The Club

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Chapter Six

I put my knickers back on as we walked into the private room. Wyatt now had his tight black boxers on and they were making my body fizzle. I got onto the bed, him sitting next to me.

“Erm,” he muttered and I turned my body to him. “Sorry for Tuesday.” His voice was shy.

“What do you mean?” I asked, running my hand down his thigh.

“I was acting weird. I never expected to see you so it threw me off.” His face looked serious.

“I understand, it’s okay.” I shrugged. “I didn’t realise you were famous,” I laughed, trying to put him at ease.

“I’m not, fuck that.” He laughed. “I tattooed a famous person and they shared the picture online or whatever and it blew up so your magazine wanted to interview me.” He looked over at me. “I didn’t realise you worked in a men’s magazine. What do you write about?” Wyatt leaned back, looking more relaxed.

“Sex stuff mostly.” I smiled. “I answer men’s problems like a relationship guide and the occasional sex toy review.” His eyes went wide and I laughed, my hand on his thigh.

“Jesus Gabby, any part of your life not about sex?” The question made me laugh harder and I shrugged.

“I like sex, sue me.” I smiled. “I believe you had some sort of reverse gang bang out there so be careful with your choice of words.” I winked at him.

“Only because I was waiting for you!” He laughed. “I thought you would be in the gold room, some yoga instructor licking your pussy.” He rolled his eyes.

“That’s on Saturdays.” I smiled and he burst out laughing, putting his arm around me.

“Do you like sex with me?” He asked. My body froze at his question, my heart hitting my rib cage.

“Very much so.” I answered, swallowing down a breath. Wyatt kissed just below my ear, making me squeal. He suddenly let out a breath, his head going back onto the headboard.

“What’s up?” I asked, my brow crossed.

“I really want to ask you something.”

“I’ll do anal with you.” I smiled.

“Gabby, fuck off seriously.” He laughed and I put my hand to his chest.

“Oh, you weren’t going to ask me that?” My grin was hurting my cheeks.

“No, it’s not a sex thing,” he breathed out and I scanned his face. “You can say no, obviously. If you do that’s fine and I hope we can still fuck here. Again if you want. I don’t want to put you under any pressure or,”

“Oh my god what!?” I interrupted him. He took a deep breath and looked into my face.

“Have a drink with me. Not in a sex club,” he said quickly.

“Like a date?” I asked.

“Do you date men?” His eyebrow raised. I let out a scoff, date anyone me.

“Yeah of course. I’ve had boyfriends.”

“Oh, good.” His voice was quiet. I moved closer, my hand moving to his cheek.

“So, like a date?” I asked again, trying not to laugh.

“Yeah, I suppose.” He paused, looking down. “No, definitely like a date. I want to take you out on a date.” His shoulders dropped, looking at me. I thought about it for a minute. A sex club wasn’t the place most women meet their boyfriends but I had such a need to get to know this man better.

“I would love to. Let’s do it.” I smiled.

“Tomorrow? Or did you want to come here?” Wyatt asked me.

“No tomorrow is good. We can come back here if you want but wherever the night takes us.” He nodded, clearly already panicking. I sat on my knees facing him.

“Why are you freaking?” I laughed.

“Because you’re fucking beautiful. That shit I say about the sexiest woman in the room, I mean it. Maybe we shouldn’t go out.” He shook his head quickly.

“Wyatt!” I cried, moving closer. “I want to.” I ran my hand down his chest. “You don’t need to be scared of me.” I smiled at him. He gave me one back and looked down. I took a deep breath, looking into his face. “I would like to go out with you. I want to get to know you better.” I ran my hand down his face.

“Really?” He sounded surprised as he looked up.

“Why are you so surprised?” I giggled. “Have you seen what you look like?” I moved my legs over his lap, straddling him. He shrugged, moving me closer to him.

“Maybe when you don’t see me in a sex club it will be different.” He tried to laugh.

“I have seen you not in a sex club. So nice try! Next one?” I pushed his face up to me. He smiled and it was much larger, making me grin. His insecurities made me want to get to know him more, there had to be something behind that right? How does a sexy as fuck dude like him, a good job and the most amazing eyes I had ever seen not have to push women off him? “So where are we going?” I asked him, pushing myself closer. I left it for now, but I would figure him out soon enough.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “Erm,” he looked down.

“Okay, I’ll take you out then.” I giggled, moving his face back up. “Meet me tomorrow at seven o’clock at Soho station.” I said firmly. I knew a small bar we could go to. It was a dive but I loved it there.

“Okay,” he lightly laughed. Wyatt’s hand went up my back, into my crop top. It made me shiver and I pushed myself onto him. “Let me make you cum again,” he whispered into my shoulder.

“If you must,” I giggled. I had never had sex with the same person more than once at the club but I was a firm believer in doing what made you happy in life and doing Wyatt definitely made me happy.

“I don’t think my cock has it in him but let me fuck you with my hand.” His voice made my pussy wet and I squealed as he lifted me up, my legs going around him. Wyatt placed me onto the bed, leaning over me. I traced his tattoos on his chest as his finger went into my knickers and onto my clit, making me jump. He rolled his thumb over it, kissing my neck.

“Wyatt,” I moaned, grabbing his head. His thumb was gentle and it teased me, my pussy begging for any part of him to be inside me. I grabbed the side of his face as he put two fingers inside of me, my pussy grabbing him. Wyatt’s lips were still on my neck and I pushed my legs closer to him, his pace getting quicker.

“Baby, your pussy,” he mumbled in my ear, making me groan.

“You sure you don’t want to be inside me?” I asked, giggling. He growled, biting my neck. “Arghh! Wyatt!” I screamed as his teeth went into my skin, his thumb still on my clit and his fingers were inside of me. “I need you to fuck me,” I whispered, my head going back.

“You’re so fucking bossy.” He sat up, pulling my knickers down.

“You don’t want to fuck me?” I asked, leaning on my elbows.

“Everyday to be fair.” His voice was firm, dropping his boxers. “I’m worried if I fuck you again I’m going to sleep for thirty hours.” I laughed, putting my head back.

“You can’t, we have a date tomorrow.” I winked at him, watching his face turn shy. “Stop talking.” He laughed, kissing my cheek.

“Maybe on our date you can fuck me with your hand under the table,” I purred, taking in a deep breath as Wyatt pushed his dick into me.

“Gabby, I’m going to cum so quick.” Wyatt put his hands above my head, ploughing into me. His rhythm was perfect and I moaned as I grabbed his head, moving his face to me.

“I love it when you fuck me.” I kissed his lips gently.

“I love fucking you.” He replied, a cheeky smile on his face. I giggled, my head going back. My orgasm was waving over me, my nipples were rock hard and Wyatt ran his tongue over one making me scream.

“Gabby, I’m done. Fuck!” He sat up, grabbing my hips, his pace much quicker. My whole body was moving with his strokes and I looked up at him as I came.

“Wyatt!” I screamed, my head moving up and my pussy throbbing.

“Arghh!” He shouted, putting his head back. He stopped moving and my pussy was still throbbing around him.

“Meet me at the exit, you need my number.” I smiled at him.

“I do.” He nodded.

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