The Club

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Chapter Thirty

I walked out of the club’s changing room, into the main room. I was slightly pissed that me and Wyatt had to pay double the price, thanks to cancelling our memberships over a year ago. How that year had changed us, I was a married woman now, about to embark on the journey of motherhood. I walked to the bar, taking in the familiar scent of bodies and cigarette smoke. I sat at the bar, turning around on the stool. I didn’t want a drink, instead I was watching and waiting. I nearly burst out laughing as I looked to the left hand side of the room, he had a drink in his hand and was wearing them black tight boxers, giving me dejavu. I got up, trying to walk as sexy as possible over to him. As I got in reaching distance he grabbed my wrist, pulling me closer.

“Do you have a name?” Wyatt breathed into my ear and I was already dripping wet.

“Gabby, do you?” I purred back.

“Wyatt, do you want me to fuck you?” He asked and I let out a tiny moan.

“Yes please,” I whispered, pushing my body against his. There was some space in the middle of the sofa and Wyatt grabbed my hand, placing me onto it. There was a beautiful young woman next to us and as she touched Wyatt’s stomach I put my hand on her’s, pushing it down. I looked up at Wyatt who had a cheeky grin on his face.

“Jealous are we baby?” He asked in my ear and it sent a shiver down my spine.

“Yeah, I fucking am.” I replied and I heard him laugh, his hands going up my thighs.

“Let me show you that I’m all yours”. I nearly screamed with excitement as Wyatt got onto his knees in front of me, pulling down my knickers painfully slow. He pushed my body closer to him by my hips and I looked down at him, biting my bottom lip. The main room was busier than I expected, but as I looked down at him, he was the only person in the room. Wyatt pushed my legs apart, putting one of my legs over his shoulder. I could feel his breath on my thigh as he licked me gently. I put my head back on the sofa, as he licked my sparrow, making me grin.

“Oh my god!” I squealed as Wyatt licked my clit gently, rubbing my inner thigh with his thumb. It has been far too long since he ate me out and I wanted this feeling to last the whole night. I put my hand on his head, running my hand through his hair as I closed my eyes. I moved a hand from my cheek, jesus this place. Looking down, Wyatt was staring into my eyes, his head moving up and down my wetness. I grinned at him, my temperature through the roof. “Jesus,” I breathed out as I closed my eyes, wrapping my leg around his head. His pace against my clit made me want to scream, it was perfect. Not too fast and just quick enough to get me off. I really wanted him to fuck me hard right this second but I was going to be good and enjoy this for as long as possible. I put my other hand on the back of his head, pushing him closer to me. “Wyatt!” I screamed as his tongue went inside me. Oh my husband did know what I liked. I dropped down further on the sofa, Wyatt’s tongue going deeper inside of me. I was whimpering, my hand over my mouth. He grabbed my thigh with one hand and I jumped as he slowly put the tip of his finger inside my arsehole. Oh fucking hell, I was sweating, grinding my pussy against his face. I opened my eyes and wasn’t sure how I felt about eyes on me and Wyatt. I know we were both sexy as fuck and normally it would turn me the fuck on but I wasn’t so sure now. I tapped the back of his head and he came up to my face, with a confused look. “I’m not sure I like this,” I whispered to him, my hands cupping his face.

“Huh? You love it when my tongue is in your pussy.” I nearly burst out laughing but I moved his head to the faces staring at us, one guy with his dick in his hand. Wyatt looked back at me, stroking my thigh. “You don’t like it anymore?” He asked, his voice was so sweet I nearly found myself crying in a sex club. I shook my head. “Okay,” he whispered, grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the main room. He opened the door of a private room and as he closed the door I dropped to my knees.

“Baby,” Wyatt chuckled as I pulled his boxers down, stroking his shaft as I kissed his thigh. I couldn’t wait to put his dick in my mouth and I licked his balls gently, feeling him jump. “Oh baby, I fucking love it when you do that.” Wyatt moaned out but still with a small chuckle. Wyatt’s ball was sucked into my mouth, his leg shaking next to my head. “Gabby, fucking hell.” It was turning me on, his ball sack in my mouth and I rubbed his thigh with my other hand. His whole body tensed and I released his ball, dragging my tongue up the length of his dick. “You’re teasing me baby, my cock wants to be in your wet mouth,” Wyatt groaned out and I smiled against his dick, licking to his tip. I swirled my tongue around it, licking underneath his foreskin. Partly I wanted to tease him, the other wanted his dick in my mouth as soon as fucking possible. I went with the latter, dropping my mouth over him. Wyatt slammed his hips into me, his dick hitting the back of my throat. I gagged, my eyes watering. Wyatt grabbed the back of my head and attempted to push me down further. He knew I loved to choke on his dick and he grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling me back before slamming my mouth over his dick again. “Baby, fuck. I’m going to cum, shit”. Wyatt pushed me back, his dick coming out of my mouth. ‘I can’t’ he laughed. I giggled, letting him help me up. Looking down at his dick, it was throbbing and I rubbed his pre cum down his shaft, staring into his eyes. “Are you feeling better?” He asked, running his hand over my cheek.

“Yeah, thank you. We can go home,” I shrugged.

“No way, I’m fucking you in here. I love being here with you. It reminds me of when we first met.” His smile was shy and I smiled into his neck, his arms wrapping around my waist. We stayed in that position for a while as I smelt him, running my hand along his shoulder. “Check us, romantic and shit now.” I started laughing at his words, looking up at him.

“I know, who have we turned into?” I chuckled to him.

“Maybe that’s what happens when you love someone unconditionally,” he whispered, kissing my hair. “But we did pay for this place and we’re still freaks so let me fuck you every way.”

“Wyatt!” I giggled, biting his chest. “Every way?” I winked up at him.

“Yeah I’ve fucked your mouth so let me fuck your pussy and I can finish in your arse,” he said matter of factly, sitting on the bed.

“Oh, can you?” I moved closer to him, rubbing my hand up his thigh. He moved back, pulling me onto the bed. Wyatt laid down and I straddled him, moving down to kiss his neck.

“Do you think you can do anal when you’re pregnant?” Wyatt asked me and I sat up, running my hands down his arms.

“Yeah, why not? Why do you ask?” I was rubbing myself against his erection, a cheeky smirk on my face.

“Because I think we would get divorced if I couldn’t fuck you in the arse for nine months.” I slapped his chest as he laughed.

“You’re full of shit, like we have anal every day.” I rolled my eyes. “It’s always your treat,” I whispered in his ear, pushing my chest onto his. Wyatt let out a moan, his hands coming up my back. His breathing was deep and I moved his head away by his chin, biting into his neck.

“Baby,” he groaned, grabbing my arse roughly. I licked up to his ear, making sure my breathing was heavy.

“Are you going to fuck me then? My pussy is begging for you,” I whispered in his ear. Wyatt sat up, his arms around my waist. He flipped me over and he sat in between my legs, on his knees. He ran his dick over my clit, making me giggle underneath him.

“Your fucking soaking wet baby,” Wyatt breathed out and it made my clit tingle.

“All for you,” I purred, running my hand up his arm. Wyatt’s forehead lent on mine as he pushed his dick slowly into me. His dick stretched me to my limit and I grabbed his shoulders, taking a deep breath in.

“Your pussy is perfect,” he whispered as his head went to my neck, his hands under my arse. “It’s all fucking mine, forever.” I giggled at his words, opening my eyes and running my hands down the back of his head. He finally started pumping into me, slow at first and I screamed as his pace quickened, thrusting into me.

“Wyatt, fucking hell!” I shouted, my arm around his head, pushing him closer to me. I kicked my legs around his waist, making his dick even deeper. His dick inside me felt amazing, my breathing laboured. “Baby, that feels so good.” My voice was a whisper and Wyatt’s hand came up to my throat, wrapping around it. I put my head back, his hand tightened on my windpipe. I breathed through my nose as I tried to moan, my body only making a tiny sound. I grabbed his hand around me, pulling it back.

“Too tight?” He asked, kissing my cheek.

“Yeah,” I giggled, staring into his eyes.

“Sorry.” He gave me a cheeky smile before gently kissing my neck. I ran my hand down his face as his pace picked up, my whole body moving with his thrusts. Wyatt shut his eyes and I felt his dick throb inside of me. I really wanted him to stay in my pussy for the rest of my life and I grabbed his face tight as my orgasm started to wave over me, small at first and then climbing.

“Baby,” I whimpered out, pushing his head up and opening his mouth with my tongue. My eyes were slammed shut and I pushed my whole body to him, our tongues moving together. Wyatt pulled away slowly, smiling at me. He pulled out, grabbing my thigh.

“Turn around.” He told me and I turned onto my stomach, pushing my arse up as much as I could. I had a huge grin on my face as Wyatt kissed my lower back, his hand caressing my arse. “Okay, enough romance. I’m going to destroy you now,” he said and I burst out laughing, my head in the pillow.

“Let’s fucking hope so,” I laughed, grabbing the sheet as he pushed his dick into my pussy. Wyatt grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling me up by it. His other hand went to my arse, grabbing me and digging his fingers into my skin. Oh this was perfect.

“I thought you wanted to fuck me in the arse?” I asked, my eyes shutting.

“I’ve realised we’ve got no lube and I’m addicted to your pussy at this point.” As he stopped talking he slammed into me.

“Fuck!” I shouted, my head being pulled back by my hair. His dick was definitely hitting my gspot and he quickened, our bodies smashing together. It felt like his dick was in my stomach and I moaned into the pillow, the feeling taking over my whole body. “Wyatt!” I shouted, my nipples were rock hard and I ran my hands along them. Wyatt’s grip on my arse got even tighter and he used it to pull me back onto his dick. I felt my orgasm bubble in my lower stomach and Wyatt let go of my hair, grabbing my throat. “Oh god,” I moaned as my clit throbbed, begging to be touched. His lips were at my ear as our bodies moved together, my hand on his thigh.

“Are you going to cum for me Mrs Cruz?” He asked and I screamed, my pussy trying to shut.

“Yeah!” I shouted, my eyes closed.

“Cum on my cock, I want to feel you.” He licked my neck after he spoke and I felt like I was about to collapse.

“Wyatt!” I screamed, it hitting me.

“Squirt baby,” he whispered, stroking my clit. As my orgasm hit it’s peak I grabbed his arm, grinding down on him.

“Arghhh!” I shouted, my lower stomach bubbling. “Baby, fuck. I’m done, I’m fucking done!” I screamed, wetness trickling down my leg. Wyatt moved his hand down my thigh, chuckling.

“Well done baby, you are a good girl,” Wyatt breathed into my ear, before dropping me back onto the bed. He grabbed my hips with both hands and pounding into me, my eyes rolling back. I could hardly breathe, my whole body tight and my pussy throbbing from my orgasm. “Gabby, I’m going to cum,” Wyatt said bluntly.

“Cum inside me.” My voice was flirty and I buried my head in my arms as Wyatt groaned out, his dick pulsing. He fell onto me, rolling out. I looked over at him, still on my stomach, cum fucking everywhere.

“I love your tattoos,” I whispered, running my hand down his arm. Wyatt laughed, his beautiful smile staring at me.

“Thanks, apparently I do get women.” He grinned at me and I rolled my eyes.

“Just the beautiful ones,” I shrugged.

“The most beautiful woman in the fucking world.” He kissed my forehead, running his hand down my back. “Shall we go home? Get some noodles on the way?” Wyatt asked me and my eyes went wide in excitement.

“Yes please.”

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