Foreign Desires - Desires Series Book #1

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Sam thought she had life figured out: a steady boyfriend, good grades, and a plan to move to the city after college. Until one night, when her boyfriend asks a friend to join their traditional Friday scary movie night. Her night takes an interesting turn, launching her into a cycle of naughty, new experiences that will forever alter her view on life. Drama? Check. Deception? Check. Foursomes, ass-play, and bondage? Check, check, and check!

Erotica / Romance
Sam Marie
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Scott and I had a tradition every Friday night; we had watched a new scary movie for the past ten weekends. I personally wasn't a fan of this movie genre, but the tension built during each movie turned into epic nights of lovemaking. Something about monsters and serial killers made me want to jump in my man's safe arms and fuck until I couldn't remember my name, let alone the storyline.

Tonight, Scott had invited his best friend, Jake, to join us. Jake and Scott used to hang out every weekend, normally going to bars and hitting on chicks. Since Scott and I became a couple, Jake was less inclined to participate in our domesticated lifestyle, but he occasionally came around. I genuinely liked Jake. Despite his man whore tendencies, a reputation he and Scott earned together in our small college town, he went out of his way to get to know me. He was always the consummate gentleman and I could see why so many women fawned over him.

When the two of them got together, they were a hoot. They fed off each other's energy, cracking jokes and encouraging everyone to keep the party going. Sometimes it was a pain being Scott's girlfriend, the two men separate were fucking hot, together they were deadly. Although they never left me out, women would attempt to alienate me and steal my man. Too many nights like that led Scott and me to find different Friday night activities.

When Jake came around, it was usually because he was sick of going out without his main wingman. They had a total bromance, but Scott always put me first. I was okay with sharing the love on an occasional weekend.

Tonight's movie was a number 3, 4, or 5 of some classic scary movie. I hated the anticipation built during scary movies and tended to focus on the after movie activities to keep my mind away from the more frightening scenes. With Jake here, I'd actually have to pay attention to the movie and control my wandering hands.

We were at my apartment, I lived alone and only had a three-section couch, so we were forced to sit side by side - myself in the middle to allow the guys more room on the sides. In true movie night fashion, I brought out the king-size blanket that Scott and I usually shared, it was more than large enough to share with everyone. I also brought out popcorn and beers.

We were well into the movie as it started to pick up. Someone abruptly grabbed the main character, making both the actress on the screen and myself jump. God, I hated these parts!

Suddenly, I noticed my hands were gripping two thighs. One was my boyfriends, the other was Jakes. I looked bashfully at both men, sliding my hands away and softly apologizing to Jake.

“You a little scared, Sam?” Jake teased.

“She never watches this much of the movie. She's usually preoccupied with other things by now.” Scott continued the teasing, feeding off Jake, as usual.

I threw Scott a scolding look. “Ignore that. I watch plenty of the movie, this part just has a lot of jumpy scenes, but I'm ready for them now!” I insisted, tucking my untrustworthy hands under my arms.

After we settled back in, I felt a sharp squeeze on my thigh and jolted again, letting out a girly high-pitched squeal. Scott and Jake howled in laughter, I wasn’t sure which one grabbed me. If it wasn't for the scary movie putting my senses on edge, I wouldn't be so damn jumpy.

“You guys are too busy trying to scare me to pay any attention! We might as well make this into a drinking game. Every time someone screams, we drink. Every time someone dies, we take a shot. Deal? Maybe you assholes will pay attention and see how scary the movie actually is.” That should teach them.

Naturally, they were both into the idea of drinking more. Scott ran to the kitchen to grab more beers, liquor, and shot glasses. Considering how much I already diverted my eyes from the tv, we were going to be drunk by the end of this movie.

“You know I don't mind PDA if getting close to Scott makes you less scared.” Jake breathed in my ear. I hadn't even felt him move. This couch was too small and my nerves were all over the place. Before I could respond, Scott was back with the alcohol and the main character's boyfriend was being drowned by some psychopath.

“Back in time for shots, alright! Ladies first, my love.” Scott quickly poured shots and handed me a small glass cup. We clinked drinks and threw the clear liquid back in one swallow. It burned the back of my throat and warmed my belly. The feeling instantly settled my shaky nerves.

“Good choice, I love Sam Buca!” Jake said.

“You and Sam both. I'm not the biggest fan but figured you'd both enjoy it. There's a lot of murders in this movie so get ready to get fuuuucked up.” Scott replied.

“You're a deviant.” I eyed Scott suspiciously. He was definitely planning on getting me drunk and making sure our usual Friday night rituals took place. I figured Jake would be here late, but if Scott was steering us down this path, he better make other plans.

The next thirty minutes resulted in each of us downing 2 additional beers and 3 shots. We were well and truly buzzed with an hour of the movie remaining.

“Sam, this drinking game was a great idea. Maybe I should join you guys on Friday more often!” Jake chimed in after taking a voluntary shot with Scott.

“You’re always welcome here,” I replied kindly. Jake was fun and I knew my boyfriend enjoyed his old friends' company, but I felt a sharp pang at the thought of missing our usual Friday night time alone.

“So what do you guys normally do after the movie?” He asked curiously. Jake was probably trying to get feelers for if we wanted to go out to the bars.

“Umm..” I looked at Scott for help. Hopefully, he would pick up on my shifting eyes - signaling to the bedroom for an early night.

“We normally fuck around for a few hours. About this time I’ve usually got my hands down Sam's pants while she pretends to watch the movie.” Scott said unabashedly.

I was shocked. We were close with Jake, but not this close. Jake wasn't a prude, he was the exact opposite. However, I was a lot tamer than either of these men and not comfortable publicly discussing my sex life. Jake and Scott were grinning ear to ear, clearly satisfied in their ability to fluster me.

“That makes having a girlfriend sound enticing. So are you usually on this side of the couch or that one?” Jake prodded Scott, looking over the couch for signs of our misdeeds.

“Yours actually. Makes it easier to reach my right hand around..” Scott began showing Jake the position, pulling me towards him.

“Stop! Oh my gosh. This is TMI and I'm uncomfortable. Can we please just get back to the movie and the drinking game!? I am not drunk enough for this.” I chimed in before Scott could get further.

They both chuckled before sharing a mutual look of understanding.

“So babe. We are out of beer. I'm gonna run to the QT down the road and grab some more. You guys good, need anything?” Scott started getting up to leave. I hadn't planned on company tonight, grabbing only a six-pack from the store earlier today, so it made sense we were out of drinks.

“I'm good. Thanks.” I attempted to signal with my eyes for him to invite Jake along so we wouldn't be left alone after that awkward conversation.

“You want company man?” Jake made a move to get up.

“Nah. Stay here and keep my girl safe. Wouldn’t want someone to crawl out of the tv and snatch her.” Scott tickled my side playfully, before winking at Jake and leaving.
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