The Club

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Chapter Nine

I ran my hands down Wyatt’s chest, his eyes were closed and it looked like he was asleep. I wiggled closer to him, my hand moving to his jaw.

“Are you okay?” I whispered to him.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “It’s nice spending time with you without paying a fucking sex club.” I grinned, yeah they weren’t fucking cheap.

“Talk to me.” I kissed his cheek, I needed to know his shit so bad. Because I was nosy one and I wanted to understand him.

“I don’t want to talk about what you want to talk about.” His voice was firm. I let out a breath, not a lot I could do about that.

“Okay,” I ran my hand through his hair.

“Sorry, I’m not being a cunt about it. It just brings up shit I don’t want.” His eyes opened and turned to me.

“I understand,” I whispered. “I don’t know how anybody could be horrible to you.” I told him honestly.

“Yeah well,” he breathed out. “That’s what abusers do.” My stomach dropped, fuck this was serious. I kissed his cheek, wrapping my arm around his chest.

“I got a lot of words out of you. I know your surname now,” I chuckled and Wyatt laughed, moving my leg over him.

“When are you coming to my shop? I’m open until late on Monday.” He asked me. I felt giddy with excitement, he really wanted me to see it.

“What time do you close? I can come after work.” I spoke into his shoulder.


“I’ll come straight after then. You have to promise me you won’t tattoo me though.” I smiled, looking up at him.

“I can’t promise that,” he grinned. “I’ll be gentle,” he whispered, kissing my nose. It made me laugh and I pushed his hair back.

“You know I don’t like it gentle.” I rolled my eyes.

“I’m a hypocrite, I know but tell me about your ex. Why did you split up?” He asked me. I let out a sigh.

“It wasn’t messy,” I shrugged. “I was under the impression we were getting serious and I wanted her to meet my parents.”

“Your parents know your pansexual?” Wyatt asked me.

“Oh yeah, we’re an open book our family.” I smiled at him. “She didn’t want to and I asked her why. She said she didn’t want me to meet her mum, she wasn’t out.” I shrugged. “I’m not hiding in no shadows for anyone so I ended it.” I chewed my bottom lip. “She also fucked anything that would walk.” I tried to laugh.

“She cheated on you?” He asked.

“Yeah I suppose. She would always fuck dudes though and then when I called her out she had some twisted thought process that because they weren’t the same gender as me it wasn’t cheating.” I looked up at him and he burst out laughing.

“Sorry, I’m not laughing at you getting repeatedly cheated on. I’m laughing at that bullshit excuse.” I chuckled, agreeing with him.

“Yeah, when I look back at it now she was really manipulative. She took me to a sex club, fuck dudes in one room and if she walked into a room where I was getting eaten out or whatever she would go mad.”

“She doesn’t sound very nice.” His face got serious. I shrugged, nothing I could do about it now.

“Some people aren’t very nice.” I let out a breath.

“Very true,” Wyatt whispered. “Okay,” he turned to me and I nearly passed out at the amount of talking he was doing. “You have siblings?” He asked.

“I do, a brother who is older. We’re not very close.”

“Why?” Wyatt asked, his hand on my thigh.

“He’s a homophobe.” I laughed. “What about you?”

“I have or had a little sister.” His voice was quiet and I sat up, looking down at him.

“She died?” I asked, no filter me.

“Yeah, like five years ago.”

“How old are you?” I suddenly asked him, my hand in his hair.

“Twenty six. You?” His eyes were on mine.

“Thirty one.” I smiled. Oh a younger man Gabby. “Sorry, go on. Your sister. What happened?” My brow crossed.

“She had HIV.” He swallowed.

“Fuck,” I whispered. This poor man.

“Yeah it was crazy. She was only fifteen and she got a tattoo at some fucking sleazy place. I was only an apprentice then and she didn’t want me to fuck it up. Not that I would have,” he laughed lightly. “So she went somewhere else and they used a dirty needle on her.” He shrugged.

“And that’s how she caught it?” I asked, my hand touching his cheek. For some reason I just had to have my hand on this man.

“Yep, crazy right?” He shook his head. “When she died I told myself I would open a clean, beautiful, safe place.”

“And you did.” I smiled at him. I looked back at the clock on my bedside table. It was past midnight and I was very hungry.

“You want me to go?” Wyatt asked, sitting up.

“No,” I smiled. “I was going to make some food.” I got out of bed, turning to him as I got to the door. “You coming?” I winked at him. I walked into my living room, slash kitchen, slash dining room. I felt him behind me and I opened my fridge. “Fancy anything in particular?” I asked him. My body tingled as his hands came to my hips, looking into my fridge.

“Let’s make pizza.” He got cheese out.

“Huh?” I turned to him as he started opening cupboards. Mr shy hey?

“You have flour?” I nodded. “It’s easy, flour, water and some salt.” Wyatt shrugged, pulling out some tomato paste and flour from my top cupboard. “Cheese, tomato and you have ham?” He turned his body to me. I nodded, getting it out of the fridge and putting it on the kitchen side. “Easy, pizza!” He smiled at me and I giggled, jumping up and sitting on the side.

“So Wyatt Cruz can cook too hey? You said you were only good at two things.” I smiled at him.

“You haven’t tried it yet,” he scoffed. “You can’t cook?” He laughed.

“I can’t cook pizza from scratch no!” My legs swung against the kitchen cabinet.

“Bowls?” He asked me.

“Here.” I pointed below my legs. I moved them up as Wyatt opened the cupboard, getting a bowl out.

“How long have you lived away from home?” I asked him, watching him make the pizza dough. It was sexy in my filthy mind.

“Since I was sixteen.” He didn’t look at me.

“Wow, why so young?” My face was crinkled up. I couldn’t even tell you what I was doing at sixteen. Probably getting drunk in parks and not paying much attention in school.

“My dad moved to the Philippines when I was about ten. Him and my mum split up.” Wyatt was talking as he was attempting to roll out the pizza dough. “Do you have a rolling pin?” He turned his face to me. I moved my head to the side, I’m pretty sure my mum got me one, at Christmas or something. I lent over and opened the top drawer. “Thank you.” He got one out and closed it, looking back up at me. “My mum and me don’t get along.” I nodded, listening to him intently. “When I told her I was dropping out of school and working in a tattoo shop it didn’t go well.” He chuckled but it was sad. “So she kicked me out.”

“That’s bullshit.” I screwed my face up.

“Yeah, didn’t help my sister then got HIV from a tattoo. Kind of proved my mum right.” I jumped as Wyatt came past me, kissing my lips gently. It made my heart go to my throat. He turned my oven on, going back to his work station.

“So you talk to her?” I asked, ignoring the butterflies in my stomach.

“Nope. Haven’t for ten years. She completely ignored me at my sister’s funeral.”

“Wow.” I put my head back. “What a fucking bitch.” Wyatt laughed, adding cheese to our pizzas. “Please tell me you have a good relationship with your dad. I couldn’t live if everybody was fucking horrible to you.” I put my hand to my chest.

“Yeah, we’re good. I just don’t see him enough. Tattoos are a bigger thing in the Philippines. It’s really quite normal to be tatted up like me. My dad’s really proud of me.” He shrugged but it warmed my heart. “I’m going to put these in the oven now, want to see?” Wyatt’s eyes lit up.

“Oh yes please!” I giggled. I got down and came over, shit they did look good. I got a baking tray out and stood back as he put them in the oven. The side was covered in flour and ran my hands along it. As Wyatt closed the oven and turned to me I put both my hands on his face, rubbing the flour all over his face.

“Why would you do that?” He laughed, putting his hand on the side.

“No!” I screamed, trying to back out of the kitchen. Wyatt grabbed my wrist, pulling me closer to him. “Wyatt don’t!” I cried, laughing my head off. I couldn’t breathe as he spun me around, his hand in the middle of my face.

“Let me put it in your hair,” he teased me as I tried to get the flour out my mouth.

“Oh my god don’t you dare!” I shrieked, trying to kick out at him. He grabbed me by the waist, pushing me against the kitchen side. I was trapped under him, my eyes watering from laughter. “Wyatt fuck off!”

“You can’t handle something you started?” His eyebrow raised. He slowly moved his hand to my hair and I attempted to move my head to the side. Wyatt grabbed my chin, his other hand coming to my cheek, I giggled as he rubbed his hand over my face. I tried to push his head away with no luck.

“I didn’t do you that bad!” I shouted, my head on his shoulder. I was still trapped against him and the kitchen cabinet. Rubbing my face on his shoulder.

“You’re such a bitch,” he laughed. “Let me rub it off your face, come.” I looked up as he dusted my face, I was pouting and as he got to my lips he kissed them gently, his other hand going to my waist. I gently dusted off the flour now on his shoulders as his lips came to mine again, I closed my eyes as his tongue entered my mouth, my hand now in his hair. It wasn’t a take me now kiss, it was romantic and as he pulled away my lips were tingling.

“That was lovely,” I whispered, tracing his bird on his chest. Wyatt picked me up by my thighs, putting me onto the flour filled kitchen side. I would now have flour up my arse crack but I didn’t care as I lent down, our lips touching again. I wrapped my legs around him, my whole body accepting his kiss. I moved my arms around his neck as his tongue went in deeper, moving around my mouth. He bit my bottom lip gently as he moved away.

“I think our pizzas are ready,” he whispered on my lips.

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