The Adventures of Jack Stone-Hard

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Travelling through the galaxy, Jack Stone-Hard must save humanity by spreading his genes. Jack Stone-Hard is the ultimate sex-machine. He is a phallic god with bulging muscles and a tireless appetite for sex. To stop a murderous AI from the future to kill humanity, Jack must travel from planet to planet with a lightspeed ship, to impregnate one woman at the time. Along the way, he fights drug cartels, religious zealots, space pirates, and female sex robots. Will Jack succeed with his quest and settle down with the woman with the best pussy in the galaxy, Melanie Bosom?

Erotica / Scifi
Martin Lundqvist
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Jack Stone-Hard and the Orion Pendicular Tryst.


Megan Hart moaned in disappointment as her husband Tom finished another lovemaking session both too early and too late. Too early as he came before her, too late as he could have kept going until tomorrow and he still wouldn’t have hit the G-spot. He was that bad.

“Was it good for you too?” Tom asked, as it would seem, oblivious of his shortcomings as a lover.
“Uh-um, yes my love.” Megan replied, even though her inner voice screamed: ‘You’re doing it wrong, Goddammit!’

Megan forced a smile towards Tom. She would remain peaceful for now as there was no point in fighting after her husband had ejaculated. If she wanted to rile him up, she should do so before the fucking took place, to bring out his inner beast. Megan had doubts whether there was such a thing in the weak Tom, but she hoped to one day release it, so she could have enjoyable sex for once.

As Tom fell asleep, Megan reflected on things. How had life come to this? Megan realised that she had herself to blame. Due to her fervent religious beliefs in her youth, she had opted to be a virgin when she got married. When she turned 18, her raging sexuality had been impossible to contain. To deal with it, she had done the only thing she could do to reconcile God’s will with her sexual needs. She had gotten married to her first suitor. Not trying before buying had been a stupid idea, and she had suffered a decade of unfulfilling sex as a punishment. Her sex life had started disappointing, and it had gone downhill as time progressed.

Megan studied herself in the mirror. She had used to be gorgeous and intelligent in her teens, but she wouldn’t rate herself as attractive anymore. Being stuck in a dead-end relationship with a loser, snacking in front of the TV appealed more to her than the treadmill. As a result, an unsightly amount of lard covered her body. While she wasn’t obese yet, she was far from the hottie that she once was, and she wondered if anyone else in the world would be interested in bedding her. Megan pouted her lips towards the mirror and smiled. Her mouth was still great for sucking cock, and Megan imagined the salty flavour of a large bratwurst deep down in her throat. Delicious, yet it was just a dream.

“If you are not happy with Tom, you can always come with me to the brothel. There is a good selection of handsome men there.”

Megan recalled her friend Jessica’s words. She had brushed them off as silly at the time. However, now was the time to act on Jessica’s advice. Megan needed a good fuck; she needed a beautiful man to fuck her as he meant it. ‘Hey, Jess. Keen to take me to the brothel on Orion Pendicular tomorrow?’ Megan texted, turned off her phone, and fell asleep.

Jack Stone-Hard was gathering the blood-covered gold teeth of the assassin he had fought against. He recognised the man he had fought in low gravity on his small smuggler’s vessel. He had fought Josef Goldteeth from the Castro Cartel, which was the largest criminal gang in the Orion star system. The assassin had got him with a few strikes before he turned the fight around when he knocked the teeth out of his assailant with a haymaker punch. After knocking out the gold teeth of his assailant, Jack had finished Josef off by shoving him into the airlock and ejecting him to the freezing space.

Jack grimaced as he studied his reflection. Josef had stabbed him in his torso with a serrated knife, and the pain made him cringe. He needed to seek medical attention before he left the Orion star system. Although he didn’t think that the stab wound had severed any of his organs, he would rather not find out the opposite, once he was in interstellar space.

Jack pulled off his shirt and studied his torso in the mirror. He was a towering man, made of raw muscle. He stroked his hand over the stabbing wound. He hoped that Josef hadn’t laced the blade in poison. However, if he had, it was game over, and there was only one more thing to do. He needed to get one last good fuck before he clocked off!

Jack doused whiskey on his wound, bit down on a wooden fork, and stapled his wounds with a stapler to stop the bleeding. It wasn’t pretty, but if he survived this, he would have a sexy scar as a memory.

After sealing his wounds, Jack set the course for Orion Pendicular. The trading post had everything he needed before he left the Orion system. There was a discreet doctor that wouldn’t ask any questions and a brothel where he could unleash his raging masculinity.

“Are you not having a good time, Megan?”

Megan looked at her friend Jessica, who seemed excited to be at the largest brothel on the Orion Pendicular. The brothel was a smorgasbord of everything a woman could desire in men. There were black, white, yellow, blue, and green men in all forms and shapes, yet they all lacked what Megan wanted the most. Megan wanted a man who had a raging desire for her, she wasn’t keen to fuck someone who saw her as his next pay check. She was already the breadwinner in her marriage, and she didn’t desire another loser who depended on her, one way or the other.

“No, I don’t think I came to the right place,” Megan replied.
“Why is that? Are you having second thoughts about cheating on Tom?” Jessica asked.
Megan shook her head and replied. “No. I want to fuck someone who desires me.”
“Honey. We are in a brothel. These men are jacked up on pills. They will get hard and fuck you for a long time.” Jessica replied.
“Oh, I don’t know,” Megan replied.
“Alright. Suit yourself. I’ll fuck this one tonight.” Jessica replied, approached a tiny Asian man with a golden face mask, and grabbed his crotch.
“That one? He isn’t even well-hung.” Megan objected.
“You got to try them all. I have already tried the green man with three nipples, the black man with the huge plutonium cock, and the white hawk-eyed guy with the steel abs. Each has given me different sets of experiences. This will be another one to my collection.” Jessica said and led the Asian man to a private room.

Megan sighed. She wished that she were as sexually liberated as Jessica, but she wasn’t, and she had not found what she was looking for in the brothel. ‘I guess I’ll head home and have some disappointing sex with Tom again,’ Megan thought to herself, finished drinking her Cosmopolitan, and left the brothel.

“Hey, you. Where are you going?”

Megan froze as a few slimy members of the Castro Cartel armed with knives and tasers waylaid her as she left the brothel via the backdoor.

“I am going home,” Megan replied.
“Sneaking out via the backdoor? Are you running away from your bill? We will make you pay for fucking us over, bitch.” The Cartel member threatened.
“I am not running from my bill. I didn’t fuck anyone in there.” Megan mumbled and stared in terror at the Latino gang with black lenses.
“Are you dissing the brothel of the Castro Cartel? Now you are dead, bitch!” The man hissed.

“Leave her alone.”

Megan looked at the man who had spoken. An air of raw masculine sexuality surrounded him, and she felt how her pussy was soaking. This was an effect that none of the man-whores at the brothel had on her.

“Oh, look who is here. Jack Stone-Hard. How dare you enter our territory?” The cartel member said.

Jack took out a zip-lock bag with gold teeth from his pocket, chucked them at the man’s feet, and spoke. “Josef Goldteeth is dead. This gold should cover my debt, Sebastian.”
Sebastian stared at the gold teeth in awe, looked at his men, and spoke. “You’ll die for this insult, Jack!”

Having said this, Sebastian and two other cartel members fired their tasers at Jack.

Jack clenched his jaw, flexed his muscles, and resisted the electric shock. Two cartel members stormed towards Jack with drawn knives. Jack dodged the first attacker and pulled the arm of the second attacker to stab the first attacker. After that, he headbutted the second attacker and finished him off with a knee to the nuts.

Seeing this, the other cartel members ran away.

“Hurry up and come with me!” Jack exclaimed. Megan nodded and together they ran to Jack’s smuggler’s vessel to leave the trading post.

Ten minutes later, Megan and Jack were on Jack’s ship, on their way to Orion Prime.

“So, what were you doing in that alley?” Jack teased.
“Uhm, I-I-I…..” Megan stuttered shyly, her cheeks flushed like roses.

Jack laughed and replied. “Hahaha. Don’t worry. We all have needs. But don’t make a runner on the Castro Cartel unless you can fight.”
“I didn’t make a runner. I didn’t fuck anyone in there.” Megan replied in indignation.

Jack smirked and pulled off his shirt to see if he had any wounds from the fight.

Megan stared in awe at Jack’s beautifully shaped torso. It was full of tattoos, scars, and sexy hard muscles. One of the wounds looked fresh from the stitches. Her pussy was wetter than ever, yearning for his cock.

“Oh my God. You are injured.” Megan exclaimed.
“I will be okay,” Jack replied.
“Umm, is there anything I can do to make you forget about your pains?” Megan asked.
Jack nodded and licked his lips.

Megan took the hint, approached Jack, got down on her knees, and unzipped his pants. She grabbed his cock that was getting harder by the second. She tasted it. It was the perfect bratwurst and to her great relief, it was clean. She started sucking Jack’s beautiful cock and it amazed her how big it became. She had never had anything this big in her mouth before, and it was a challenge for her cock-sucking technique to avoid using her teeth.

‘Challenge accepted.’ Megan thought and she moaned excitedly as it reached its maximum size. She tried swallowing the whole behemoth in a go, but she couldn’t, and her eyes became watery as she gagged.

Jack pushed Megan’s head backwards, turned her around, and had her leaning over a table. He pulled down her panties and rubbed her clitoris with his manly but gentle hands until she climaxed and squirted all over the floor.

Jack entered her and fucked her furiously from behind. Getting fucked like this, Megan’s mind transcended time and space. She knew one thing during the exhilarating experience. She wanted to have Jack’s baby. A man like Jack was worthy of spreading his genes, and he would give her what Tom couldn’t, a strong child.

As Jack came, Megan collapsed to the floor in exhaustion from the multiple orgasms she had experienced. When she had recovered, Jack was back in the driver seat of the spacecraft.

Megan approached him and kissed his neck.

Jack spoke. “I am taking you back to Orion Prime. I need to leave this star system. The Castro Cartel will keep hunting me.”

Megan looked at Jack with a mix of sorrow and desire. A part of her wanted to come with him. His cock was an addictive drug that she already yearned for again. As if he could read her mind, Jack said: “You don’t want the life I am leading. Go back to your normal life and remember this night for what it was.”
“Thank you for making me feel like a woman again,” Megan said.

Jack nodded, dropped Megan off near her home at Orion Prime, and left without saying a word.

As Megan came home, she jumped her husband and rode him as if she were possessed. Jack had fucked her well and ignited her inner lust. With her long-gone lust ignited, even her doofus husband was enough to make her hit the right spot!

Megan looked at the positive pregnancy test and smiled. She hoped that Jack was the father, but she wouldn’t endeavour to find out. She closed her eyes and remembered her wild night of passion. This memory got her gears going, so she approached Tom, smiled, and said “I have a surprise for you, darling.” Having said this, Megan pulled down Tom’s pants and sucked his cock sweetly.

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