walked in. Tom and Luz were nowhere to be seen but I could hear Tom’s voice.

“Caroline let him fucking go!” He shouted and I put my hand over my mouth, fighting my sobs. The door banged open and we both flicked our heads around. There were two police officers behind us. Jones nodded, walking through the curtain. Luz and Tom were standing by one of the closed doors at the end of the space. I wanted to push Jones out the way but let the two officers get in front.

“Oh thank fuck!” Luz cried, Tom grabbing her into an embrace.

“Here?” Jones pointed and they both nodded. “How did she get him in there?” Jones asked, her voice quiet.

“She has a knife.” It was Tom and I watched his adam’s apple move up and down. I put my hands over my face. Fuck, not again, please don’t let her touch him again.

“Get armed police.” Jones spoke firmly to one of the other officers who nodded, walking behind the curtain.

“Caroline!” She shouted, her ear at the door. Tom put his arm out to me but I just looked at him, cuddling strangers wasn’t my thing.

“I’m okay,” I whispered. I didn’t want him to think I was rude.

“Caroline, I’m Detective Jones with the police. I need you to let Wyatt out.” There was silence for a few moments and I wanted to boot the door in.

“No!” She screamed and I turned around, my hands on the back of my neck. I honestly felt like I was having a heart attack.

“Can I speak to him?” I asked Jones in a whisper.

“No, don’t fucking aggravate her.”

“Caroline, what do you want?” Jones asked and I just stood there. Not helping, not achieving anything and it pissed me off. Wyatt didn’t even know I was fucking here.

“I want you all to fuck off so me and Wyatt can just move on with our lives!” She shouted and I crumbled onto the floor, my face in my knees.

“Get Gabby!” I looked up at Wyatt’s voice and I jumped up as I heard a crash in the room.

“Boot the fucking door in for fuck sake!” I screamed at the police officer. “We’re just going to fucking stand here while she does whatever she fucking wants to him!” My throat burned from screaming and Jones grabbed my arms.

“She has a knife Gabby. Wait for the armed police,” she said firmly and I shook my head. That wasn’t good enough, I pushed her out the way, flicking Tom’s hand off me. I booted the door at full force, watching it bounce.

“Get the fuck off me!” I screamed as the police officer grabbed me by the waist.

“Gabby you’re not helping!” Tom shouted and I ignored that prick. Caroline was fucking barely five foot five. No-one could have given her a quick slap? What the fuck was Luz doing? I grabbed the door handle firmly, kicking the door as the officer tried to pull me away.

“Get the fuck off of me! Are you deaf?!” I shouted, pushing my body against the door, pulling at the door handle, my hands burning.

“Stop now or I’m fucking arresting you!” Jones shouted but she could fuck off I didn’t even care. The officer picked me up, his arms around my chest. I kicked at the door as he dragged me back.

“No!” I cried, sobbing my heart out. I dropped to the floor, my back shaking. “Caroline let him go!” I shouted to her. I know she didn’t give two flying fucks about me. “If you love him you will let him go! Let him go to whoever he wants!” I put my forehead on the floor, I could hardly breathe through my sobs and I slammed my eyes shut at silence. “Wyatt!” I screamed, “Caroline I just want to know if he is okay!” I bit my bottom lip.

“He’s fine!” She shouted back to me and I rubbed my hands over my face. This couldn’t get any worse.

“Armed police!” I looked over as three police officers marched into the shop, guns drawn. I had never seen a gun in my life and it freaked me. Tom pulled me up and out the way as Jones pointed to the door.

“Caroline! Last chance to open the door. We have armed police here!” Jones shouted into the door, reaching for her handcuffs behind her. I jumped and Luz screamed as a police officer kicked the door in with ease.

“Police! Put the knife down!”

“We need an ambulance here!” Another police officer said and Tom grabbed me back as I tried to run towards the bathroom.

“Let me arrest her!” Jones screamed at me and I nodded. Tom pulled me into him, my face in his chest. I was so emotionally exhausted I let him, I knew he didn’t want me to see her.

“No!” I heard Caroline scream, my eyes closing.

“Gabby! Go!” It was Jones and I ripped myself from Tom, running into the bathroom.

“Baby oh my god!” I cried, running towards him.

“I’m okay,” he whispered. His nose was completely busted, sitting on the floor. He had blood in his hair too and his hands were bloody. I grabbed his head, throwing it into my chest. My whole body was shaking at the force of my tears.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have left you. It’s all my fault.” I cried into his hair. Wyatt moved his arms around my waist, crying into my chest.

“It’s not your fault baby. I’m okay, I’m okay, I promise you,” he whispered.

“What did she do to you?” I gripped his head tighter.

“She punched me in the face,” he whispered. I knew he was embarrassed and I moved my head back, lifting up his chin.

“That’s all?” I asked him. He nodded and my stomach settled slightly. “You can tell me if she did something else to you.” I kissed his cheek.

“No, that’s it. I promise.” His voice was firm and I nodded, using my sleeve to wipe some blood off his face, he winced and my heart broke.

“I think that’s a broken nose baby,” I smiled at him.

“Yeah it hurts like a bitch.” He looked down and I grabbed his chin, moving his face up.

“Hi, paramedics?” I turned around to a smiling dark skinned woman. I nodded, getting up. I watched as they looked Wyatt over, his nose looked so bad but I prayed we didn’t have to sit in a hospital all night.

“Right, that nose is broken but it’s not too bad.” The paramedic looked at me. “Get home now and ice pack it. For twenty minutes four times a day.” Her voice was firm and I nodded, nurse Gabby again. “Other than that it looks like you’re fine.” She smiled.

“Thank you,” Wyatt said softly. She turned around and headed out the door.

“Wyatt, I need a statement.” It was Jones, she looked at me and I knew she was pissed with my antics but I didn’t care. He was my fucking husband.

“Can we do this tomorrow? I need to get him home.” I spoke to her.

“No.” Wyatt stood up and grabbed my shoulder.

“It’s fine baby, it will be quick.” He smiled weakly at me and I let out a breath. I doubt that very much.

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