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Behind the Waterfall

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Short story of a hot steamy romance between a human girl and a Lycan king. Jemza is a twenty-five years old girl. After the creatures took over right after she graduated high school life for the humans have been a lot better. No more crime. Oy problem is that the humans aren't allowed to date. When girls reach the age of twenty three their partners are chosen by the witches. That is how it was supposed to be for Jemza. Read to see what is in store for her. All Rights Reserved. Be nice this is something I wrote in a day and it it's something that will make you wanting more!!

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter One

Jemza Farley is my name. I'm a human in world that was taken over by all the creatures we thought were fairytale's. They have ruled the world and put everything upside down for seven years now. Humans are not allowed to date especially the women. Our partners are chosen by the witches. Although they do make sure we are safe and that abuse in our partners is not acceptable. Anything in that matter is delt with by the Vampires. We are not very much mistreated and are actually doing better than before they took over.

Although there are some of each group that don't like humans. They think of us as weak and useless. Most of us are office workers, teachers, nurses, and just your everyday workers that are needed. As for me I do a little bit of everything since I work for a substitute company. I'm trained in everything except nursing, which I'm still in school for. I already have my degree for substitute teaching and it's my favorite out of all of it all. The creatures have their own schools for their children and the human children have their own. I work for the human schools.

I'm twenty-five and had just graduated high school when they took over. A war had taken place from the government wanting to destroy them. I found out that one of my very best friends was a werewolf. There's also Lycan's. They are the most scary besides the Vampires. Both of the groups are in charge. They keep things going and I'm absolutely terrified of them.

Walking into the school my phone pings letting me know I have a message. Getting it out I look to see a text from my boss saying that I'm no longer needed at the school. Well crap that means no work for me today. But that also means I can get some groceries that I'm needing. I need to get groceries before my partner gets chosen. The men have to move in with the woman. Women get assigned to houses and get to decorate them however they want.

Tonight is the matching gathering at the town arena. I'm not looking forward to it. I like having my space. Unfortunately my house is right at the beginning of the Lycan's housing section. The human houses are in the center of each town and the creatures have their own sections. They say it's for our safety and I believe them. They protect us from the other creatures that want to wipe us out.

Walking around town getting to the grocery store that all the creatures use and my favorite grocery store because it's not too far from my house. Grabbing a cart I walk around getting everything I need. I'm at the very end of my list and find that the store moved something to the top of the shelf. How am I supposed to get that when I'm five foot two?

I look around to see if there is a stool or something I can use to get it. Finding nothing but a few werewolves teenagers on their lunch. All of them were girls and my height. No luck. Giving up I go to walk away when I slip and tumble. I'm heading for the ground and will be landing on my backside when I'm yanked forward by what I assume is a Lycan.
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