The Club

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Chapter Five

I took off my long jacket in the club changing rooms, I had to stay way later at work than I would have liked so I was later here than my normal time, trying to get a nap in before coming. I was wearing a light blue crop top, no bra and matching knickers. I couldn’t fucking wait to see Wyatt and I kicked myself at these stupid thoughts. I should be thinking that I couldn’t wait to fuck him, not spend any actual time with him. There was just something about this dude I could not stop thinking about. His shyness outside of sex turned me on and he seemed like the sweetest man. I walked into the main room, my eyes adjusting to the darkness. Music was playing from a corner and I went to the bar, getting my normal soft drink. There were couples and threesomes on the sofa and I was definitely late, people cuming left right and centre. I spun around on the bar stool, taking a sip of my drink. My eyes scanned the room and I couldn’t see Wyatt. Where the fuck was he? I got up, making a bean line for the gold room. It was larger, much brighter and usually was for the women. If you wanted to get off with a woman this was the place to go. I walked into the room, gold sofas lining both sides of the room, there was a huge white low bed in the middle. Currently there were five women on the bed, all different shapes and skin shades. I walked closer as I saw one redhead bouncing on a dick, her facing me. The other women were getting each other off and as I walked to the side I saw his tattoo on his thigh. Fuck, it was Wyatt. I screwed up my face that even for a second I was a tiny bit jealous. I put my drink down, one of the girls grabbed my hand and pulled me down to her face. “Come and join us, I love your brown skin,” she purred and I ran my thumb over her nipple.

“Give me one second,” I whispered in her ear before walking towards Wyatt’s face. His eyes were closed, his hands on the redheads’ hips. I sat down, moving his head onto my lap, his eyes opened and he gave me a beautiful smile.

“Gabby,” he whispered.

“You didn’t wait for me?” I asked, running my hand through his hair. His hand moved to another woman’s back as she ate another’s face.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think you were going to come.” His face screwed up and I chuckled, letting him know it was okay.

“You have to make it up to me.” I spoke in his ear and he chuckled.

“Sit on my face. Fuck,” he shut his eyes again and I was pissed somebody else was going to make him cum. I decided to be a bitch about it and put my mouth by his ear.

“I want to make you cum,” I pouted.

“I won’t cum in her, I promise.” He opened his eyes. “Let me make you cum first.” I nodded, it would have to do. I took off my knickers, straddling his face. I closed my eyes as Wyatt licked my clit gently. I put my hands on the top of his head, rolling my pussy over his tongue. I flinched as I felt a hand running down my back, it was helping me get off and the tingle travelled up my whole body, making me groan. The woman riding Wyatt’s dick was starting to aggravate me. I’m all for a talker during sex but this bitch was way too loud. I groaned in annoyance and I felt a mouth next to my ear.

“She won’t shut the fuck up,” I laughed, turning my head to a beautiful brunette. Oh she was lovely. I got off Wyatt, a frown on his face. I lent down to his ear.

“I want to you to fuck her.” I moved my head to the brunette.

“I thought you wanted me to fuck you,” he looked confused as he pushed the woman at his dick up, coming out of her.

“I do, but I want to watch you fuck her.” I said more firmly. He sat up, both of us on our knees. He grabbed my face, roughly.

“I finish in you right?” He asked me and I nodded. Wyatt held the wrist of the brunette, pulling her closer to him. She giggled, running her hands down his chest. He whispered in her ear and she nodded, grabbing my arm. The other women were clearly doing something as I heard fucking loud mouth again. Brunette laid down, Wyatt in-between her legs. She pulled me slightly by my leg, towards her head and I straddled her face. Wyatt was opposite me and I watched him push his dick into her, his hands grabbing her thighs. I put my hand on his shoulder as she licked my clit gently, it felt so fucking nice and I closed my eyes. I could feel her moving as Wyatt fucked her, slowly opening my eyes. He was staring at me and his hand moved from her thigh to the back of my neck, pushing me towards him.

“Shit,” I breathed out, my clit being licked just the way I liked it. Wyatt kissed my lips gently, his mouth moving as he slammed into this woman. He opened my mouth and I closed my eyes, my hand on his cheek. Our kiss was deep, our tongues moving together. I moved my head closer to him, trying to get as much of his tongue as possible. Brunette groaned onto my pussy and I pulled back from Wyatt, staring at his face. He quickened his pace in her, grabbing one of her legs and moving it over his shoulder. She was moaning out something, my pussy muffling her words. I bit my bottom lip as he roughly fucked her, his eyes on me.

“Fucking hell,” I mumbled. Watching him slam into her and her tongue tracing my clit made me groan from my chest, my fingers digging into his shoulder. My clit felt like it was going to explode as I came. “Fuck, I’m cuming!” I shouted, shutting my eyes. Wyatt grabbed the back of my head, pushing it towards him.

“I make you cum next.” His voice was firm and I giggled, running my hand up brunette’s leg which was still over his shoulder. I could feel her unravelling under me and I got off her face, laying down next to her.

“Are you going to cum for him?” I asked her, stroking her perfect breasts. She bit her bottom lip, grabbing my shoulder.

“Yeah,” she groaned, shutting her eyes. I looked up at Wyatt, my fingers teasing one of her nipples. His pace was still quick, his hair in his face. “Oh my god!” She screamed, her grip on me tight. I felt her arm tense before it dropped off me, her giggling. Wyatt pulled out of her, coming in-between my legs. I spread my legs for him, staring up at him as he ran his erection over my clit. It made me buck and he chuckled, moving his head down and kissing my neck. My mouth was wide open as he pushed his dick into me, every ridge and inch was driving me wild and I grabbed his shoulders, lifting my legs up. Wyatt held them close to his sides, his hands on my thighs. It made his dick so deep and I put my head back, my breasts bouncing. He suddenly got quicker, his hand coming down to my throat. I looked into his eyes, grabbing his wrist.

“You feel fucking amazing,” I purred to him, watching him smile. He ploughed into me, keeping his dick still for a few moments. “Wyatt!” I screamed, trying to sit up.

“Cum around my cock baby,” he whispered in my ear. “Then you can suck it.” I let out a mixture of a groan and a laugh, my orgasm prickling every part of my body. I was excited to cum, mostly so I could have him in my mouth. I reached up and grabbed his shoulder, feeling like I was going to explode.

“Wyatt!” I cried, gasping for breath. My pussy throbbed around his hardness and he suddenly pulled out, grabbing my hair and moving me forward. I sat on my knees, dropping my mouth over his dick. I could taste myself on him and it made me smirk, his dick hitting the back of my throat. It was throbbing in my mouth and I knew this would be over soon. I twirled my tongue around his tip, him grabbing a handful of my hair and pushing me further onto his dick. As I gagged his leg twitched, cum hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed, something I wouldn’t normally do and he came down to my face.

“Private room?” He asked me.

“Oh, you’re going to talk to me?” I laughed, running my hand down his stomach.

“I’m going to fucking try.” He smiled, helping me up.

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