The Club

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Chapter Twenty Nine

I put Wyatt to bed after putting an ice pack on him for twenty minutes. I was a stickler for rules. I sat on the sofa, staring at the wall in front of me. I bit my lip as it trembled, what a disaster today was. Wyatt wouldn’t be right for weeks now and I don’t blame him. I told him she wouldn’t get to him and I failed. I failed him. I put my head back, closing my eyes as I let my tears take over. My body shook and I wrapped my arms around me. I had such a headache and I just let myself cry until I could barely open my eyes. I needed to try and sleep, I had fucking work tomorrow. I slowly got up, going into the bedroom. Wyatt looked asleep laying on his back. I slipped into the bed next to him, closing my eyes again.

“Baby,” I opened my eyes to Wyatt’s voice.

“Go back to sleep,” I whispered to him.

“No, you’re upset.” His face looked worried and I could see the faint outline of the black eye that was about to come through. I shook my head, the biggest lump in my throat. I stroked his face gently, trying to calm him. ‘Baby, I’m okay. You don’t need to worry about me.’ He smiled weakly as he spoke and I scoffed, yeah I wasn’t going to worry about him.

“I failed you,” I cried, my voice a complete wreck. “I told you she wouldn’t get to you and she did.” I slammed my eyes shut, wanting this day to be over. Wyatt moved my head up, he had a huge smile over his face and it confused the fuck out of me.

“You didn’t fail shit,” he chuckled. “You came to my rescue, again. You promised me she wouldn’t hurt me and she didn’t,” he smiled and I giggled, running my hand down his face.

“You’re so sweet but she did punch you in the face.” I rolled my eyes.

“That’s minor for Caroline,” Wyatt scoffed. “My point is you didn’t fail me, you could never fail me. You could do the bare minimum and just suck my cock and you wouldn’t fail me.” He was serious and I burst out laughing, my hand rubbing his chest, over his bird.

“Minimum?” I raised my eyebrow cheekily. “Best in the world I’ve told you that,” he chuckled and I was still giggling.

“I don’t give you the best blow job you’ve ever had,” I purred, moving closer to him.

“You fucking do!” Wyatt laughed. “I can feel your love for me through your mouth.” He grinned at me and chuckled, putting my head back. “I’ve never had anyone love me like you do. I hope you know how much I love you too,” he said and I sniffed a tear back.

“I know,” I whispered.

“Baby, look.” He sat up. “We’re married now and I can’t wait to start our next adventure. I refused to let Caroline affect me because I don’t need to. I have you.” Tears slipped down my cheeks and Wyatt wiped them away.

“Were there any customers in the shop?” I asked him.

“No thank god. I was going to hang around but Luz and Tom were packing up. I just need to fix the door,” he laughed.

“I’m surprised by your reaction to this,” I whispered to him.

“Because I know she’s going to do some prison time. Which makes me feel better and I’m choosing to think about you.” He let out a breath and rubbed the back of my neck, it felt nice and I knew what would cheer me up.

“As I was sitting in that bathroom, watching her pace it with a knife in her fucking hand,” he chuckled lightly. “I thought if I get out of this I’m never going to let this woman affect my life. Again.” He smiled at me and I kissed his lips gently. “Also,” he looked into my eyes, he looked worried.

“Yeah?” I asked as he was taking so fucking long to talk.

“You can say no or we can talk about it more.” Wyatt put my leg over thigh as he spoke, turning me to face him completely.

“I would like you to come off the pill.” His voice was quick and I laughed, maybe it was panic but I burst out laughing.

“You want us to have a baby?” I asked, still chuckling.

“Yeah, I do. Today has made me realise that life is too short, that we need to grab the time that we do have. What do you think?” His eyes were on me and I looked down, my mind racing. Babies weren’t on my radar before I met Wyatt, but neither was marriage to be fair. I looked up at him, I knew babies weren’t easy but if there was anybody I would want to do it with, it was him. Also, our kids would be fucking beautiful.

“Okay,” I smiled at him.

“Yeah?” Wyatt laughed, his face lighting up.

“It’s scary,” I laughed, pulling a face. “But we could do it right? We would support each other?” I asked him.

“Of course we would baby, this is us.” I grinned at his words, running my hands down his face. “You would be an amazing mother, I also feel our kids would be so fucking cool,” he laughed.

“They really would, their dad is the most amazing tattoo artist in the whole world and their mother is a whore.” I laughed, trying to put my head on his shoulder. I failed as Wyatt grabbed my chin, pushing me back. I was already rolling my eyes.

“Don’t do that baby! You’re not a fucking whore and if you were so am I!” He was irritated.

“I never actually said you weren’t a whore.” I grinned at him and he started laughing, moving his head back.

“You’re confident, sexy and proud of who you are. You’re an amazing person,” he said quietly. “If we ever had a daughter and she was as happy and confident within herself even half as much as you then were winning,” he shrugged.

“Oh a daughter!” I ran my hand down his chest. “You’re getting me excited!” And he was, I wonder what our kids would even look like.

“Shall we then? You come off the pill and see what happens?” Wyatt asked me.

“Yes, I think that’s a good idea, but.” I raised my eyebrow.

“Yeah?” He looked panicked and I moved closer to him.

“Maybe one last hurrah before we become boring parents?” I was giggling, kissing his neck.

“Oh, you mean the club?” Wyatt’s voice was cheeky and it made me giggle harder.

“Yeah, we should go maybe. One night?” I shrugged, sitting back.

“I’m not fucking anyone else.” Wyatt’s voice was firm and he scanned my face.

“I know and neither am I.” I met his firmness and his face softened.

“Oh you want to fuck your husband while people watch,” he winked at me and I giggled, moving his arms around me.

“That would be amazing, yes please.”

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