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My intense relationship with a ghost

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How come he's never around when I need him? Why does it feel like I'm alone even though we sleep in the same bed and make love till dawn...ahh the sweet torture of our bodies passionately rubbing against each other as we reach our release...He has to be real, we live in the same house but why does it feel like I am alone in this House? When Elizabeth married the love her life Jewels she never imagined that she would be in this relationship, so lonely that she is wondering if he is a figment of her imagination...is he real?

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

My hand slides down to my wet core, I gently rub my clit and squeeze it between my index and middle finger letting out a whimper as I relief myself of this built up need. It's been a good three weeks of a dry spell, quite odd for newly married, young, sexy and capable woman. Yet my new husband is keeping himself busy at the office with who knows what.

I find having no choice but to love myself in this manner...The guilt that follows my intense orgasm is so worth it. What! I have needs and I waited until 23 years of age before so much as allowing a kiss on my lips from my dating days and now...it's a dry season just as I'm getting the hang of sexual pleasures.

My selfish husband is out chasing his next billion dollar deal and leaving all of this! I'm gorgeous,yeah I said it. I have many men chasing after me but I only have eyes for one man and that is Jewels, ooh! boy do they hang.

I am blessed with a sexy hourglass figure, my long smooth and defined legs have started fights. My best feature I believe are my lips, my husband says it's my eyes and his friends say it's my pure heart. I don't lack in the looks department however I don't give much thought to my looks as "I believe it's what's on the inside that counts".

You know I'm wrong about the above statement, hang five I'll explain later in the story.

Look I don't just sit around waiting for my husband to bring home the bacon, I hold my own, I run and own a successful Communications company with a profit margin in the 80 percentile. Between the both of us we're a multi billion house hold empire and a young power-couple as stated in the Times magazine.

So why am I touching myself when I could be tangled between silky sheets and balls deep in my canal...well search me. I sit up in my bed with my fingers sticky from cum and panting from a shattering orgasm but it's still not enough to satiate this gnawing need for my husband's touch. I need sex! Mind-blowing, toe curling, earth shattering earthquake quivers release. It doesn't look like I'll be getting any again tonight, so I step into the shower still as naked as the day I was born and force myself to let go of the need that's still lingers between my legs. Images of Paul, my company's CFO, flash into my head and i find myself wanting to indulge in thoughts of his lush pink lips and that five o clock jaw, he looks like he could hold his breath and eatout for a long long long time! I shake my head in shock as I rebuke myself for even allowing a moments faulter to pass. I love my husband even though it feels like he's dead because he's never home or here for me when I need him.

Getting out of the shower I wrap my fuzzy towel around my head and use another one to wipe myself down and drop both in the laundry basket before walking out naked into my walkin-closet. I find one of Jewels's Tshirts and wear it to bed. My bedroom still holds the pungent smell of my cum and that is what lulls me to sleep tonight alone in my matrimonial bed.

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